Life Update.

October 31, 2016

What is up friends. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I have been the most MIA blogger in the world. Can we just chat about that for a minute? Last week was seriously my nightmare. At work until so late every night (we are talking 830pm), at work early (like 730am) and I'm pretty sure I didn't put a dent in any of the piles on my desk.

Add that to a 5 month old puppy who can never get enough exercise and I'm pretty sure I thought to myself at one point that it was going to stay that week forever.

It's been a long time since I filled ya in on life! I feel like lately I've been trying to sell ya on stuff, which let's be honest, it's been some cool stuff. But let's chat. Grab a coffee, I got a lot to tell ya, it's been a while.

In case you missed it, about a month ago, I had some girlfriends in town and we did Denver big! It's so fun exploring the city you live in with people who have never been. I have always loved Denver, but showing it off to new people makes me fall more in love with it. PS. if you are even in Denver, hit me up! I love buddies.

[side-note] you should probably add something a little stronger to your coffee at this point, we're not even half way there. I suggest baileys.

Speaking of Baileys -- Do you guys watch RHOC? Did you see they went to the farm in Ireland where they make the cream for baileys? I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't want to milk a cow, but I'm so down to try the cream they make! I'm obsessed with Baileys. You will find me come Thanksgiving sipping on it, every night. Ok, maybe not every night, but a lot.

Whew, anywayyyss -- After the girls trip, my brother-in-law and his future wife came in town! They are so fun, we just have the best time hanging out with them. We went to the Great American Beer Fest, which is pretty much beer heaven. Did you know it's the largest beer convention! It's incredible. And the funniest part, you can only eat what you wear. Think pretzel necklaces and even chipotole burritos on string. I wish I was lying. Oh and to top that weekend off, my future sister-in-law asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Let's get them hitched!

Oh, Chipotle. I went there last week to grab burrito bowls for Adam and I and the line was horrendous. I would have thought that whole salmonella thing would have turned people away. Instead it seems to be encouraging it! I mean.. I guess it didn't deter us. If you go to Chiptole today dressed in costume, you can get a $3 anything! Enjoy!

Have you ever been to a four-year old mermaid birthday party? It is pretty awesome. My niece turned four and we made the road-trip to Omaha to help celebrate. It is so amazing how smart four year olds are! At one point I asked her why Elsa (one of her new dolls) had combat boots on and she looked up at me and told me it was because that was how God made Elsa and she is perfect because God made her perfect. Heart melted. Ovaries melting.

This last weekend my parents were in town and it was amazing. They came in Friday and delicious wine and food was enjoyed all weekend. We took them to our favorite, Breckenridge Brewery which is just the coolest. For dinner Saturday, we ventured to the Highlands and went to Old Major for dinner. If you are in Denver and haven't been, you must go! It is so delicious. Sunday was the grand finale --  the Broncos game and a Broncos win!

Today, I am starting the day, busier than ever but with a much lighter heart and feeling. It's amazing what a weekend with your parents can do for the soul.

Cheers to a better week, delicious candy and it only being a month and a half away from Christmas!

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  1. A weekend with your loved ones is the best medicine!

  2. wow nice Post the turned four and we made the street excursion to Omaha to celebrate. It is so astounding how brilliant four year old are At a certain point I asked her for what good reason Elsa one of her new dolls had battle boots on and she gazed toward me and let me know it was on account of that was the means by which God made Elsa and she is flawless on the grounds that God made her ideal. Heart dissolved. Ovaries softening.

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