Recipe: Lactation Cookies

March 11, 2019

Worrying about milk supply was something I thought about for the first three months of Quinnies life. I was so consumed with whether or not she was getting enough milk and I did pretty much anything I could do to try and produce more milk.

My gf Whitney gave me this recipe for lactation cookies and not only are they supposed to help milk supply, they are delicious! The perk/negative side affect of breastfeeding, you're always hungry. So instead of reaching for other random cookies, I always have lactation cookies on hand. I get to enjoy dessert and up my milk supply! Win. Win.

These cookies made a ton, so if you can't eat them in a week, freeze half! But, don't feel bashful if you eat the entire batch in one week. I did. Looking for more breastfeeding tips? Check out my entire post here!

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