Happy September + An Instagram Roundup

September 5, 2017

Holy September! Is anyone else seriously freaking out that it's already September? I mean, the closer we get to Christmas the better but before you know it we'll be ringing in the new year.

I'm not sure about you, but the Tuesday back after a long weekend is the worst. It's so hard getting back into the swing of things. But, this week, football actually starts. I know what you're thinking, football has been back for a month. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but preseason does not count as real football. 

I have THREE fantasy teams and I think I might have bitten off a little more than I can chew. Go big or go home right? Here's hoping I can win at least one! 

Welcome back to another addition of Instagram roundup. Just a little mini-catch up of all the good stuff that's been going on these last couple weeks. Plus, all the places you can shop these outfits.

Happy Tuesday friends!

I mean is he not the dreamiest wedding/forever date you've ever seen? 
I loved this dress, super flattering and so comfortable. 

If you know me, you know Arizona will always be my home. 
These Target mules got me through summer and I'll imagine they'll take me through fall too. 
This cactus shirt is one of my favs and you can purchase it at Posie + Co

Another wedding with this dream boat. 
This dress is the perfect dress and the back is totally open. 

I'm trying to get better at wearing color both in clothes and lipstick. 
This pink lip is my go-to. 

This crop says Staycation and its my life motto.
Stay home with the hubs and dogs and drink wine. Sounds perfect right?

Ya know when you're at Target for toilet paper and walk out with $100 in clothes and shoes. 
I know the game all too well. 
BUT this jacket is the best and these shoes are a dream. I'm a sucker for great clothes and a deal. 

I'll be spending my Tuesday online shopping and dreaming of the weekend. It's almost fall and I totally need some new clothes, right?

Have the best week friends.

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