Why Fall is the Best + a Gallon Challenge.

September 2, 2016

Happy September everyone! It is absolutely crazy to me how fast this year has gone. It seems like just yesterday I was in the middle of buying a house and now we've owned said house for 6 months! Nuts, people, nuts. 

I am the first to admit that I love fall and everything fall, but I do not love winter. It's a tough life, I tell ya. I am already basking in the smell of pumpkin spice everything, boots and I just bought two sweaters. I'm soaking in the cool air, even if tomorrow it's supposed to be 89 degrees. 

I'm drafting football teams, cheering for college sports and drinking darker beers. We are getting wild. In case you need some laughs, my girl B, wrote this post for me a few years back and it's hilarious. It's why fall is the worst. I die. She's too funny. 

Instead of why fall is the worst, let's talk about why it's the best, all the things I'm loving and a little update. We've got a lot to cover, we better get moving.

PLUS, starting Tuesday I have a blog challenge. Think you can keep up?
  • Boots. Am I right? Tall boots, short boots, booties. I am currently swooning over these Jeffrey Campbell booties. I totally need them. Oh, and these Stuart Weitzman boots
  • Pretty Little Liars. I cannot stop watching. It's my favorite show. I cannot stop. And, this is the last season, so I'm soaking in every tween-drama has to offer. 
  • Lola and Henry. I love these little buns in my life. They are the absolute best. I want to adopt all the dogs and then wear this shirt
  • This song. Recently I've been obsessed with The Chainsmokers and then this came on my radio and I was in love! They are amazzzing! You loved that didn't you. Here's another by them that's incredible. 

  • This one is directed towards Adam and anyone over 50 (no offense), but you can now zoom in on Instagram! Hooray! It's part of the new iPhone IOS update! No more accidently liking a picture form 54 weeks ago when all you wanted to do was zoom. Welcome to the future people. 
  • Ya know what I love about fall? We're closer to the holidays and it's scientifically proven that people are happier. Okay. I don't know about scientifically proven, but Kristen-proven. People love getting happy hour because you can celebrate "the holidays" for like 4 months. 

Let's get to September's Challenge. My paleo and health coach (not literally, but for real she is) Callie challenged me to drink a gallon of water a day. Lets stop here.

For those of you that know me, drinking water is a challenge. I don't like it. I prefer not drinking anything really, except wine. Ha, jk. But really. I understand the benefits of water, healthy skin, lose weight, ect ect. And honestly, I don't even think about it throughout the day.

It wasn't until about 5 months ago when I woke up and was incredibly dizzy. After doctors appointments, pregnancy tests (not pregnant people) I couldn't figure out what was going on.

Now, switch gears to a new house. We were looking at water filters when the sales guy was chatting us up and he said the water filter got rid of his dizziness. DING! Purified water for this girl and about two weeks later, my dizziness was 100% gone. Now, I drink a ton of water. So when Callie suggested this challenge, I thought hell yes. Let's do it.

We bought this gallon jug on Amazon - $10.25 and we will be drinking a gallon a day. The best part we're gonna live blog and tell you what we see, feel ect. Every Friday we will post how we are feeling about the challenge! Callie is hilarious so you guys are in for a treat.

Wanna join us? Use the hashtag #everydaygracegallonchallenge on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat or wherever you prefer! Share the benefits you are seeing! We can do this!

Cheers ladies and gents to the #everydaygracegallonchallenge. Let's get healthy together!

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  1. You are going to feel AMAZING. I started doing this a few years ago after a nasty kidney infection and it has literally changed my life. Best thing you could ever do for your skin, too!

  2. I can't imagine drinking a whole gallon! I think I drink at least 60+ ounces, which is the recommended half my body weight. Maybe someday I'll gear up to drinking a gallon a day!


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