9 things you may not know about me

September 13, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! The other day I got asked via Instagram, if I would ever consider writing a post about "how to blog." How to blog? I wouldn't even know where to start. Blog because you want too. Blog because you have something to say. Blog because you want someone to listen. Blog because it makes you feel good.

That's why I do it. I started blogging because I honestly love to write things down and somewhere along the way, people started listening. I would do this whole blogging thing even if I only had 1 follower and that follower was my mom (she was my first follower, shout-out!).

I'm not a blogger who blogs about blogging. Wanna know why? Because, here's the deal; yes, I've been doing this a while. Yes, I've learned a tonnnn since I first started. Yes, I love sharing things with people (if they ask).

But, I think blogs that only tell you how to do things are incredibly boring. Listen, I appreciate this game of blogging and how it is ever changing and how I'm constantly having to figure new stuff out. But you readers come to this space for something and since I've never blogged about bogging, it cant be for that. Here's hoping its because you like what you find here.

So, today is not about teaching you how to blog, it's throwing it back to the good old days of blogging. Let's get back to the way blogging used to be. Lists of random facts. These are my favorite posts to write and to read comments on because I LOVE hearing what my readers think. And, it makes me feel like I actually know the people on the other side of the computer screen.

Without further ado --

1. My biggest fear in the entire world is that my animals will die. I know this is a bad fear because it will happen one day, but it doesn't change the fact that it absolutely terrifies me. One day I came home and Henry didn't come downstairs. I called Adam and made him come home from work early to check on Henry cause I was sure he was dead in the closet. True story.

2. My dad is my conscious. Everyone has that voice in the back of their head right? Well when I hear mine, its my dads voice. He's my voice of reason, it's slowly becoming mine, but he's the one that installed all those good vibes in me. Capeesh?

3. My go-to photo shoot face is a huge smile. I'm not sure what else to do. I am not one of those pretty girls who can smize. I'm one of those girls who always has a resting bitch face if I'm not smiling. I've been criticized for it before, but bleh, who cares.

4. I gave up drinking two weeks ago. Not forever, I actually plan on celebrating my sisters coming to town this weekend with adult beverages, but just for a while. And, I've lost weight! When they leave, I'm gonna give it up again. I've never felt clearer headed. Oh and my eating out bill is cheap!

5. I'm a jealous person. I didn't used to think this, probably because I was naive. But I'm a jealous person. I'm jealous of all kinds of random crap. Ask Coti, one time in college I got jealous of her old BFF and cried. It's the truth. It's stupid and it's something I work on every day.

6. I am very paranoid about letting people down. That's pretty self-explanatory. I got so nervous once I gave myself a cold sore, pretty huh.

7. I love celebrating love. A lot of people consider weddings to be a burden (time, travel, cost) but I absolutely love weddings, engagement parties, showers, and generally just parties. There is no greater honor than someone thinking you're worthy of watching them get married. I love it. Now, I just need some more engagements because we're out of weddings!

8. I'm ready to have kids. BAH. Betcha didn't see that one coming since all I talk about is animals. But, I'm ready to expand the Kavan clan (and no this isn't an announcement). But, I'm not getting any younger. Bring on the babes.

9. Turning 30 terrified me. I'm not sure why but I was so nervous to turn thirty. Once it happened, I couldn't believe how nervous I was for nothing. So far, 30 has been pretty dang awesome.

Tell me one thing no-one knows about you in the comments!

Happy Wednesday friends!
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I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen