The one time I cut my hair & why I'm considering it again.

August 20, 2015

Happy Thursday everyone and happy #TBT! In the spirit of continuing with "get to know me week" I thought I'd throw it back a bit. My entire life I've had long hair, except for two very vivid moments in my life. Once when I was in 6th grade and then once when I was 24. When I was in 6th grade, I thought it would be cool to cut bangs. I cut those again when I was 23, but that's a different story for another day and another blog. Both times I cut my hair I said I'd never do it again. All of my hairdressers know NOT to cut my hair. Adam, my parents, my friends, every time I bring this up, they tell me the same thing, NO.

But do you wanna know why I swore I'd never cut my hair again?

Everyone who knows me will know this answer... because I look like a Hanson Brother, Taylor Hanson.

I mean, we're practically twins. 

I guess it's my luck that Taylor is the cute brother, but still, no-one, especially a girl in her twenties wants to look like a 1998 boy-bander.

Recently though, I've had this urge to cut my hair again! Everyone I know, including Adam, is screaming do not do it!! I legitimately complained about it for two years until it was excessively long again, so I can't blame those around me from telling me no. Wanna know why I wanna cut it again?
  • First, my long hair is a pain in the butt. At least an hour a day is devoted to grooming. I mean, who honestly has time for that. I could be learning a foreign language in that time. Or lets be real, I would be catching up on snapchat stories, but still, an hour is a lot of time! 
  • Second, every time I see Kelly Ripa's short bob, or Jennifer Lawrence and that one time she cut her hair, I die for short hair. But then I have to remind myself, I don't have a hairstylist. I'm not famous and I'm not Jennifer Lawrence. 
  • Third, I kind of like the discomfort of hating my hair. I know, that sounds crazy, but I love my hair and have a lot of personal confidence from my hair. Cutting my hair is kind of a release...and super daunting. 
So, ya know what? I'm taking it to a vote! I'm placing the future of my long hair in your hands readers! I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, so you have ONE day to complete this task!

To cut or not to cut! Place your vote and I'll be sure to post the results, what I did with picture details all post haircut.
short hair v. long hair

  Hey Readers, I'm counting on you.

To cut or not to cut my hair.

Nope. Don't do it.
I don't like these options.
Do something different!
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  1. You have beautiful hair - I'm sure it will look great no matter what you decide!

  2. I spent three years growing my hair out to a beautiful length. Then I had my third son last October, and I started binge-watching Once Upon a Time, and I was SO in love with Ginifer Goodwin's short hair. I went to Supercuts and asked for the same cut. They BUTCHERED me. lol. I had a man's cut, and it was awful. But within two months, I had the hair I wanted, and it's been so freeing playing with different styles, colors and accessories. I took to wearing a giant flower in my hair over the last 8 months, and it's become my signature look. I am slowly growing my hair out again, but I am loving each stage as I go through it.

    I think the biggest thing is to go to a salon you trust where you can be sure they will do a good job. I will never go to supercuts for such a dramatic change again! Lol. Remember you can always go shorter, but you can't easily go longer.

    All that said, I have invested in some super cute hair extensions so I can have long hair whenever I want. Sally's has awesome ones for cheap!

  3. The voting stresses me out!! LOL because Ive totally been there with my hair before. I have Graves Disease now and my hair wont grow to save my life and I literally look at people with longer hair, or my old longer hair cuts and I ache for them again. Every single time I cut my hair I cry and wish I had not done it.

  4. I voted to cut it! I have long hair issues too, and I'm going to cut it soon. Why cut it? 1. Short hair (like the one in the picture you posted) is IN right now 2. no split ends 3. if you feel like having long hair again, you can wear extensions (so many brands to choose from) 4. You can't really go wrong, you look gorgeous both way!

  5. You look so beautiful both with long and short hair!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen