The Bachelor: Season 21: Episode 7 - Everyone went home.

February 8, 2017

I'm taking a little blogging break. Just need some time to let the inspiration come to me. I will be posting bachelor blogs because honestly I LOVE them. I'll be back in exactly two weeks with regularly scheduled posts. I have some AMAZING new recipes for you guys and some great clothes!

Okay, so the title is absolutely misleading. Not everyone went home this week, but they might has well. I can honestly say I'm not sure if this is going to work out for Nick.

I have three outcome possibilities; (1) he's going to pick someone out of the blue and it won't last long enough to get to the final rose (2) he's going to Juan Pablo us and not propose but want to "continue dating outside the show" or (3) reject everyone and fail at this for a fourth time.

We start back with the result of the two-on-one: Corrinne and Nick are blissfully sipping champs and satisfying each other egos when Taylor walks in. Taylor is pretty ballsy about her feelings and gives it all to Nick and I think she did a pretty good job in sticking up for herself. And to the dismay of the public, Corrinne did not go home at the end of their conversation. Nick goes back to Corrinne to let her know that he's still "interested" in her and then they make-out. Corrinne doesn't seem the slightest bit interested in what Taylor had to say, in fact Corrinne doesn't even seem to be listening to Nick when he talks. She just wants to kiss him.

It's clear that Nick and Corrinne's relationship is primarily sexual. If you compare the TV time their date gets versus anyone else's date, there is literally no talking, just kissing. Let's compare: with Rachel we were able to explore her family dynamic and learn so much more about her. With Vanessa we heard all about her previous relationship and things got very emotional for her and Nick. Raven, same story, she even met his family. With Corrinne, we just watch them make out, and while I'm sure that will keep them going for a while, it will not sustain them. I can guarantee that Nick would have never taken Corrinne to her hometown date.

No cocktail party is always a problem. How many times do I have to watch Corrinne chug her champagne, it's just cuz I'm jealous, I started sober February over again. Whitney is so darling, I really hope she gets some more air time this week.

Spoiler Alert: Shark girl (Alexis), Jaimi and Vienna's look alike go home.

Holy moly, I want to go to St. Thomas. I am dying for a beach vacation. I really wish I could get married again (to Adam, duh) and go on our honeymoon in Grand Cayman again. Ugh. Anything to get some color. Excuse me while I go spray tan.

The worst part about the Bachelor is when they make the girls yell the leads name from a balcony. Without fail, it happens every single time. Balcony at the mansion? Check. Balcony at some huge resort? Check. Man alive. By now we get it ABC. But back to the episode - landing on water would be so awesome!

The first one-on-one: I'm a little surprised he picked Kristina. I understand, we are getting to the point in the season where they aren't many options left for one on ones and to double pick makes it too obvious. That actually happened to Nick in Andi's season. But, Kristina is so beautiful. They seem to be attracted to each other, but I am not really seeming them mesh. I can't tell if they're a good fit. I'm interested to hear more about her life.

I read somewhere that they don't eat the food. They have their day date, go back to their hotel, change, do interviews, and eat, alone. Then, when they come together they don't eat because the mics pick up the sound of them chewing. So Nick making the joke about "lobster for the lady" is hilarious because he knows for sure that they don't eat the food. Instead they just get to watch it get cold and then taken away. Man. What a waste.

Listening to Kristina's story is so incredibly sad. She is a tough cookie. She seems to have it all together. I really enjoy listening to her. They seem to really enjoy each other. But, I still do not see her as his happily ever after.

Poor Lorna, she is wayyyy too good for Corrinne. And Corrinne is a damn joke. Time for her to go. The comedic relief she provides takes away any amount of integrity this show might have.

Group Date: Let's do this. Does anyone feel like this is Ben's pig-island date? Or Andi's wrestling group date where the guy got hurt? Or Chris Soules when he made them ride tractors? It appears that whenever the lead attempts to do a "fun" date, it backfires like woah.

Corrinne is a hot mess, per usual. That is what my hair looks like fresh out of a workout that hasn't been washing in a week.  Can you tell how drunk she is? Wow. This volleyball game is a horrible idea. Girls have fun with this kinda stuff for like 9 minutes and then they break. Boys, take note. Girls wanna date you, not play volleyball.

The whole getting shit faced on tequila was a horrible idea because now all the girls are emotional and depressed. 

Alright Nick, now it's how you pick up the pieces of this shitstorm you've created. But instead they just cry on the beach alone while he walks away. Now, we just wait until the evening? Man. He doesn't have great mitigation experience does he? It is clear that Nick is very interested in Rachel. I for one lovve how honest she is. She is incredible and he obviously thinks so or else he would have reacted to her the way he did to Jasmine. He cares about how she's feeling.

The more and more I watch Raven, the more I love her. Plus her lime yellow/green dress/romper is incredible. And I think her evaluation of Jasmine is super accurate. She's losing her mind. And we've all watched girls like that implode.

Oh my gosh, shut the f*** up. RE: Jasmine. lolz. Now we watch her implode. She is super agreesive with him and you can tell by his body language that he is not at all interested. She is crying her eyes out and he isn't trying to comfort her or really sympathize. You can see that he's not interested. She just loses it.

Spoiler Alert: Jasmine. So glad I don't have to listen to her anymore. 

Woah, Jasmine, throwing out what everyone is thinking. "I don't think this will work for him." Maybe she knows more than we know.

Two-On-One: Bets on if this is more awkward than Taylor and Corrinne? Probs not I have a feeling they both go home, which would be devasting. I am actually super surprised to see these two girls on this date. Danielle was such a front runner for me and its weird to see her fighting for attention. He's not even looking at Danielle when she speaks on the beach. Before he was super interested in her every word, not he looks bored out of his mind. And Whitney looks nice and cozy on the beach. She's cute, and I absolutely agree with her statement that you get to know someone the more you hang out. He didn't really give her a fair shake. This whole beach scene is not good.

Spoiler Alert: Whitney.

Did you guys see how awkward Nick and Danielle were when they were holding hands? So strange? You can tell from the beginning that this is very awkward and seems very forced. He just seems like he is having a miserable time. She literally said she was falling in love and he looked like he wanted to murder her. Why is he such a weirdo. 

I wish we could take a step back and ask Nick what happened. Like what happened between last week, the group date and today. He's saying that he didn't feel it anymore. Like how does that go away with every girl? I don't get it. I'm not sure I've ever seen a lead break this much.

Watching Danielle trying to process what Nick is saying is so so sad. You can see her thinking back on everything shes's said and done to try and figure out what she did wrong. Adam said it right, but Corrinne is still around? I thought for sure, Danielle would win. 

This is nuts. Spoiler Alert: Danielle goes home.

I honestly don't know at this point who is going to win. I mean looking around the couches, who on earth does he pick? Why would he come tell the girls that he doesn't know if its gonna work? Or if he doesn't know he can keep doing it? Like what does that even mean?

What do you guys think? There are only SIX girls left: Danielle, Kristina, Corrinne, Rachel, Raven and Vanessa. Who do you think he picks?

See ya next week!

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  1. I love all things bachelor - great post! I honestly can NOT believe Corrine is still on the show. I honestly am not a hugeeee fan of any of the girls this season - and I think it's a reflection of Nick that they couldn't get great girls! (In my opinion) Great post!

  2. I love reading blog posts about the bachelor, I actually blogged about the bachelor on Monday. I kinda think he'll end picking Corinne because she's the only one he looks for in group dates, and I'm sure it's ALL sexual,but it's definitely a factor haha. I didn't know they don't eat,wow. I agree about Raven, she had so much composure.

  3. I don't understand why Nick is the bachelor? It should've been Luke. I feel like Nick is a train wreck and I hate Corinne!!!

  4. I will have to say that I went into this season hating Nick but have really grown to like him. He seems like a good enough guy. I think ABC did a shit job casting women for him, really. There doesn't seem to be as many great girls to choose from in this season and I can see why he is feeling like this might not work out for him. On the other hand, maybe deep down he doesn't want it to work? I love me some Vanessa and Rachael! I think if he doesn't pick Rach, she should be the next Bachelorette... I mean, she is like the whole package!

  5. Oh, this season is a train wreck! We will see how it turns out, but I wasn't sad to see some of these ladies go home!

  6. Ugh... Nick. I feel like he needs a swift smack upside the head.

  7. Oh girrrrrrl I know what you mean! I was so down with Nick being the bachelor after how much he seemed for have change on BIP. Now? Who is this guy? Does he even want to do anything about really finding a wife? Or does he just want to suck face with Corrine all of the time? He HAS to know that she is NOT mature enough to be a wife! If he doesn't start really thinking about what he is doing he is going to strike out this time too!!


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