Ten Most Fascinating People of 2017

December 22, 2017

We are so so close to the end of 2017! It's crazy to believe we've moved almost 365 days around the sun, again. But, here we are.

And you know what that means, it's time to meet the most fascinating. Usually this list is done in jest. It's full of ridiculous list makers like Blake Lively's baby and the guys who decorate their beard. But this year, it felt like a changed was needed.

I took an Instagram poll to see who you guys thought was the most interesting. Turns out, you did NOT think Melania Trump was interesting, but really loved the Pope. You thought Selena Gomez was a joke, but loved on Taylor Swift.

This has been quite a year, from Trumps Inauguration at the beginning to powerful men being dethroned by its end. It's been a year of strength and triumph but also sadness and despair. It's been a year of greatness. And this year, I felt like this list needed to focus on the real people of 2017.

The do-gooders, the change makers, the most fascinating. Lets do this.

10. THE 'THIS IS US' CAST // This show has quickly become a worldwide phenomena. It has a cult like following that will keep this show on the air for years to come. The story line covers drug use, alcohol abuse, race, foster care, weight loss, weight gain, miscarriage, loss, death, love, marriage and everything else in between  It's true what you've heard, every episode may make you cry, but its in that good feeling kind of way. Trust me on this one, this is not a show you want to miss.

9. KARDASHIAN BABIES // Even though I don't watch their show, follow them on social or particularly like any of them, its hard to deny the fact that they are indeed fascinating. This has been the year of the babies. Kim is pregnant by surrogate with her third, Khloe just announced she is pregnant with her first and Kylie is still refusing to share her baby news. This family is a little quirky, but aren't all families? Their first goal is to protect each other, and for how huge their influence is, I find pretty awesome. I may not agree with most of what they do or like watching there show, but millions and millions do. This next year, we will finally "meet" all the Kardash babies and its safe to say, the lives of these babies is going to damn fascinating.

8. TAYLOR SWIFT // Agree or disagree, you have to admit, Taylor is having her year. She started 2017 hiding out in what I can only imagine to be a NYC flat where even the annoying paparazzi couldn't find her or her 20-something year old british boyfriend. She had burned most of her celeb relationships with the epic Kayne phone call earlier in 2016 and was creating a new album. Move along to August 2017 and we got a taste of her new sound and unfortunately her new hairdo. November she dropped her newest album reputation and I haven't stopped listening since. On top of the music industry, earlier in 2017, she won a groping lawsuit against a creepy Denver radio station host and won. The best part, she sued for $1 to prove the point that it doesn't cost money to be a silence breaker.

7. DAISY RIDLEY AS REY IN STAR WARS // Let me be honest up front, I have only seen three Star Wars movies. Don't hate, I LOVED them, just not on the top of the movie priority list right now. But, even without seeing the most recent Star Wars, I too, have heard the buzz that is Daisy Ridley and her character Rey. I think the Telegraph said it best "Leia aside, previous Star Wars films weren’t exactly heavy on inspiring women – and it’s great to see how Rey has captured the imagination of younger Star Wars fans, giving them a female character they can look up to, whose courage and strength they can emulate – and who they can actually enjoy dressing up as." Go Star Wars for casting a strong female lead, RIP Carrie Fisher. Now, if we could just figure out if she's Lukes daughter, Obi Wan's granddaughter, Luke’s daughter and Obi Wan’s granddaughter or Han and Leia’s daughter (and Kylo Ren’s little sister). Regardless, it's going to be fun to watch and find out!

6. IVANKA TRUMP // Think what you must of her father and his antics, but Ivanka is killing them game. She's smart, outspoken, bold, (stunning!), a mother, a wife, designer, author and businesswoman. She's also her fathers right hand woman. She is proving that woman can take on any role they want and they can do it all. You might not agree with her policies but I think we can all agree, seeing a strong woman in a leadership role is what the world can use.

5. MEGHAN MARKLE // This is Meghan's second year on this list. Last year, she was the girl who broke Harry as his girlfriend. This year she is making her debut as the fiancĂ© of the prince. While that is incredible fascinating, her marital status isn't the only reason she is fascinating, even if she will be the Royal Highness the Duchess Of Sussex. First, she's so smart, graduated from Northwestern (she was a kappa!) with a double major in theatre and international relations. She's been acting forever. She's obviously stunning. She's been married and divorced (a first for the royal family). She's an advocate for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women. And as a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, she has traveled to India and Rwanda to promote clean water initiatives and women's education. Her and Harry bonded over their love for humanitarian work and there is no doubt their union will be absolutely fascinating. Harry got lucky with her. She's the real royal here.  

4. JJ WATT // JJ Watt is a football player. He's a defensive end for the Houston Texans and all around football badass. He is the reason I initially drafted the Houston Texans as my defense in my fantasy football team. However, earlier this season he broke his tibia. Okay, so what makes JJ fascinating? Besides the fact that football is his career, he's one of the best humans.  He lives in Houston, it's his home and his community. After Hurricane Harvey came in and ravaged the town, he set a goal to raise $200,000 in Hurricane Harvey relief. He was on Instagram daily with updates on his fundraising and pushing goals to raise more. Wanna know how much more?  J.J. Watt ended up raising more than $37 million from more than 200,000 donors. Go JJ. 

3. THE HURRICANE RESPONDERS // This year brought some of the worst hurricanes in history. From Hurricane Harvey in Houston to Hurricane Irma that devastated Puerto Rico, Florida and so many more islands, we saw devastation, but we saw hope. In total, Harvey inflicted more than $200 billion in damage and Irma inflicted more than $66 billion. Yes, billions. In the midst of tragedy, look for the helpers. Look for the first responders. Look for the people giving up their own lives, possessions and money to help those they don't even know. It was absolutely incredible to see the relief people brought to those affected by the hurricanes. For Harvey, over $510 million has been raised and thats not counting the federal money. For Irma, the fundraiser, Hand in Hand raised over $55 million. People are doing good things.

2. THE CALIFORNIA FIREFIGHTERS // Through December 3, more than 6,762 fires burned 505,391 acres this year. During that same period last year, 4,742 fires burned 244,297 acres. The five-year statewide average for that period is 4,749 acres and 202,696 acres. More than 8,500 firefighters have battled the blaze, the largest mobilization of fire crews to fight any wildfire in California history. The firefight has cost $130 million. 8,500 firefighters, let that sink in for a bit. Firefights from all over the country have come in to help with these wildfires and they aren't slowing down. It’s now the third-largest fire in California history but is likely to become the second. This is a shout-out, a thank you, a huge virtual hug to all those men and woman risking it all to protect others. You are the real MVPs.

1. THE SILENCE BREAKERS, THE #METOO MOVEMENT // It's safe to say, 2017 has been the year of the powerful female. From Tarana Burke who created the #MeToo movement to Alyssa Milano who popularized and encouraged its strength; this year has been the year woman have said enough is enough and stood up to the "powerful" men in their world. October 5, we saw the ungraceful fall of Harvey Weinstein, only to be succeeded by men like Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, James Toback and Mark Schwahan. Girls, keep fighting, keep talking and keeping standing up for yourself. Let's make this a standard and not an exception. 

Honorable Mentions
Generation Z - the new new millenials
Serena Williams - won Wimbledon while pregnant!
Santa Ana winds - goes hand in hand with the firefighters
The Pope - you guys voted him in!

Happy Friday friends! Thanks for joining me again in another list of the most fascinating. If you created a list, who would be on your list? Leave them in the comments!

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