The hiatus is over.

August 17, 2015

I'm back.  Everyday Grace is back. I took a hiatus. I took a hiatus knowing full well that when I return theres might be no one here to greet me. I think it's important for me to explain why I took a hiatus. This little space has always been a sacred place for me to escape. A place I would run too with thoughts, ideas, fears joys and of course recipes. I was excited to be here and excited to share things with my readers.

I reached a point where coming here became a chore.

I felt like I had to write to "keep readers."
I just had to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard if we're being literal. 

I was writing because I had too... not because what I thought what I was writing was funny or insightful or brilliant or even interesting. 
I was writing beside I felt like I was supposed to be writing.

But ya know what? Some cool things happened when I took a hiatus. 

  1. Literally the second I posted my hiatus post, I was flooded with ideas and things I desperately wanted to write about and share. I felt inspired again. 
  2. The free time I had from blogging I spent with my husband, reading books (for fun!) and enjoying my life in the present 
  3. I had knee surgery- okay so that wasn't a cool thing that happened, but it did happen (more on that later) 
  4. I realized that the blogger friends I'd met were still there, liking my Instagram, retweeting my tweets and it reminded me why I love this little space that I've created and the friends I've met. 
  5. I missed blogging. This was so important. I wanted to make sure I still loved blogging and that I was being authentic. 
I thought in order to have a "come back" I had to redo everything on my blog. I thought I couldn't come back until Everyday Grace was re-vamped Well as you can see not much as changed. I'm still the same ole same ole. You may see some things change little by little, but for now, I'm here, as is. But one thing that will change is my dedication to this space. I promise you fun and exciting posts, great recipes, (hopeful) funny stories, ideas and of course weekend recaps.

So after all that, I'm back. I'm ready to get involved, be involved and stick around for awhile, I hope you'll take me back. I hope you'll stick around.

New to Everyday Grace? Stay tuned, tomorrow is a full re-introduction to me, Kristen, the girl behind the blog, Everyday Grace in general and all things grace.  Until then, why not take it back to blog post number 1, where it all began.

Welcome back to Everyday Grace. I'm glad to be back, now let's do some good. 


  1. Welcome back! I find that when I take a few days off from blogging, I have a lot of ideas that come to mind. Sometimes you just have to take a break. Hoping you have a quick recovery from your knee surgery!

  2. Yay! I think it's so important to take a break sometimes - rest is SO undervalued in our culture. But I'm still excited to have you posting again!

  3. It's so important to take a break when you need it. Welcome back!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen