The Bachelor: Season 21: Episode 10- The Top Three.

March 1, 2017

Oh hey everyone, I'm back! Happy spring! I know it's not technically spring, but it's March, so close enough right?

I could not resist blogging Monday night's episode, it was only an hour, there are only 3 left and we deal with some PG-13 quotes. Let's recap. Last week was hometowns.

  • Raven's date was sweet and we found out her dad is cancer free, amazing!! Oh and her brother is quite a little actor.
  • Vanessa's dad was a boss and asked all the questions we all want to know, For example, she lives in Canada and Nick and her haven't talked about that tiny detail. 
  • Rachel is queen, but her judge-dad didn't show and race was a hot topic. 
  • Corrine loves shopping and tells Nick she loves him, Raquel the nanny is an angel. 

But, spoiler alert -- before we went hometown on the show, we found out in real life that Rachel is the next Bachelorette....while she is still a contestant on the show. Soooo, unless this show gets super weird, Nick does not pick Rachel.

We start this episode with Andi casually showing up at Nicks hotel room and calling him out the infamous "why did you make love to me if you weren't in love with me" statement. Andi is a stunner per usual. And it's weird but the chemistry and comfort level between her and Nick is super great. Maybe we all get thrown the biggest twist in bachelor history and he picks her at the end. Wouldn't that be pretty dang awesome.

Speaking of rose ceremony, lets get to it. They are still doing this crap with the rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode. I hate this new thing. Stick to what you know. Vanessa's dress is killer. She looks amazing. And ABC, why oh why do you put these girls outside on a roof in New York in the winter. Serious?

Raven has been the first one to get a rose in the last two episodes, what does that say? Hmm.

Spoiler Alert: Our comedic relief in Corrinne is gone. We will miss your hilarious comments Corrinne, but I have a feeling you are going to (1) be Instagram famous and (2) be on bachelor in paradise. We'll see you this summer girlfriend. It's about time. Lols Adam.

Finland. I wonder if Nick has any say over where he gets to go. Like, if I was the Bachelorette, I'd be in the Amalfi Coast, or Paris, or New Zealand. It is pretty awesome that they could see the northern lights, that's rad. But man. I hate being cold. And they look damn cold. I mean, in the interviews Raven is shaking so bad, her voice mumbles. Get this girl on a beach!

Raven got the first rose and the first date in Finland. I like Raven. She's super open and honest. She says it like it is and I really appreciate that from her. I'm hoping we see that same spitfire attitude in Vanessa next week.

Can we please talk abut the fact that Nick is in a turtleneck. Who dresses him? Ugh, when she says I love you, I actually melted a little bit. It was very sweet. Then she says orgasm and the whole sweetness kind of went away. Do you think they actually saw the northern lights or was that just Photoshop.

Alright people. This episode was kinda slow because it was only an hour. Let's just say, Adam was thrilled! But, next week is THREE HOURS. Woman tell all and I'm just glad Corrinne will be there to spill her guts. See ya then.

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