The Bachelor; Season 22; Episode 7 & 8: He's falling in love.

February 27, 2018

"I'm falling so deeply in love with you." --Arie

I'm gonna be super honest here, the bachelor posts are becoming a little boring to me. I've had like 30 of you reach out for recaps and that is literally the reason I keep writing them. So one, you guys are the best! I'm obsessed with each of you. Two, these posts are going to be every other week, except the week the winner is announced.

Main reason, these posts take forever and if you've noticed, other content doesn't get posted during bachelor months because they take so long. So, my promise, the recap posts will be longer since they're only every other week and you will see more content on here!

Grab a glass of wine folks, you will need it.

Let's get recapping. First off, Florence is my most favorite place in the entire world. It's literally the prettiest. This is a reason to go on the Bachelor, an all expense paid trip to Florence.

I'm really intrigued by Becca. She had the first one-on-one date and hasn't had an alone date since. At this point, if Becca gets the rose, Arie goes to her hometown. But then he says, "We're stuck, we've missed that romantic connection." I don't think Becca feels that way. Based on her excitement she is clearly swooning.

Where are all the people? I've been to Tuscany and I've never seen it so empty. He seems very torn with Becca. He talks about finding their passion during the day, but then questioning whether it's enough to meet her parents. He seems very all over the place. It'll be interesting to see what he says about the other girls.

Jacqueline "coming to her senses" proves that she's actually thinking about how this would work in the real world. I really appreciate her openness with this. She does want to pursue a PhD and its smart for her to think of this moving forward.

I think Becca and Arie are cute together, I can see her top 2. He is still talking about his doubts with her. He has the passion but has doubts. On to the other dates.

Lauren gets another one-on-one. My thoughts, I think he likes her, but I think he's curious about her. Their last date moved a little slow and since we're moving into hometowns, its important for him to know if theres something there.

Girl drinks bachelors wine. Girl breaks up with Bachelor. Girl makes out with Bachelor. Girl makes out with bachelor more. Girl leaves. (PS the girl is Jacqueline).

Lauren is boring to me. I get its hard for her to open it and she's very open about being scared of being heartbroken, but damn girl, you just got gelato, get excited. Alright, Arie, you wanted this girl to open up, she tells you she's falling in love and you walk away. Regardless of the reason you walked away, its not very kind. OKAY -- check the quote at the top. I'd say, Arie's feelings for Lauren are stronger than the other girls thus far.

Sienne, I kind of forgot she was still here, but I love her. Her date is amazing. Looking for truffles? This is a dream date. And those pups. Arie is so awkward in his presentation of his feelings. I get that he's working through his feelings, but when he does it in front of the girl who's professing her love, it's awkward.

Sienne is telling Arie that she doesn't want their relationship to end but Arie looks like he's going to puke. He is the worst bachelor at hiding his feelings.

Group dates, the goal, get to the bachelor first so you kiss him first? I feel like this is very obvious, Bekah (the child) goes home. Tia and Kendall seem way more mature. Bekah is talking about wanting to go home to hang with her family and friends, not the best sign. Arie comforting Bekah looks like a dad comforting his daughter.

Bekah telling Arie that she facetimes her family every day, yet her Mom reported her missing.... what am I missing here? The way she talks is like a child. It's miserable.


Kendall // Los Angeles -- Dead rat skin will be in my mind forever. I will never forget how gross that is. I know the memes have been all over facebook, but its worth bringing up again. Kendall and her twin Kylie and they live in LA. Okay Kylieeeeee, are you a professional? I get it, she's the sister, but come on. The sister doesn't feel like this isn't the person for her. Woah. I like Kendall but I don't see a future for them either.

Tia // Weiner, Arkansas -- I think Tia is darling and I think it's clear that she really likes him. Plus its cute that she planned a date she knew he'd love so much. Dear Arie, brothers are always the most intimidating, usually more than dads. Man up. It's her brother and probably one of the most important men in her life. My dad and I are close, but I cannot imagine sitting here with my dad telling him that I love this guy and my deepest darkest thoughts about him. It's so awkward!

Becca // Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Arie has a fur lined coat on. That's all. I LOVE caramel apples. Picking my own and dipping them in candy would be a dream. The hardest part about this would be falling in love with a guy and then him saying, "It its us in the end..." I mean when you're real life dating, you have conversations like "If we get married." Not if you and three other girls get married. UNCLE GARY, you are the real MVP here.

Lauren // Virginia Beach -- I wonder if Lauren's family is as boring as she is. I think it says a lot that Arie is the most nervous for Lauren's hometown. She's the frontrunner. Yep, they are just as awkward. Well, Arie found the way to her dad's heart, that was a very sweet moment. So, we've been watching her mom and dad say she's a tough girl who doesn't settle, knows what she wants ect... but she's been engaged TWICE before this and she's 25.

Rose Ceremony -- I don't think its fair that Kendall got to argue her feelings for Arie with Arie when the other girls didn't. That isn't very fair to any of the girls, especially Tia. Tia gathering herself before walking up to Arie was very mature of her. I really loved her.

Safe to say, Arie has a type and I unfortunately don't think Becca is the winner in this scenario.

We're almost to the end folks and I read the ultimate spoiler last night, totally on accident. Let's just say, this get's super juicy.

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