The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift - JORD Watches + A Giveaway!

January 29, 2019

If you're like me, one of the hardest questions to answer is, what can I get you for ----? Christmas, birthday, Valentines Day, you name it, I have a hard time telling people what they can get me. That is until I found JORD watches. I've always been a watch lover. They are my favorite accessory. I especially love the wide variety of watches you can choose from JORD. Plus, you can shop men and women!

JORD watches are such unique wood watches, perfect for anybody, especially your sweetheart (think Valentines Day!)

My watch is the Frankie, made of Zebrawood with a Champagne face. A special thing JORD does is they can engrave your pieces, adding even more meaning to them.

Giveaway time! JORD and I have partnered up to give one lucky winner $100.00 off gift code to spend on a JORD watch of your choice. Use it to pick up something for your sweetheart for Valentines day or pick out a watch for yourself! Even if you don’t win the the $100.00 gift code, everyone who enters will receive a 10% off coupon code.


Now when someone asks you what you want for a gift, you'll know. A JORD Watch.

Wooden Wrist Watch


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