The Best of 2017.

December 18, 2017

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? For us, this weekend was so perfectly uneventful. Adam went to a boys 'scotch and steak' night on Saturday. I got takeout, watched Hallmark and was in bed by 9pm. Heaven on earth, I tell ya.

Can you believe we are officially one week from Christmas and two weeks until 2018! Cue all the Christmas movies, music, cookies and decor! I am so excited for the buzz this week brings. Christmas is my most favorite time and I plan on soaking in all things Christmas from now on.

Usually this post comes in more of a review style. You can check out some previous years here:

2014: the year we moved to Denver
2015: the year we got married
2016: the year of new babies, weddings of best friends and happiness. 

A lot happened in 2017, but I felt like changing up the style of the post. Plus, those review posts take forever to read and who's got time for that.  2017 has been a very unique year.

It's been a year of growth, changes, extreme highs and extreme lows. Adam and I grew closer than ever. We learned to lean into each other and God more than we thought possible. We celebrated some of our greatest joys, some of the best weddings and some of the best birthdays. I turned 30, we traveled, we lived.

This won't be the ultimate recap, instead, lets talk about the best of 2017.

Instagram, you funny little thing. I've loved you and I've hated you.

1. I turned 30! 2. I celebrated my #mcm. 3. Adam threw me the best thirtieth birthday party. 
4. You guys LOVED this pink lace jacket. 5. My BFF, Whitney celebrated her birthday. 
6. Adam and I celebrated two years of marriage! 7. Henry and I posed together. 
7. Best friends. 8. Mama. 

Like I said, instead of going month by month, we're going quarter-by-quarter. 

January - March: I hate to say these months were a blur. Nothing crazy happened, nothing bad happened, nothing super notable happened. Trump was inaugurated, Nick was the Bachelor again, I did my first blog photoshoot and I posted the bloopers. We started the new year fresh, strong and ready to take it on. 

The best of: Leo was baptized, Otto was baptized, my father in law turned 60, my cousin Rachel came to visit. Who am I kidding, we had a great first quarter. 

My first official unofficial photoshoot. 

April - June: The quarter of bachelorette parties. Calistoga, Austin, you name it, I celebrated it. There is nothing better than watching your best friends marry their person. Bachelorette parties get a lot of bad raps. "Too much money" "Too much time away" "blah blah blah" I will admit, I've made these complaints before, but in the end, if someone thinks I am worthy of celebrating their marriage with them I am 100% game.

I wrote a ton of travel guides, Austin, Napa, Grand Cayman. I celebrated my mom and I celebrated the big 30. And, I found the best jacket from Target. I love the early summer months.

The best of: Learning that 30 wasn't as scary as I imagined.

My 30th in Arizona with the best of the bests.

July - September: In July I got to watch one of my best friends get married in what I describe as the most incredible wedding I've ever attended. Not only for its beauty, but the love of these two humans. July we celebrated Adam's birthday and ventured to Estes Park. In August, we watched two more of our fabulous couple friends get married. Like I said before people, I love watching love.

September 1, we found out we were pregnant. We heard the heartbeat, we told our friends, we told our families and the rest of that month was prepping for baby.

The best of: Hearing the heartbeat.

Two hours before this photo was taken I saw those two beautiful blue lines.

October - December: Officially the hardest quarter of the year. The first of October we found out that we would no longer be parents. If I'm being totally honest, October and half of November went by in a blur that I'm happy to forget about. The silver lining of sadness, leaning in to those closest to you. Adam and I experienced things we never wished for in our lives together. But we got through them together. One day, we'll look back with a rainbow baby in our hands and realize this was all a part of His bigger plan.

November, I spent time in Michigan with my grandmother, Thanksgiving in Arizona with my family and soon to be Omaha for Christmas. The over-arching theme of this quarter? Family.

The best of: Letting those who love you, love you a little harder.

<3 he makes any year the best

Happy 2017 people! Can you believe we are only two weeks away from 2018! That is crazy. Here's to spending those last few weeks with the ones you love, doing what you love and creating the best memories for next year.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride this year. 

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  1. What a year <3 I love this format. Wishing you the most happiness in the coming year!


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