Gallon Challenge: Week Three + A Weekend Recap!

September 28, 2016

Brutal honesty. I am burnt out on the gallon challenge. Yes, I feel great, but the 3pm chug session and the 3am pee sessions are making me lose it.

Brutal honesty #2. I've been kind of burnt out on blogging. So please excuse the lack of - but I have some great recipes coming this week andddd some great dog food recs! Get excited. Sometimes breaks are good for the soul and I know this mini-break was good for mine.

But hey! I am LOVING all the lovelies out there participating in the challenge! You all rock and really are the reason I push myself to keep chugging at water at 3pm so I can post my results on snapchat.

We only have ONE week left! Can you believe it. Let's talk about week 3 and let's chat about the weekend!

PS -- If you are new to the blog, we are in the final week of the #everydaygracegallonchallenge where we drink a gallon of water a day! There are so many amazing benefits and you can read all about those here! 

Let's talk about WEEK THREE! Like last week --my thoughts are in black and Callie's are in blue.
  • Loving: How my body feels. My joints & muscles don't hurt and I just feel lighter on my feet. Digestion finally on point! Yes! 
  • Feeling: Good! I am still craving sugar though and I would hope that would go away! Great! I went through an entire hot power yoga class without having to chug water. No thirst! 
  • Anticipating: It being over. That's negative, but I am anticipating implementing the water challenge into my normal life and seeing if I can keep up. 
  • Enjoying: Writing this post :) Inspiring others - other teachers and my fiance are doing it! My fiance even wants me to get him a jug! 
  • Working on: Callie and mine are the exact same - finish earlier in the day. 
  • Hating: How much I pee and how water full I get. That it seems harder to get it done this week.
  • Struggling with: Getting it done before 6pm. I get lost in the day and forgetPeeing while teaching, but thank god I'm used to peeing on a schedule!
So, Callie said this to me in our weekly catch-up and I LOVE it. "This is not up for debate, the whole world knows we need to drink more water. This is a great chance to inspire others!" 

To all of you who keep sending me your snapchats of your jugs and water bottles, thank you and keep it up! 

Okay, enough with the water - let's talk about the weekend! 

This weekend Adam and I surprised my dad for his 65th birthday! It was so fun getting to spend an entire weekend just hanging with my family. There was nothing planned besides a nice dinner. We sat around, watched football, played with our nephew and hung out with each other. Plus, it was 85 degrees in Arizona which you know is just amazing weather. 

It was a quick weekend but a great weekend. We are already counting down until our next trip. Let's look at pictures! 

 love this handsome hubs of mine
Dress (on sale!!): Madewell; Shoes: Madewell; Clutch: Similar
On Adam: Shirt (similar): J.Crew; Jeans: Diesel
 the cutest Broncos fan ever
 My family. 
Love these people. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are in throwing distance to the weekend! Keep up the good work! 

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  1. I definitely need to get on this challenge. Especially with this heat. Thanks for sharing!


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