The Bachelor: Season 20: The Women Tell All.

March 8, 2016

I absolutely LOVE the woman tell all. I love the drama, the tears, the lies and the best part is the preview of next week, the grand finale, the most dramatic end ever! This week/season is going to be exceptional because Olivia is here and the girls are totally going to put her on blast.

Ps. I am so glad I don't live in LA so  Chris Harrison cannot walk into my house on Bachelor night. He'd find a lot of wine, me in PJs and I would so not be camera ready.

Okay, here we go ladies and gents - the woman are about to tell all. Don't forgot to vote at the end of the post! It's time to pick who wins Ben's heart! Who do you think it is -- Lauren B or JoJo.

Cast your vote!

  • We're you as confused as I was when they were announcing the girls? I totally didn't remember Jami or the chicken girl. 
  • Caila looks different. Why?
  • How awkward is it watching Olivia watch everyone talking shit about her! Yikes.
  • Jami. Who are you? How can you have all these opinions when you weren't even there. 
  • I feel sad for Jubilee. 
  • Lace, I can't with you. I've spent wayyy too many blogs talking about you - I can't and I won't.
  • This is pretty awful. 
  • A tattoo of Lace, that is not real. 
  • Shocking, Lace is going to BIP. 
  • Do they just pick the crazies for bachelor in paradise? Yes Adam, yes they do. 
  • Olivia, I am loving your jumpsuit. 
  • The twins' expressions during all of this show their age so much. 
  • Watching Olivia trying to talk herself out of the hole she dug is pretty sad. 
  • I don't like Olivia, let's be real, but I do feel bad about her being bullied, that's never cool. 
  • I really hope Caila isn't the next Bachelorette. I think she's darling, but I cannot watch an entire season of her. And what is different about her? I can't tell! help! 
  • Kristen, if she is the next bachelorette, we are not watching this. Never mind, regardless, I am not watching this next season.
 enough mouth pictures, here's an Olivia-anchor pic. 
  • Did Ben really have to throw the dagger to Caila that he loved the other two, therefore insinuating that he didn't love her. Come on Benny.
  • I love that Chris Harrison called Ben out for the double I love yous. 
  • Oh Leah. Girlfriend, you never had a chance - you tried to throw Lauren under the bus and then you lied. Next. 
  • Amanda, you are the nicest person in the world. I adore you.
  • The bug bloopers with the girls freaking out are so funny. Oh my gosh. And, the bloopers made me like JoJo even more than I already do. 
  • I think based on Caila's reaction to the finale, she is not quite over Ben. 
  • Next week is three hours. Looks like I might be watching alone. 
Alright everyone, the time is here. We are ONE week away from the three hour finale. Voting time! Who's your pick for the future Mrs. Higgins?

Who wins The Bachelor?

Lauren B
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  1. This is always my favorite episodes and I'm so glad I don't live in LA too haha my viewing party is much much more plain and lonely! I didn't remember half of the back row I think, ha! But LOVE Amanda too!

  2. Yes, something is different with Caila!!! Her hair part?? because her hair was way swooped over from the side... I hate to say it, because I don't like body shaming anyone, but she looks like she put on some weight. That's the only other thing I could think when I was trying to pinpoint how she looked different.. her face shape seemed rounder. I felt so bad for Jubilee..and when she said she's a Sergeant now I was like "yes!!!!!!!! kick some ass!!!!"

  3. I stopped watching regularly after Sean & Catherine. The drama got too much. But now, you've piqued my interest in watching again.

  4. JO JO= Great bachelorette
    CAILA= No fake lashes
    OLIVIA= Super sad for her... Everyone was too mean. Get over it. She doesn't deserve this much backlash.
    TWINS= PETTY and IMMATURE...FYI they are the SAME AGE as OLIVIA!!!

  5. I still can't believe he told two women he loves them... Not cool Ben! I feel like Caila is saying all the right things to be the net bachelorette, but I hope I'm wrong. She seems so lovely, but not entertaining enough for me.... Let's have the twins on! Ok maybe not...

  6. I really don't want Caila to the be the next Bachelorette.... just sayin!

  7. Ugh. I am so in love with Ben. Thats really all I can say about this post. lol.

  8. I agree with Jess! It looks like Caila put on a little weight in the face. =[ Poor thing was probably so heartbroken.

    xoxo, Jenny

  9. I LOVED it! Can't wait for next week!

  10. I missed it!!!! Gah, now I need to try and find a repeat.

  11. Okay, I seriously just wrote you a long comment and then it didn't send...

    Anywho...seriously the much dramatic Women Tell All yet. I think you and I share a brain.


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