My Pregnancy Must-Haves

April 5, 2018

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so pumped and jumped online to get started with what i thought I needed. I was quickly overwhelmed with the lists of things one person needs to carry a child. No, I did not want to buy a $100 bra or an entire new wardrobe. I wanted things that would help make this go smoothly, but without breaking the bank. I mean pregnancy is only 9 months.

I turned to my two best friends who have babies and asked their opinions. I trust their opinions and basically listened to what they used and loved. Before I knew it, they had sent me an email with everything I could want/need/never knew existed and it's safe to say, my pregnancy life is better than ever.

Now let's get this straight. I do not claim to be a pregnancy guru. I am barely getting myself through each day, but I figure if my post helps 3 pregnant girls, its worth it.

The best part about this amazing community is all the feedback I get from you readers! Make sure to share your pregnancy must-haves in the comments! I love finding new things to make life simpler.

With your help, by the end of these nine months, I just might be a guru. (Hey, a girl can dream!) Now I just have to figure out what to get for the baby. If I thought prepping for pregnancy was overwhelming, prepping for baby is even more overwhelming.

Ps. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning if you purchase something, 
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Madewell Maternity Ripped Skinny Jeans // I'm obsessed with Madewell and was so pumped when I saw they made maternity jeans! The thing I love about these jeans is they fit under belly and don't have that huge cloth area that goes over your belly. I'm sure when I'm more pregnant, I'll want that, but early on, these jeans are a dream. I'm more of a leggings girl now, but these jeans have transformed me.

Ingrid & Isabel Handkerchief Maternity Tunic Top // I own this top in three colors. It's so comfortable, flattering and cute! I like that it covers my butt (my most self conscious area) and I love that its long sleeve. Trust me, if they had more colors, I'd buy it.

HoFish Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras // I know what you're thinking. You're pregnant, not nursing. But let's break it down a bit. From the second I got pregnant, I had sore boobs (sorry mom and dad TMI) but it's true. Underwire bras were worse than some forms of punishment and I needed something seamless. In comes the most comfortable bras. And 3 bras for $23, no brainer.

Palmers Cocoa Butter // This comes from a recommendation because honestly I never thought about belly cream. But, I for one do not want stretch marks so I'm willing to do what it takes. Plus, this stuff smells like a dream!

The Snoogle // One thing you may not know about me is I am an amazing sleeper, one of the best out there. I can literally sleep anywhere; cars, planes, the floor. And then I got pregnant. I needed help. My gf Kate told me about a sleep pillow and then my wonderful mother graced me with the beauty of the snoogle. I've never slept better. Sure, it takes up 3/4 of my king sized bed, but hey, it's worth it. I'm pretty sure Adam is jealous of my snoogle.

Trader Joe's Ginger Chews Gin Gins // Let's be real, I don't LOVE the taste of these. But if its chewing on a ginger chew or feeling nauseas all day, I'll take the weird flavor of these. My gf Coti told me her sister used these and thank heavens she did. There were times I was nervous I'd puke in a public place, hence the need for something easy to pop in my mouth. No-one wants a puker at the post office.

Hot Water Bottle // My sweet gf gave me this when I miscarried because she knew I'd need it for the cramps. Little did she know, I use it more now for back aches! It even comes with a cute little sweater on it. It's super easy to use and lasts for hours.

Snacks // I'm always hungry. Once I got through my first trimester, food started sounding good again. I needed snacks that were healthy, but filling. I'm currently addicted to the nut (peanut free) mixes from Whole Foods, Mint Chip Larabars, honey wheat pretzels from Trader Joe's and all the grapes I can eat without getting sick. I always have a Larabar in my bag just in case (doctors appts can take forever!). Keeping my bag stocked with healthier options keeps out of the Chick-Fil-A drive thru.

Yeti Water Bottle // I've already shared how much I LOVE my Yeti, but it's so necessary. I was never a water lover, but this cup has made me love chugging water. I've tried all kinds of water bottles, but this one is the best. I love that it has a straw. 

Tissues // I'm a natural crier, but pregnancy has exacerbated that! Songs, stories, TV, my cute dogs, everything makes me cry. And no-one wants to be stuck somewhere without tissues. Trust me on this one ladies, just keep some extras in your bag.

What are your pregnancy must-haves? Share them with me in the comments! 


  1. That is a great list. I always went on the conservative side when purchasing things for my pregnancies too.

  2. I always tell my expecting friends to invest in a GOOD nursing bra. I lived in mine for 1.5 years and I needed them to be comfortable - even after a couple washes!

  3. I love Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Jeans - I have two pairs and wear them all the time!

  4. As I am not currently prego, we are planning on expanding the family in the near future. I will have to keep this post to refer back to!

  5. I'm all for comfy maternity jeans Lord knows how uncomfortable one can get also a good fitting bra is just a life saver.

  6. I am not currently pregnant. This post is really helpful, I will bookmark this. I remember my friend loved to wear maternity dresses.

  7. This is such a great list! I'm 26 weeks now and I use palmer's cocoa butter daily, I could not sleep without my body pillow and my water bottle goes with me everywhere! Plus, comfy maternity clothes are a must. I need to get a hot water bottle for the back aches, though. Thanks for sharing this list!

  8. Great list! I'll have to pass along the recommendation of the ginger chews to anyone I know who becomes pregnant. But I definitely second the sleeping pillow!



I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen