The Blooper Reel.

March 23, 2017

Last week I had my first ever unofficial blog photo-shoot. My girlfriend Erica, is such a bun and spent literally 6 hours with me, taking pictures, telling me my arm looked awkward and fixing my hair. I changed in the car and she hung up clothes on the window so strangers wouldn't see my whoo-ha. That is a great friend.

I bought her wine and apps after, but I'm pretty sure I owe her a puppy or something. We had so much fun. We ran through traffic (more fun than it sounds), took pictures in the street, watched as people stared at me and spent the whole day laughing.

This whole fashion blogger thing is so new to me. Let me rephrase: I am not a fashion blogger. I love clothes and recently I noticed some of you commenting on my Instagram when I post clothes pictures. Maybe this is the start of fashion blogging, hell if I know, but what I do know is that I loved spending the day with a friend taking pictures and I love clothes.

Here's hoping you all do too.

The pictures I post on Instagram are the pretty ones. They are the ones where when the sun hits my face I smile, instead of squinting. That is not that post. This is all the awkward pictures. But ya know what, the clothes are cute and that is all that matters. Instagram can be deceiving, this post will not be. I promise next week I'll start sharing the good pictures so you can see how awesome some of these pieces are!

I hope, if nothing else, this makes you smile. Happy Thursday friends!

 I was trying to do downward dog. But at least you can see the awesome silver hood! 

 Little did I know we were in the middle of a St. Patricks Day parade. 

This is what I call, I'm starting to go crazy. Stop taking my pictures. 
"Doom" on the stairs really does say it all. 

At this point, we'd given up, hence the wine. This guy stopped us and said in a sassy voice "that'll be a great instagram pic..." little did he know, he'd be making a guest appearance on EG. 
And, this is my FAB photog, Erica.

Please stop. I'm dying. Like I said, Erica was a champ.

What the heck am I doing here? At least you can see a part of downtown Denver! 

This bridge was shaking as we stood over I-25. Yikes. And the sun was totally making me sweat.

All those cute workout fashion bloggers are always posing. I am not good at posing. 

My hair is a pretty crucial part of my 'schtick' but man does it get in the way. 

Happy Thursday Friends, thanks for letting me embarrass myself a little. 

A little thought for the day and a great way to preface my "deep" blog post that I have coming for ya next week. 
One person with a dream is equal to 99 people who only have an interest. When one person with a dream trusts God for the outcome they will experience great things in their life. 
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  1. Haha too funny! At least you had a good time, and managed to get some pretty pictures too!

  2. These are great! I made a blooper reel for 2016 and it made me laugh so hard just putting it together. So many funny memories while shooting with the boyfriend :)

    Gennifer Rose |


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