Things I'm Loving this month!

February 15, 2018

How was your Valentines Day everyone? Ours was veryyyyy relaxed. Take out pizza, sweats, homemade cake. It was perfect for us, but nothing fancy.  I hope regardless of relationship status it was a day celebrating people you love, yourself or just eating all the chocolate. If you didn't get enough chocolate yesterday, I have the best recipe for you today.

In the spirit of all things love, I'm sharing the things I'm especially loving this month. From the best blow-dyer (hint, Adam!) to my favorite clothes, I've got it all covered for ya.

Let's talk all the good things.

PALEO CHOCOLATE CAKE // I made this cake yesterday for valentines day and it was amazing! Everything from the cake to the frosting is paleo and everything was so dang delicious. Plus, Adam looked at me like I was a queen baker when I told him I was making a three-layer cake. You can find the recipe here!

NEW DENIM // I'm obsessed with denim. I made a goal to throw out ten pairs of jeans last weekend and I threw out two. I can't get rid of denim. I keep telling myself it will come back in trend or I'll get skinny enough again to wear my 25's from highschool. I don't discriminate jeans. I love my Old Navy jeans, my J Brands, my old school Rock n Republics. Nordstrom just debuted their new trends for denim and I'm in love. These are my favorites.

BOOKS // If you've been following on Instagram, you know I've been reading towards my goal of 24 books in one year. Tomorrow on the blog, I'm recapping the first three plus a few extras for ya. So far, my favorite, The Wife Between Us. I'm pumped to tell you all about it!

TARGET CLOTHES // If you haven't been to Target lately, you are missing out on all their incredible clothes. From work clothes to tee shirts to jackets and dresses. I'm obsessed. I've made a rule with myself to only go once a month because otherwise I'd go every day and have no money. This jacket is my favorite and today Denver is finally feeling spring-y enough to wear it. 

SUPERGOOP SERUM // My gf recently turned me on to this and I cannot talk about it enough. It has sunscreen in it which I love and is the best moisturizer ever. This Denver winter is kicking my butt but this stuff is saving my life. The best part, it's super moisturizing but not sticky. I hate that feeling of goop (which is surprising i love this stuff so much) but it's incredible. Get yo'self some.
THE HARRY JOSH PRO TOOLS PRO DRYER 2000 // First off, if that isn't a big enough name for a blowdryer I don't know what is. But listen, it cuts drying time in HALF, it adjusts to your hair type, its made in France (bcuz thats important?), its lightweight and promises to last for 15 years! Hint, hint, I need this and so does my hair.
THAYERS ALCOHOL-FREE ROSE PETAL WITCH HAZEL // This stuff is my lifesaver. When I was pregnant last year I had this weird rash on my face and I tried everything. I tried stuff with chemicals in it, weird creams, nothing worked until my SIL told me about this. Now, I can't stop. The best part. I love that it helps with my breakups but doesn't dry my skin. The best stuff ever.

Happy Thursday friends! What are you loving? Tell me! I hope you found some new stuff to add to your life that you'll love too!

Tune in tomorrow for the ultimate book review. I promise you won't want to miss it.


  1. Loving this! It's given me an idea to write a list of my own. That blow dryer sounds awesome, can't wait for the book review post.

  2. I think paleo chocolate cakes are much better than the sugary ones. I bake these all the time, and also makes me feel proud for ditching sugar! :) I'm looking forward to the the book review!

  3. That cake looks delicious! I think I would like that book. Right now I am reading "the marriage pact", I would highly recommend it. I can't put it down. That witch hazel looks awesome, too. I have been loving micellular water.

  4. Okay I loved the Couple Next Door but the other two are on my list. I can't wait to check it out.

  5. Came for the jacket but now I need to try this serum and I REALLY want this hair dryer! Drying time in HALF?! Thats insane!

  6. I love witch hazel! I haven't tried the rose pedal, but will now!

  7. OMG I'm in love with everything, the cake, the witch hazel, the dryer... I know it's random, but seriously I want these all! These are awesome suggestions.


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