We're going to succeed.

December 3, 2010

When I first started law school I was told I would be challenged in ways I never had before. Not only would I be challenged academically, but emotionally, physically and mentally. Today was the last day of classes for the semester and the tension that's pulsing through this building is extremely high. Everyone's on edge, the pressure is building and the tests are almost here. You can feel the anxiety in the air. On top of the pressure of it all this week has kind of sucked. God has definitely been testing my ability to trust Him. He's been testing my ability to ask other people for help. I hate asking others for help, I enjoy taking care of myself, I hate feeling weak. But what I've realized is without those people, I would have failed. I could not have gotten through this week without them. This week was challenging and I got through it because of my parents doing the unimaginable, the amazing printing (and sharing) abilities of my beautiful friends and a walk down "the mall" at Creighton to look at Christmas lights. I never thought I'd be the girl crying in the library, but you know what? Everyone needs a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on sometimes. Everyone needs to let out the emotions, because we've got a big couple weeks ahead of us. We're only going to get through it because of each other. The people in this place are the only ones who can relate, and we're doing this together, day by day, test by test. We're prepared, we made it this far, we're going to succeed. 

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  1. You've had a rough week but I know you will come through it successfully!!


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