Nature's Logic + puppy pics

October 21, 2016

As you all may or may not know, we just recently got a new pup, Lola. We've only had here for about 2 months, but I cannot imagine not having her. Henry, our first pup, while I believe he is perfect in every way, didn't have much training as a pup or any at all . I was so obsessed with him that I let him do pretty much whatever, and I let him eat pretty much anything. Rotisserie chicken? Sure! Eggs? Why not. Well before I know it my little York was 11 pounds and super over weight. Overweight at 11 pounds, what a life.

I knew when we got Lola, I wanted to "do it right." Train her, feed her the best food and make sure she actually was a perfect dog. Tuesday and Thursdays nights full of puppy kindergarten and a 2 week training intensive and we are getting close! 

Now, to the food. I think we've all seen those commercials that talk abut the ingredients in dog food. I never really gave it a second thought until the vet told me Henry was fat. How can something so small be fat? We looked at his food and realized that he was eating flour with some chicken scraps mixed in! GROSS. 

Here comes Natures Logic Canine Kibble. They focus on making whole foods with 100% natural ingredients. We eat clean, why shouldn't our pets? Nature's Logic rocks. Wanna know why?
  1. Their food is free is of common allergens and contains, no corn, wheat, rice, soy, potato, tapioca, peas or sweet potatoes. 
  2. It contains natural antioxidants from fruits and veggies grown in the USA. 
  3. It does not contain any man-made synthetic vitamins, minerals or amino acids, nor any genetically engineered fruits, veggies, nuts, grasses or seeds. 
  4. Their food has probiotics and enzymes that help increase nutrient absorption and aid in digestion. 
So my pups are paleo. Figures. We chose the chicken kibble, but the best part, they have so many awesome meats to choose from!  Since my pups have been eating this food I have noticed so many amazing changes. 

Henry, who is almost 8 has so much energy. He is down to 8.2 pounds (skinny minny!) He had knee surgery when he was 4, so he kind of slowed down. But this food gives him so much life! He keeps up with Lola and even challenges her.

Lola has a ton of energy already but I'm hoping that feeding her amazing food early will keep her at the appropriate weight and continue to grow healthy, happy and strong. 

Lola had a bit of an issue with some crab apples in our yard a few weeks ago. Think runny poop and puke. After a week on chicken and rice with meds, I was nervous to transition her back to food. She is doing amazing. She hasn't had any issues since we started her back on Natures Logic and she loves it. 

Disclaimer || Before you change your dogs food, please ask your vet their opinion. I checked with my vet and he totally approved this for my pups. But every dog is different. Transitioning dogs to food can be a bit tricky If you do transition their food, do it slowly --incorporate the new food into the old food while slowly pulling the old food out. In about a week or two you should be fully transitioned. 

If you have any questions about Natures Logic, please visit their website here

I mean -- look at those happy pups. Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is the best. 

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  1. Such a sweet pup! We've had three dogs now and never had issues with food until our newest dog, whom we found out needs to be on a grain-free diet. I am so grateful there are so many healthier brands out now for our furry family members! :)

  2. oh henry and lola are both super cute!! it's great you found healthy food for them! =)

  3. how sweet!! we just got a new pup too--but she is a husky and so sweet. Congrats!!

  4. Is she a Morky? I want one soooo bad!! Yes, it is amazing to find out what kind of crap they try to sneak into our dogs food. Good for you for being a such a good doggy Mommy and giving them the best!

  5. Avoid a trip to the grocery store and just grab a bag of dog food to feed your puppy. This is not good for your pet's health since it can't meet the required nutritional of a healthy puppy diet. James Schmitz


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