Dear Adam - I see you.

September 20, 2019

Dear Adam,

Can you believe it? We've made it a year as parents. We successfully lasted 365 days and we did it with the happiest, sweetest baby.

Isn't it crazy how this time last year, we were one week in to the parenting game. Honestly, I knew then that you'd be the most incredible father. Wanna know why? Because until Quinnie was about 2 weeks old, I never changed a diaper. If there was pee or poop, you jumped up and grabbed her quicker than I could get off the pillow I was sitting on. (Labor is a beast people).

You woke up with me at every feeding just to sit with me because you knew how lonely the 3 am darkness got. You brought me coffee (and still do to this day) every morning because you knew without it I wouldn't survive. You walked Quinnie when she cried, sang to her when she fussed, learned all about breastfeeding so if I ever felt lost, you would have some answers. You learned about diaper rash, bottle feedings, and how to suck boogers.

And now, you get up at 6am, get Quinnie up and go to work every day for us. You check in every day all day with me to ask for pictures of Quinn, get updates on me, how work is for me. You help me take Instagram pictures, you are late to work for birthday breakfasts, and you leave work early for doctors appointments. And then, you come home at 6pm and don't even act tired. You kiss me, grab your sweet baby and jump into dad mode without skipping a beat.

I see you mow the lawn, pay the bills, take out the trash, clean up the house, pick up groceries, grab me wine, order and make dinner all so I have just a little less on my place. I see you give Quinn baths, read her books, rock her to sleep, and then have time for me. I see you schedule date nights so we don't lose our spark. I see you pursue me, love, and cherish me. I see you work late because you're working hard for us. To build us this amazing life, to create a future for us, a future for Quinn.

All of that isn't lost on me.

These may seem like little things Ads, but honestly, they're huge things. These are the things I tell people when they ask, "How's Adam doing with the parenting thing?" I tell them parenting was actually made for you. I tell them about how Quinnie lights up when you walk in a room and that the love you two have for each other is intoxicating. I tell them you are dad goals and I won the lottery with you.

Ads, I'm sorry if I don't tell you daily how amazing you are rocking this dad thing. I'm sorry if sometimes I compare my "tiredness" to yours just because I was with Quinnie a little bit longer than you were. I'm sorry if some days you walk in the door and I feel like running out. Parenting is hard, but you make it so much easier.

Thank you for not only being on this journey with me, but sometimes carrying me through, letting me carry you and making it so dang fun. Your hard work is not lost on me. This parenting thing is hard work, coupled with more hard work, but so much more love. I am so so grateful.

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  1. You are a lucky lady! And Adam is lucky to have found you too!


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