The Best Sunless Tanners

April 19, 2018

Real talk. This week has been a hard pregnancy week. Yesterday I had a migrane for 12 hours. I'm trying to do this whole natural pregnancy thing and that coupled with my doctors rec for no meds due to my cyst, it results in headaches. I tried lavender essential oils, cold face masks, hot face masks, showers, dark, no noice, neck rubs, nothing helped. Finally, this am, I woke with no headache, bless.

This is my first real week I've actually felt pregnant. My back aches, my boobs are sore, I'm leaking from places that are weird, I haven't slept more than 2 hour stretches and I feel as if every woman's emotions are living in my body. Guys, last night I cried for like 2 hours and have no idea why. I was pretty dang happy but I was so emotional. It's isolating, and even though Adam is the best husband, its hard to explain feelings to him I can't understand myself. Pregnancy is not for the weak of heart and this week has taught me that.

But today I woke up, feeling refreshed for the first time in days, no headache, praise jesus and ready to take the day. I'm reminding myself that life is lived in seasons and pregnancy is a very short season. I need to embrace the good days, dig in to the bad days and remember that it's all worth it.

Alright, thanks for listening to my pregnancy vent session, let's talk tanners.

Since I'm living in a state of perpetual winter, it was time to take tanning matters into my own hands. Or luckily for me, the hands of my Instagram story watchers. About a month ago, Adam hinted that I might want to sit in the sun for a little bit to get some sun, aka a tan. Well since he mentioned this, we've had at least 6 snow days.

It was time to take tanning into my own hands. I gathered my favorite sunless tanners, suggestions from my readers and the top rated tanners. What ones do you use?

TAN TOWEL // My best friend Coti turned me on to these years ago and they are still my favorite. They come in large and small sizes perfect for full body or just face. The best thing about these besides the perfect color is they don't have a horrible smell. They work quickly and are super easy to use. They come with a big towel and it goes on great with no streaking.

DR. DENNIS GROSS ALPHA BETA GLOW PAD FOR FACE // My friend Channing recommended these for face tanning! I've heard a ton about Dr. Dennis Gross and his products and had never used them until Channing recommended them. I love these pads, almost as much as my tan towel. PS. the best thing about this, they have tons of options.

SUN GIESEE SELF TANNER LOTION // I love a good tanning lotion. Especially one that comes with its own mitt. I always wear light gel nails so keeping tanning lotion off of them is important for me. I love the mitt because it helps the lotion to go on smoothly with no streaking. My only problem, where do you store the semi-dirty mitt between uses?

VERSA SPA SELF TANNING MIST // This is another recommendation from a friend and while I haven't use it she highly suggested I try. Have any of you tried this mist? Versa Spa has a ton of products, like a TON. Have you used any?

JERGENS NATURAL GLOW MOISTURIZER // I love this lotion for daily use. It doesn't have a strong smell but gives great light glow for daily use. I use it on my legs and arms almost every day. Plus, you can buy it at Target or the grocery story and its cheap. The only problem here, Adam says it stinks, but I love the glow, so it's a mixed opinion in this house. 

Happy Thursday friends! It's officially Friday eve! 


  1. The Tan Towels sound easy to use. Always wondered about those... Super helpful!

  2. I LOVE the jergens tan!! Such a flawless glow that looks professional done yet I ALWAYS forget to wash my hands so I usually have tan hands too!

  3. ive been looking for one, thanks for sharing!!

  4. I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week! Pregnancy can really take a toll at times. Thanks for the self tanner ideas!

  5. I gotta step up my game! I have only tried Jergens out of your list!

  6. I've never had to use self tanner because I tan so quickly! But hope pregnancy gets better!


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