I haven't wanted to blog and here's why.

March 11, 2016

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging recently. Besides moving into our new house, I really have no excuse for my lack of witty banter and recipes. To be honest, I just haven't wanted to blog.

Putting that on paper makes me sound super blah, but it's the truth. Lately, I've felt uninspired and bored.  The problem with that state of mind is that it easily translates to my blog posts. And the last thing I ever wanted to provide my readers with are garbage posts to fill a space. And the worst part, is I feel like I HAVE to write apology posts. I hate that I feel such guilt for taking a vacation and not posting.

This is not what I signed up for 9 years ago. It's so easy to get wrapped up in what I should be doing, instead of what I want to be doing. When I started this blog it was called "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." Based on how I've been feeling it should be called, "whatsoever you do, it should be blogging all the time." It's hard to not get wrapped up in feeling inadequate.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the ideal blogger for a lot of reasons. In recent months, more like the last six months, I've felt this intense pressure to be the best blogger. Attend workshops, grow and gain followers (but only authentic followers), craft the BEST content every single day and heaven-forbid if you miss a day, your readers will hate you and stop reading your blog.

This post isn't a dig at all you incredible bloggers. Please don't take it that way. This one's not about you. Trust me, I love you, admire you and inspire to be you. This is me releasing my insecurities as a blogger and an adult by putting them into words. This is a challenge to myself. I know if I want to really make it and be a full time blogger I have to // need to do these things.

But for now, I'm letting go of the blogger guilt I have and embracing the fact that I will grow at a different rate than others. Some days, I feel like I'm a very very teeny fish attempting to keep up with all the big-blogger fish in the ocean.

There is a quote that says "Your success does not depend on the failure of others" but I think I have to change that quote to say "My success does not lessen based on the success of others." There's room for all of us in this blogging pond.  PS. Jennifer at The Champagne Supernova wrote a great inspirational post and I got this image (below) from her. She's inspiring. Go show her love.

I don't spend 8 hours a day blogging. I wish I could, trust me, but I cannot. I wish I could quit my job and jump into the blogging world full time. To say I'm jealous of full-time bloggers is an understatement. They're my inspiration daily to keep this little space going.

Some weeks I only blog twice and then I have to start my blog with an apology (see above). But the reality of it, is that life is busy and how you super-bloggers do it, please share your tips. And if sleeping only 3 hours a night is your tip, I can't or I'll get angry.

I don't have a newsletter that goes out with different content then what's on my blog. I'm working on that this weekend, but Denver is tempting us with 75 degree weather on Saturday so there's a huge chance I won't and instead I'll be on an outside patio.

Instagram is my biggest frustration. How do people have 500,000 followers? I'm dying for 2000. I don't spend 3 hours posing for Instagram pictures just to get the right shot, even though I know I should. I don't post on Instagram every day. I've heard it everywhere that the key to Instagram is authenticity. Well, if I'm being authentic, I'm a lawyer with a desk job and 8 hours a day I'm staring at a computer. So figuring out something to post that's also interesting when most of my day isn't interesting, is really freaking hard.

This post is a vent, a release of energy and a promise.

I'm not the best blogger. But I love to blog and I promise that when I post, I will post interesting content. I promise that I will remain authentic, even if that means I'm not posting every day. I promise that I will support all my other blogger-friends, because if we're not in this journey together, what's the point. I promise that I'll work harder.

It's incredible what happens when you release pent-up energy. Just while writing this post, I came up with some fun ideas for posts. Stay tuned peeps, I promised interesting and that is just what you'll get. I want to blog now.

If you made it to the end of this long rambling vent session of a blog post, thanks for reading. Thanks for not only reading today, but everyday. You guys rock.

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  1. Think you're being really hard on yourself! There are a lot of 'career bloggers' out there, and those are the people that feel that immense pressure to post daily, have a gazillion followers on every social media channel and just keep the momentum going. For those of us who blog as a hobby and/or because we genuinely love to do it can take breaks when we need to. Can blog even though maybe 15 people will read a post. Can be content knowing it wont bring us paychecks or we won't go viral. Trust me, I get the pressure, but there ARE so many of us out there who get it and feel the same. :)


  2. No need to apologize, we all have those times!!

  3. I also went through this phase. It's daunting when you compare yourself to others. I decided to see them as role models, and just kept going. It's been seven years of chipping away at this blogging thing, and I am happy about what I've accomplished. It was a lot of work, but worth it. Keep up with what you can do and do it for yourself.

  4. I've definitely had those times! When I'm super motivated, I try to make a bunch of yummy stuff and then save some of those for weeks when I just can't bring myself to write. Then I see what I made and the response that it gets and that helps me get back into the swing of things!

  5. Yes... yes and yes. I have to tell myself every single day not to compare myself to others, especially other bloggers. It's hard not to, and very easy to fall into this state of feeling blah. You aren't alone and I'm glad you got these feelings out there!!!! xoxo

  6. Girl, these are ALL thoughts I think all the bloggers have at times. I've been a full time blogger for almost 8 months now and there are still days where I don't want to blog because I am so overwhelmed and feel like I'm not far ahead as I should be for being a full time blogger. I've learned that I just need to keep putting my best foot forward, that I need to create what I want to create and to only blog if I am happy about it. The second it becomes too overwhelming or has too much pressure, I have to take a step back or else it causes me to get so negative and discouraged.

    Just know you aren't alone. And that blogging when you want to blog and being open and honest like this makes you the most authentic.

    xo Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  7. Sometimes you just need to give yourself some grace. It's okay not to post every week and if you ignored your 'real life' to blog then that wouldn't be a life worth living either. Blog when you can, and be ok with it! :)

  8. Blogging is more fun when it comes naturally and is a passion.. If you are uninspired or bored, then a break is totally necessary and okay. I feel like today a lot of people are trying to out blog each other and make the most money. Thats when blogs become fake, spammy, and all sponsored posts. When you can actually sit back and realize you need a break, its a good thing and makes you more authentic!

  9. This post was awesome! I totally feel that way often because my full time job is not so interesting either so I find it hard to post IG's during the week when I don't have anything pretty to post when I'm spending my entire day at a computer during mindless work.
    I love your blog by the way! Keep doing you.

    xoxo, Jenny

  10. I loved this post! I often feel the same way as I also balance a day job with the demands of blogging and all the other things that make up life. It can get really hard! So thank you for your honesty as you have voiced what I'm sure many others are thinking/experiencing. Bree

  11. What a great honest post! The blogging guilt is real and I can completely understand, but I think it's always better to put out quality vs. quantity. If you're not feeling it, and we all go through those points, then you should be able to take a break until that inspiration comes back and not feel guilty. I've been trying to get ahead on posts so when I do have those weeks where I'm feeling a little less inspired or I don't want to be glued to my computer all day, I can take a little mini-vacation and just enjoy it. We'll see if I can actually accomplish it, but that's the goal at least. :)

  12. Thank you for being honest and sharing your feeling with us Kristen. I think it's safe to say we've all felt like that at one point in our blogging journey. I know I have :).

    It took me a while to be okay with taking time off but once I realized it actually helps me relax and even inspires an article or two, I look forward to the downtime.

    Great post!

  13. Honestly blogging is a lot of work. I wasn't able to do it when I worked full time. As of right now I've only been able to do it because I quit my job back in January of last year. But lately I've been feeling the burn out. Thats why I'm glad I only blog 3-4x a week. Just keep doing you. Social media is a pain sometimes.

  14. We all have moments where we feel this way. It's so hard when you want to do X amount of posts but you just aren't feeling it. Because whats better a crappy blog post or no blog post at all? No blog post at all. Thanks for your honesty.

  15. I just found your blog, and this is amazing! I have the same feelings sometimes and love that you wrote it down so eloquently!

  16. Me too girl! I've been in rut over on my blog. I didn't get an invite to DSMMC and it just took a little bit of motivation right out of me. Then I take baby steps to start up again.

  17. blogging is an up and down ordeal for me too. some days i feel super inspired and others i stare at the computer screen for hours wondering what to type. no worries girl- were all here to help :D


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