Friday Confessions

March 18, 2016

I'ts been a year ladies and gents. My last Friday Confessions was just three weeks into 2016 and here we are in the middle of March! I cannot believe how fast this year is flying!

  1. Today is my niece Violet's FIRST birthday! She visited us last weekend and is such a little joy. She's smiley, happy and so dang good! See pic below - we took a selfie, obvs. Happy Birthday Baby V! 
  2. The NCAA Tournament started yesterday and my bracket is already broken. How is that possible. 
  3. I'm going to Arizona tomorrow because it's my best friends wedding shower! AH! T-86 days until she gets married. This is huge news people. 
  4. I cannot stop thinking about this Lemon Chicken Risotto. If I was going to be in town this weekend, it's what I would be making. 
  5. It is literally taking every piece of self-control I have not to go to McDonald's and buy a Shamrock Shake. Did you know they have 23 teaspoons of sugar in them. TWENTY-THREE. Is that even legal? I'll just stick to my water. 
  6. The last time I did this I talked about Instagram and the challenge I have gaining followers. I also promised a huge giveaway at 2000 followers. I'm not there yet. Let's get there! 
  7. Next weekend is Easter and the first Easter in my life that Adam and I (and pre-dating Adam, just me) will not be spending it with family. This is my first holiday just me and Adam. While a part of me is kind of bummed we're not spending it with our families, I'm kind of pumped to create a tradition with just us two. And Henry, obvs. 
  8. Allergies suck. Yesterday I blew my nose like 100 times. I tried counting, but I lost count.
  9. This post by Kallie about Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand. Its hilarious and so true.
  10. I'm really loving Snapchat lately. Monday, I'm sharing my favorite Snapchat accounts to follow - you do not want to miss this. PS -- Mine is Kgrace01
  11. I'm really excited about the way the Bachelor ended. While I really wanted him to end up with JoJo, I am absolutely pumped that she is the new Bachelorette. PS. That giveaway is almost over, don't forget to enter! 
  12. As I write this post, it is snowing outside. Snowing. Do you know how horrible that is. Last weekend it was 73! Thank Jesus, I'm going to Arizona Saturday.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have the best weekend!
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  1. ok I'm really glad I didn't have a Shamrock shake... 23??? you've got to be kidding me. And I didn't even try a NCAA bracket, mine would have been broken immediately too!

  2. Aw your niece is so precious! I followed you on Instagram-hope you reach your goal! :)

  3. Oh wow, that risotto sounds amazing! I'll go make sure I'm following on Insta now. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I couldn't agree more with you about how the Bachelor ended. I was always team Lauren, but I love love love that they pulled the surprise off and named Jojo as the new Bachelorette! It was so sad watching her get her heart broken and I can't wait to watch her journey! This Easter will be our first Easter away from family, too, but not our first holiday away from family. We did Christmas this year on our own as well and it was actually really nice. Since this Easter is happening literally three days before we move, we're going to cook a ham and eat it on our blow up matteress and watch HP!

    Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  5. You could make the Lemon Chicken Risotto when you come home this weekend!!
    Love, Mom xo

  6. I was dying for a Shamrock Shake yesterday but I am extremely glad that I didn't get one now because 23 teaspoons of sugar is a ridiculous amount.

    xoxo, Jenny

  7. Love your confessions list. I had no idea that the shamrock shake had that much sugar. I've never had one, it is no surprise that McDonalds add that much sugar. Have a great time in Arizona. Would love to be sitting in 80 degree weather!

  8. Aww Violet is a cutie!! Oh my goodness (!!!) on the Shamrock Shake, thanks for saving me on that one. I didn't even have a bracket, so you beat me ;) I missed the Bachelor, but I might jump on board for the Bachelorette - it seems like I can't avoid it, with everyone around me mentioning it! And already following you on Insta - I hope you reach your goal!

  9. 23 teaspoons of sugar?! Darnit all, I was still hoping to grab one this season, and now I'm thinking I probably shouldn't. Some things are best not to know - wah wah! Also, I'm really happy that JoJo is the new bachelorette! Yay!


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