The Bachelor; Season 22; Episode 5 & 6 - Ding dong she's gone

February 9, 2018

Oh hey friend, how are you? I've totally been MIA - but with good reason. Last week I spent the week in Arizona basking in sunshine, 80 degree temps and friends and family. This blog took a huge back seat. but don't worry, I'm back and so is the bachelor.

Catching up on two weeks is a lot, so we're just going to do this last weeks - plus, it's the better of the two. Last week, we said goodbye to Marikh, Maquel and Olivia. To be honest, I didn't think any of them would win, so it's kind of okay.

This week, we're in Paris! We finally got out of Florida to go somewhere awesome. And, we start the episode with Chris Harrison, where the heck has he been? I for one, wish we saw more of him.

It says a lot that Krystal knows she's going to be on the two-on-one. She knows she's hated.

Lauren's one-on-one: So, I think Lauren is darling, but she bores me and I think she's a little nutty. I've always said my dream date is having the "tour the city" date and Lauren is totally screwing it up. She's literally not speaking.

Arie's story about living with the girl who had a miscarriage and she left is so sad.

This living on the boat thing is kind of cool, but i wish I could see a tour of it to really see what it's like.

Group Date: This would be my nightmare. Dancing in a thong. I'm with Tia here. I know Arie said he didn't pick the girl based on her dancing, but Bekah was kind of perfect for that role.

Two-on-one: Oh goodness, here we go. Kendall and Krystal.

The more I see Kendall, the more I like her. Here's hoping Krystal finalllly goes home. They start off getting lost in mazes (my nightmare) and of course Krystal wins.

"The color and texture and depth of our relationship." -- Krystal. Who talks like this?! Arie clearly isn't buying this, right? And now, she talks crap about Kendall.

I think Kendall's answer re marriage was awesome. She seems much more mature.

"Destiny is going to happen today." -Krystal.

Final one-on-one: WHO IS JACQUELINE. I swear she just got on the show. The car breaking down has to be joke right? Like, ABC would never let that happen. The waiter asked her a question in french and she responded, "Si." People who don't know what language SI is, it's spanish.

Here's my thing with Jacqueline, girl go get your PhD. But asking Arie to wait 6 years for you to do that is a lot to ask.

Chelsea, Jenna, Krystal
Marikh, Maquel and Olivia (last week!)

We are getting super close to the end, who is your final pick?

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  1. Can't believe she actually went home! So hard to pick a winner..but I think he is leaning toward both Becca's

  2. I'm not quite sure who will win but I'm excited to see. This season hasn't been as interesting as previous seasons.

  3. I am so glad Krystal went home! I sure we will pry see more of her on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer.

    Amanda ||


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