The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 9 - SHOCKER.

July 26, 2016


Well at least we know who is going to be the next Bachelor. Guys, how was I so wrong? This is crazy. Excuse the pause in the action, I got a little teary-eyed! That was so sad! Babe, why did she send Luke home? She's crazy. 

Don't get me started on hometowns. While I am a huge proponent of the Bachelorette (duh), I'm not a huge fan of the overnight. YES, I think spending alone time together is important, but potentially sleeping with three people, three nights in a row is so creepy to me. Why can't everyone be like Sean Lowe when he chose to forego them - look at him now, married with a baby.

Is anyone buying this shit that Robby is spewing? When did he start calling her Joelle? Hands up for those who think Robby wrote the note himself.

I know there are probably as many Jordan haters as there are Robby haters, but I honestly kind of love him. I have yet to feel that icky feeling like I do with Robby. I think he adores her. And the thing I like about Jordan is that, yes he feels it with JoJo, but he isn't forcing it like Robby is. Robby is telling her exactly what she wants to hear. Jordan seems to be more real.

Why was she so hard on Jordan and not Robby? I'm starting to think JoJo isn't the best judge of character. Do they really had to show JoJo laying on the bed while he closes the door?

You all know how I feel about Chase (aka he was my favorite besides Luke) but I just don't feel it. Um, did anyone see JoJo's face post I love you. Yikes. Poor little Chase bun. Cue Chase shutting down.

WHAT ARE WE ALL MISSING REGARDING ROBBY. Chase is one of the good ones, told ya so.

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  1. Robby irritates me! He is way to full of crap in my opinion! Love your updates :)

  2. Robby reminds me of a used car salesman. Slimy! I was SHOCKED that she let Luke go. Out of all of the hometown dates, she just seemed to fit best with his. Then there was their chemistry! I still cannot believe it and I wouldn't be all that surprised if they ended up together somewhere down the line. I don't mind Jordan, but I don't see a Jojo, Jordan relationship lasting for very long.

  3. I was so irritated that she sent Luke home, but at the end of the day, this is an entertainment show. Between the two remaining, I think Jordan is a better fit.


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