The best of 2018

December 22, 2018

Happy Saturday friends! This year flew. Sure I was pregnant for almost the entire year, but the entire year went by in a flash and now I'm sitting here with a 3-month old trying to figure out how to slow time down.

These are always my favorite posts of the year. I LOVE looking back on the year and remembering all the good stuff. Last year I switched up this post to quarters, it makes it a little easier :)

If you're interested in the previous years, you can find them here!
2014: The year we moved to Denver 2015: The year we got married 2016: The year of new babies, weddings of best friends and happiness 2017: The year of growth
2018: The year of Quinn.

Dear Instagram, we had a pretty good year together. It seemed like you all loved me being pregnant. But for me, telling you I was pregnant was one of the highlights of my year. 

January, February, and March: We found out we were pregnant January 5, so to say the year started with a bang is a bit of an understatement. We spent most of January laying low because #morningsickness. We ventured to Arizona and told our families. I blogged about the Bachelor. I loved my Fab Fit Fun Box. I told ya why I quit my job and what I'm thankful for. March, we found out we were having a girl! Oh what a wonderful start to the year. 

The Best Of: Learning Quinnie was a girl. 

April, May, and June: We went to Jackson Hole for Easter, Adam and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss, my mom came to visit, I turned 31 and we celebrated baby girl, twice! I told ya what I wish I knew when I started blogging, the best things about pregnancy,  my pregnancy must-haves and what to do in Scottsdale. We had a scary first trimester, so making it through our 20 week appointment was a huge blessing. I 

The Best of: Our wonderful baby showers.

July, August and September: The last three months being pregnant were hard. It was hot, I was huge and we were dying to have Quinn here. We traveled to Steamboat Springs for Adams birthday, got the nursery prepped, packed my hospital bag and prepared our hearts and lives for what was about to happen. I gave you baby updates here here and here, I told you why baby wouldn't be on social media, I gave you 12 pieces of pregnancy advice and I told you 5 things I'm thankful for

The Best Of: September, our little love, Quinn Grace was born.

October, November and December: Honestly these last three months have been the best blur of our lives. We've been basking in newborn baby glow. Sleepy nights turn into sleepy days, baby smiles and coos are stronger than coffee and we couldn't be more obsessed with Quinn. She's 3 months and 2 weeks old as I write this, sleeping through the night and the happiest baby I've ever seen. I told you about her birth story (25 hours!), I showed you her nursery and mamas, I spoke to you

The Best Of: Quinn, every day, all day. 

Happy 2018 everyone. I hope your year was full of joy, happiness and love. Cheers to the memories of the last year and all the amazing memories we'll make next year.

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