The Bachelor: Season 21: Episode 5: The Infamous Two-On-One

February 1, 2017

Happy February everyone! I usually think January is super slow and dull, but here we are February already! Crazy. This las month went so fast and if that is any indication of how this year is gonna go, then woah.

Today, it is a gorgeous sorta chilly 50 degree day, but it is so sunny. What a great start to February.

Let's start with a little bachelor vent sesh -- I do not like that they are starting with the Rose Ceremonies at the beginning of the episode. I get it ABC, you are attempting to hold peoples attention and suspense enough so it carries through until the next episode, but I do not like it.

This week we start back at the Corrine v. Taylor conversation. Here are my thoughts. Taylor is condescending. But, Corrine is super aggressive and absolutely loses her cool. She wants to chat, but is very bitchy in her presentation.

"It hurts me for Nick." Hahahahahaha. Cue, Corrinne running to Nick to throw Taylor under the bus. Corrine telling Nick that Taylor doesn't say hi when she walks by her in the hall just shows how immature Corrinne is. Ladies, we are not in eighth grade.

Anyways, let's get back to the rose ceremony -- Did anyone see the girls breath while they were at the rose ceremony? That is crazy. ABC, you can't throw a heater in this barn? Really. Come on. Our budget is big enough to decorate a fancy barn, throw some heaters in there.

We lose two ladies tonight. Bummer. I still don't know half of their names. But they gone.

That is my goal this week, to learn their names. But first, these voiceovers of Taylor and Corrinne at the rose ceremony are crazy. Absolutely crazy. Why do they make Corrinne and Taylor stand next to each other at the rose ceremony. Taylor looks so disappointed when she gets the rose! Girl, sack up.

Spoiler Alert: Astrid and Sarah. I thought Sarah was SO cute.

Let's talk abut the girls quick: Like Whitney, who are you? You're a babe, but I do not know you. Danielle, you are still one of the front runners in my mind. Rachel, I like you and I'm pretty sure Nick likes you a lot. Jasmine, you are stunning. Jamie, how are you STILL around?! Josephine, you think Taylor is toxic? How, I need examples. Oh and Jo, your hair looks like Vienna's from Jakes season. Vanessa, you are a front runner too. Alexis, known as shark girl, is always making Nick laugh.

To New Orleans we go! This is so fun. I wanna go there! Hint hint, Adam!

Hey, Rachel, how long are you going to hold out on the first impression rose thing.  It's a good thing you got that one-on-one girl, now it'll give you something else to talk about. The more I watch him and Rachel, the more I love her. She seems very down to earth and real. Here is my thought, she is a bonafide attorney - is she gonna wanna stop that? Yes, Andi did. Even though they have passion, I just don't see it. But damn, she is cute.

It's so funny that they're just locked in a hotel room watching them make out. 

That's pretty cool to have dinner around the floats! Rachel and Nick totally have chemistry, it's undeniable. Oh quit it Nicky-poo. Adam is not sold on his emotional toasts. Her dad is a federal judge? Get it.

Taylor is 23 years old! Corrinne is 24 years old! This is crazy cakes. They are more than TEN years younger. I am not saying that cannot work, but reality TV does not bode well for relationships, let alone one with participants born in different decades.

Ghosts and group dates. I wonder if you can turn down a group data if it's stupid. I'm pretty sure Corrinne would if she could. Raven cracks me up that she's gonna revoke it in the name of Jesus. She is so funny. I like her more and more each week. She is starting to get used to this experience and I think handling it the best.

Sidenote --> Guys, last Kentucky Derby, I thought I wanted to try a mint julep because I thought it was festive. GUYS, STAY AWAY. It was so strong, I was instatenly drunk. Blech.

To the haunted house we go: I don't believe in ghosts, but I do not like being scared. I HATE it. I would have cried on this date. And, when I was little, I wasn't allowed to play the Ouiji board. We're you guys?

Did you guys see all the food Corrinne ordered?! Oh man, I am so jealous of her mac and cheese and all her room service for that matter.

Raven and Nick seem so at ease. I really like watching them together. And this plug for beauty and the beast would seem super dumb if I wasn't SO excited to see the movie. Oh, my gosh. I cannot wait. Watch the trailer below!

It's group date time! Oh my gosh, when Corrinne said Make America Corrinne Again, I couldn't help but laugh. Girl is funny. I swear to everything, if I have to listen to Taylor say she has a masters degree and has a high level of emotional intelligence one more time, I might slap her. I totally get why Corrinne is sick of her.

 Ya know, the more and more I watch, the more I think Corrinne might be great for Nick. They can both be famous and narcissistic together. Taylor is starting to drive me crazy. This would be the worst date. Yikes, can you imagine how awkward this conversation is.

I honestly think Nick doesn't see a future with either Corrinne of Taylor. So it's really no shock that he sent Taylor home. Plus, she always has a resting bitch face. Always.

He seriously is just gonna leave her in the swamp? This is so ridiculous, they just leave her out in the swamp until it's pitch dark. 

Watching Taylor get water sprinkled on her Adam said, I have officially lost any ounce of respect I had for this show. I will not be watching this show any more, okay? Thanks a lot ABC.

Taylor is literally becoming the Chad of JoJo's season. Cue the whistling. Like how the hell does she (Taylor) know where they are. 

Oh my gosh, the bloopers that Alexis thinks seeing Nicholas Cage would be the scariest thing is the funniest thing Ive ever seen. She is so dang funny.

What do we think is gonna happen? Do we think he actually sends Corrinne home? Next week is gonna be so damn good.

I've given up, I just cant do it anymore babe. 

What about you guys? Have you given up like Adam has? What do you think is gonna happen next week? In the preview, all the girls are constantly crying. I for one, cannot wait.

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  1. I definitely watched this episode and I can't believe Corinne is still on!! Makes for good television though. Can't wait for next week!

  2. I was hoping he was going to get rid of Corrine AND Taylor!

  3. So bummed Sarah got bounced. She never got any TV time which I totally don't get cause she's super cute! Not gonna lie... I love Corrine. As much as I want to dislike her, I can't help it! She's too entertaining.

    Xo /

  4. You mimicked so many of my EXACT thoughts this week lol. How is Jamie still there? And Sarah is so cute! Weird that they didn't interview Astrid on her way out I thought! I really like Rachel, Raven and Vanessa!

  5. To be honest, I wish Nick would've just sent both Taylor and Corinne home. They are both so immature. Hopefully Nick finds out how Corinne really acts and just sends her home.

    Amanda ||

  6. I freaking loved Sarah! She was adorable! And also, yes to the taylor/chad comparison.


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