What the first day of school means when you don't have kids or school.

August 24, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, I for sure it. I have a super fun weekend recap coming at you this week (stay tuned!!)

In the season of "going back to school" it seems like the norm is writing posts about your little going back to school and how to handle the stress, the tears and the emotion of this big day.

I cannot lie, I love seeing all the mom posts on Facebook and Instagram boasting that their little is heading back to school this week. I mean, my nephew/godson started school last Thursday and I posted it on Instagram. I love back to school time. (I think), at least in Denver, all the kiddos are (finally!) back to school this week.

The start of school means new outfits, trips to Target, pictures in front of the front door in those new outfits and a sign declaring what grade you're in…[sidenote] where does everyone get the chalkboards where they write “Sally is starting 3rd grade?” It’s all a mystery to me.

This is the second year in my life that I am not going back to school. Don’t get me wrong I was one of those geeks that LOVED going back to school. I can still smell the new binders and feel the new pens. And I cannot wait until I have little’s of my own to fill up your Instagram news-feed.You've got some time before that happens to mentally prepare for the flood of photos. And hopefully in that time, I'll find those chalkboards...

But until then… what does the first day of school mean when you have no school to go too or no kids to take pictures of? Cue the list.
  1. It means traffic is a nightmare. Everything from Tahoe's, Range Rovers, MINIVANS, to Suburbans.
  2.  It means crosswalks are filled with ladies with stop-signs yelling in neon vests.
  3.  It means Starbucks is full from 6am until close
  4.  It means Lululemon is empty because the moms had to perfect their back to school apparel.
  5. It means football season is almost back.
  6. It means kids soliciting at your door selling magazines and cookies. Where are the kids with the cookies?! If you have a kid selling cookies, please come my way! 
  7. It means I keep thinking about kids names and how I'm going to dress them when I finally decide we're ready for babies.
  8. It means watch out while you're driving because everyone is on their cell phones. 
  9. If you're in a city like Boston, it means moms with maps trying to find their little's new school. 
  10. If you're like me, it means you wander the aisles of Target looking at all the cute decor. Where was all this when I was starting 6th grade?


  1. Now that my one and only little is in high school, back to school is a little bittersweet. Then I paid for school supplies - all that cuteness adds up when you check out LOL

  2. I totally agree with what all of those things mean to people who don't have kids, especially the traffic! I'm excited for when our little girl goes back to school and I can do all the school shopping and pictures though!

  3. Its weird but where I live my traffic has been WORSE since summer, I'm ready for school so it's better!


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