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September 20, 2019

Remember how a few days ago, I told you I was only going to share with you things that I LOVE.

Well ladies and gentlemen, today is no different. Let's talk bedding. If you don't know, I am sort of a bedding snob. First, it must be clean white, second, easy to wash, third, comfortable.

When I found I was very curious. I've heard about their bedding and their company but had never tried them! Until now.

First, let's talk about the company. is a veteran owned small business specializing in luxury & hotel bedding. You can go on their site and shop by hotels! Stay at a hotel and love their pillows, shop them on! They love to giving back to local communities, and their main goal is to help outs customers get the sleep they deserve!

They have a blog designed to help give people sleeping advice. They have a wonderful return and exchange policy. Because they love to help customers find the right pillow support, they allow free shipping exchanges until customers find what is best for them!

Second, let's talk about the bedding. Before I shared this with you, I wanted to make sure I loved it. When I got my package, I washed everything and put it on our bed (without telling Adam). I was so shocked by how soft everything was, even before I washed it. The comforter is honestly the softest thing I've ever felt. It's a little heavier than the one we currently have on our bed, but it's soft, squishy and feels like sleeping in clouds.

Adam got into bed that night and instantly commented on how comfortable everything was. I told him I changed out the bedding and he could instantly tell. We have a king bed and if you know, you know, finding fitted sheets that don't pop off the corners is hard. These sheets are extra big, so they fit perfectly.

Third, this bedding doesn't wrinkle horribly like my other bedding. I'm kind of nuts when it comes to washing my bedding (every Sunday!) and it's nice to not have it look messy.

I have the Dream in Color Comforter (linked!), and the Pillowtex Hotel Sheet set (linked!). Guys, they are magical, go get yourself some!

I swear I've had my best sleep in this last week. I just instantly sink into my bed.

And last but not least, I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you. Use code kgrace10 for 10% off any order! Guys, trust me, buy the bedding.

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  1. So which bedding and pillows from their site did you end up getting? I’m in the market for new sheets!


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