Tanning Drops!

February 12, 2019

If you're living in a perpetual state of winter like I am, you can relate to the problem of having super white skin all the time. My girl Lauren Kay Sims is also a Colorado girl and has been talking about these tanning drops forever. I finally gave in and got myself some.

Do yourself a favor - don't wait as long as I did! You have to get yourself some.

I talked about these on my insta stories the other night and you guys went crazy for them! You had so many questions and while I did my best to answer on Insta-stories, your questions required a little more info! I'm so excited to share these drops with you + some tips on how best to use them.

I bought my Isle of Paradise drops at Sephora and they are currently sold out in the dark color. But my advice, call your specific store! Sometimes they will do research for you and find them at another store! Mine had a tonnnnn of bottles!

First, the main reason I love these drops is the color is great. I have pretty light skin, so I tend to go orange if the tanner is bad. I've experimented with lots of different ones and these drops have such great color. PLUS you get to decide how dark/light you want to go!

Second, it's so easy to apply. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love my tan towels, sometimes they aren't the easiest to use. These drops are so incredibly simple.

Third, they don't have a super strong smell. It smells kind of beachy, but not a nauseating tanner smell like some tanners. And, they don't irritate my skin! They are paraben and sulfate free!

Okay, so let's chat the how-to. FYI, the Isle of Paradise drops come in 3 shades; light, medium and dark. I wear the dark. So, with all the drops, take whatever lotion you use (I love Fresh Rose Moisturizer for my face and Vanicream for my bod) and mix in a few drops. The bottle tells you to use anywhere between 2-10 drops depending on area of body and how dark you want.

Because this was my first time applying, I started small. I did 3 drops for my face and 5 drops for my body. This ended up being a little too light. I would probably do 5 drops for my face and 8 drops for my body. Once you mix your drops in the lotion, apply it section by section to your body. I do each arm, each leg, chest/shoulders, stomach and then back. Just like you're putting on lotion!

Remember, like any tanning product, make sure you wash your hands once you're done applying! Nothing worse than funky hands!

The color started developing within about 2 hours. I did my tanning on Sunday and I can still tell. Moving forward I will probably do this like every week-10 days (depending on how tan I care about being in February!).

Quick video to show you how easy they are to use! PS - you know you wanna subscribe to my YouTube channel right? 

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