The 7 Best Things About Pregnancy + Pink Blush Maternity

April 26, 2018

Before I was pregnant I didn't really know much about being pregnant. I've watched close friends and family go through pregnancy and too be honest, these woman are badasses because they made it seem pretty dang easy. While being pregnant is not all oreo cookies and baby clothes, it's not that terrible either.

Yes, the first few months are hard and taxing and learning new things about your body is interesting, but, there are some pregnancy perks. I was a little skeptical to these pregnancy at first because I don't love asking other people for help with things I can normally do on my own. See #3. But then when my doc put me on modified best rest, I sat back and starting reeling in some of the pregnancy benefits.

ONE // When you're hungry, you can say you're eating for two. Or if its something you're craving, you blame the craving on the baby. My favorite phrase, "It's for the baby." I tell Adam this every weekend when I want a chiptole chicken burrito bowl.

TWO // You get to go shopppping! This is my favorite perk. Sure, I love my leggings and oversized shirts, but every now and then a girl needs to get dressed up. PinkBlush has some of the cutest maternity clothes and dresses. Perfect timing for spring! I love that their maternity dresses could easily transition to post-pregnancy life too!

 Still figuring out how to pose with a baby bump. 
This dress is my favorite and I cannot wait to wear it even after baby.

THREE // You can't pick things up. At first I thought this would be annoying but now I don't have to take out the garbage, carry laundry up the stairs or move boxes. Adam, I apologize for this pregnancy perk because it requires you do a lot more. But thanks for being my superhero hubs. You're the real MVP.

FOUR // You have to stay away from certain things, like windex, 409, and bleach. Bring on the cleaning ladies, or men. This is a perk I hope to hold on to way after pregnancy ends. Because then, I don't want to have the baby around that stuff either.

 Shop this dress here!

FIVE // When people find out you're pregnant, they're usually nicer. I say usually because sometimes they're meaner. But, most people hold the doors, let you cut in line, carry things for you. Ladies, take advantage. Last night when my gf and I were at Union Station, tons of people held the door, let me go in front of them, order first. It was pretty dang sweet.

SIX // You get to decorate a new room in your house. Adam and I have lived in our house for over 2 years and our token baby room has been empty! We now have an excuse to paint it pink, buy new furniture and finally have a finished room!

SEVEN // You get three months vacay at the end. Hahaha I can just hear Rachel from Friends saying, "My idea of a vacation does not involve something sucking on my nipples until they are raw." But still, three months with your baby. 

This dress is perfect for spring and summer! 
Plus, its comfy and hides the big bump!
Laughing my way through this shoot because it's still so surreal.

Happy Thursday friends! What were the perks you loved during your pregnancy?


  1. Haha I love #4. I always made my husband clean the bathroom. It was nice to have a break.

  2. these dresses are so cute, love both pieces!

  3. Your baby bump is so cute!!! Pregnancy comes with a lot of perks!!!


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