My First Cycle Bar Experience.

January 27, 2017

I know I told you today's post was gonna be a blogger behind the scenes, but ya know what, I have something even better. PS Happy Friday friends!

I took my first Cycle Bar class on Wednesday night. I'm still learning to walk again. My friend I take Pure Barre with invited me to go with her and I happily obliged. I love trying new workout classes. I used to take spin at my gym in Omaha and LOVED it. I bought my free class online (Denver friends, it's free for your first class, click here!), picked my bike, 3rd row, middle, I didn't want to look too eager. I put my leggings on and I was off.

I was so excited/nervous. I called Adam on my way to discuss the class and he just reassured me "you used to do this all the time, you'll be great." Famous last words right there.

Let me preface, this is not just a spin class at your local gym. This is that gym spin class on speed. Not only is this an entire building dedicated to spin, so are the instructors and everything else. Water bottles, check. Clothing, check. Shoes, check. Bumper Sticker, check

I walked in and was greeted by literally the nicest people ever. Maybe this is what spin does to people, if so, count me in. They showed me how to check in, where to change and offered me a free water bottle and gave me some shoes.

I changed, found my locker, found my friend and in we went to the cycling room.

Lets just chat about the cycling room. It is pretty damn intimidating. There are about 40 bikes set up in four staggered rows. It's semi-dark in there with huge flat screens on the wall and then a platform where presumably the instructor teaches from. The room is semi-dark with loud music playing. The front wall is a full mirror and the rest are dark. There is also, what I can only assume to be, a DJ booth. I'm serious, it looks like a DJ booth.

My friend walks me to our bikes and tells me to wait, the instructor will help me set up. Thank god I went with a friend.

Someone walks over to me offering to help. She sets up my bike (turns out I'm tall? who knew) and tries to help me clip in. Apparently I'm a do-do bird and clipping bike shoes into a stationary bike is rocket science for me. I "clip in." Just then, this bouncy, adorable blonde with a backward hat and the most toned arms I've ever seen. comes in and is our teacher. Guys, you should seriously see her, she was beautiful. She puts her Britney spears mic on, turns the lights off and we start.

The music is so loud. The room is so dark and in brutal honestly, it takes a minute to adjust. But we are going. I am spinning.

My first thought, oh yeah, I can do this. My second thought. 4 minutes in, I am drenched in sweat and panting.

Oh and turns out, my left foot isn't clipped in. Do you know how hard it is to attempt 128 RPM's when your leg, which happens to be your knee surgery leg is just kinda flallying around.  Whatever, I am not a quitter. This class is only 50 minutes, I'll fake it until I make it.

I'm looking down, attempting 128 RPMs, when I realize the lights go on and the teacher is no longer on her bike, she's standing in front of me asking about my shoe. I am totally mortified. She takes my foot, clips me in and jumps back on the bike, no big deal. Thank the lord it was dark in there and people couldn't see me blushing.

Up, down, side to side, this sounds like the start to that Ariana Grande song, hence why shes on a bike I guess. This girl makes it look so easy. I literally felt like I was going to fling myself off the front of the bike. I'm pretty sure I felt it tip at one point.

We did some arm workouts, sprints, jogs, hills, at one point, she even claimed that we should feel the breeze in our hair going down a hill. I would have killed for some breeze as struggled to go 50 RPMs. Instead all I felt was the sweat dripping down by back. Oh thank goodness for the free towel. 

I must admit, this spin class was the fastest 50 minutes of my life. Before I knew it, she was doing the 90 second countdown, telling us how strong we were and turning the lights on. Then, she did it, my biggest fear. On the big screens, she put up our rankings. There were probably 25 people in the class and the rankings only included the top 15. I scrolled for a name that wasn't there. Whatever, it was over, just like that. I took my first spin class post knee surgery and man did I feel good.

I immediately found myself wanting to sign up for the next class. It was incredible. I now see why people get addicted to this sport.

Then, I left. I went home, felt good. Showered, felt good. Went to bed, felt strong. Woke up, felt like someone threw me down the stairs.

I cannot wait to go back. Have you taken a spin class before? Was your experience similar?

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  1. Too funny!!! Has anybody ever told you, you should be a writer??

  2. I love love Cyclebar! My daughter and I go together a few times a week.

  3. I just laughed so hard at this. Cycling TERRIFIES me, but at least the instructor was nice. Let us know when your name is on that board :)

  4. I laughed so hard! I've never gone but it sounds like it kills you in the best way possible!

  5. One of these days I will work up my nerve to go to a Soul Cycle class! It seems so intense!

    Gennifer Rose |


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