The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 8 - Hometowns.

July 19, 2016


Does anyone remember last season when JoJo's mom was caught chugging the wine bottle? The possibilities are endless people. Let's get ready people, first stop, COLORADO.

Chase - Highlands Ranch, Colorado (aka my neighbor!): First, that gorgeous park is Daniels Park. It's stunning. Good on you Bachelor. Chase's mom is a bun. Stop. Chase telling JoJo he is falling in love. I'm dying. She asked for emotion, she totally got it. Move to Colorado JoJo!

Chase is 3/4.

Jordan - This is the weirdest hometown date. Hey babe, let's go to my high school where my glory days were born and also where they died. And, now they're making out in the library. Next. I'm with JoJo, I would by dyinnnngggg to know what the deal is with his brother. As much as this pains me to say, she obviously loves Jordan more than Chase, just based on how nervous she was to meet his parents. AARON WHY HAVEN'T YOU COMMENTED ON THIS FEUD? This episode made me like Jordan so much more and not think he's slimy. But it does make me think twice about Aaron...

Jordan is 2/4.

Robby - Before we start this, can anyone out there in blogland honestly say they like Robby? That they trust him? Because blech. One, good for JoJo sticking up for herself and two, drink that wine girl. It is time for him to go home.

Robby is 4/4. 

Luke - They are the cutest little couple ever. My gosh. Luke's sister is a super model and his grandpa is the cutest. Um, this setup Luke created is to die for! The sun setting on bales of hay and perfectly placed lanterns. Good on you Bachelor. Welp, if Luke doesn't win after the flower heart and Dan + Shay playing, I don't know what wins.

Luke wins, he's 1/4. 

WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY? LUKE. WHAT. Babe, what did we miss with the Luke thing? 

This is a joke. To be continued. This has to be a joke.

See ya next week people.


  1. He took her to his highschool..... that is just weird.

  2. Um yeah, that high school scene was super weird. I mean when you are near 30, time to let that go lol

  3. If the whole Luke being gone is not a joke, then I'm totally quitting the show. Not really, but still!

  4. Seriously I thought it was all a joke!

  5. If Luke gets cut this episode, I'm going to be so upset. I think they're perfect.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. They have to be joking with us!!! You couldn't take that date she and Luke had!! I almost stared taking shots every time they said Aaron or references him-I mean I'm dying to know what happened but let it go! And NO Robby is slimy and horrible and must go home.

  7. Robby definitely needs to go, and I think Jordan does too (but I also have a bleh feeling that he'll win). I loveeeeee Chase because he just seems like a REAL person, not an exaggerated, fake, over the top reality show guy like some of the others, but I highly, highly doubt she'll pick him in the end. I want Luke to win!


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