7 Best Locations for a Girls Trip.

September 8, 2017

I love a good girls trip. While most of my girls trips are actually considered bachelortte trips, they are full of girls regardless. I don't live in the same city as my best friends or family so it's super important to me to be intentional with my time with them. If that's planning dinners when I'm home or trips with them, I tryyyy to get together with them.

Last year, two of my girlfriends came to Denver for the most epic girls weekend. We toured the city, ate our way through the restaurants and drank all the wine.

This year, my sisters are coming to visit Denver for another girls weekend. There will be FIVE of us, so the adventures are bound to be incredible.

My best friend and I are currently in the states of planning another girls trip for fall and I cannot wait. What's better than three days with your best friends, bonding over great food, a great city and quality time.

1. San Diego, California: The best weather, sunny days, the beach and cool ocean air? Deal. San Diego is the perfect spot to take all your girlfriends, spend the day on a boat and then go dancing at night.

2. Austin, Texas: Did you know Austin has wine country? Truth be told, it's pretty dang good too! Book a VRBO, grab some friends and go wine tasting, boating on the lakes or out on the town. Austin has great food plus a great vibe. The city is packed full of things to do and places to see.

3. Napa Valley, California: Is there a better location than wine country for a girls trip? It's an easy flight to SF, a quick drive to wine country and before you know it, you're enjoying some of the best wine in the world. Plus the views are perfect for photo-opps.

4. Grand Cayman: I know what you're thinking, isn't Grand Cayman for couples? Hear me out. It's easy to get too, beautiful, has great food, shopping and a night life. Sure, it can be a couples local, but grab your girlfriends, rent a VRBO and hang out all week drinking pina coladas. Sounds like an excellent girls trip to me!

5. Denver, Colorado: Yeah, yeah, I'm totally biased. But, mountains, city life, hiking, drinking, eating. You can literally do it all. Hour and a half drive gets you into the mountains and on the ski lifts. Denver is known for having the best craft beer selections in the country and don't even get me started on the food scene. We've been here three years and have barely touched on half of the food Denver has. Plus, our weather is the best.

6. Charlottesville, Virginia: Charlottesville has been in the news for not the best reasons, which is so sad. I went to Charlottesville for the first time last summer and I cannot wait to go back. I was so surprised at this darling quaint little town. Plus, if you are a history buff there is so much to see and do. The main drag is so darling. It's an open walking mall with shops, restaurants and bars. Another great place for wine tours :) Are you seeing a pattern here?

7. Scottsdale, Arizona: Yes, yes, again, I am bias, I grew up here. But, Scottsdale is the best. It's full of amazing hotels, restaurants and is the perfect spot for a girls trip. Grab your girls and hit the spa. After that you can hike and then head to old town for dinner, dancing and drinks. Hint, go anytime after September and before June. You'll thank me later. And, if you need more tips, message me, I've got all the goods.

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  1. Girls trips are my fave! I wanna plan one to Colorado!!

  2. I want to go to California with my bridesmaids to a winery but that's just a wish lol


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