Episode 25: How The Enneagram Can Help You In Relationships and Motherhood with Heather Sherwood LMFT

September 24, 2019

Kristen and Whitney sit down with Heather Sherwood a licensed marriage family therapist to find out what the Enneagram is and how it can help in our daily lives. We break down each number and what personality traits you might see with each number, what are wings, can you be two types, how do the seven deadly sins and the Enneagram connect, and if the Enneagram help tap into childhood trauma. You don't want to miss this episode, it's a good one.

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Some questions we ask Heather!
  1. What recently made Ennegrams popular? We know they are old school, but what is recently made this so popular.
  2. We want to start with a good basic question like can you have two types?
  3. What are wings?
  4. Can you have a wing that isn’t next to your number?
  5. What are the main points on the enneagram
  6. The points are where you go in health and stress...can you break that down.
  7. Also what are the seven/ nine deadly sins and how do they impact the enneagram
  8. How can the Ennegram help tap into childhood wounds
  9. What advice do you have for people who think they are mistyped?
Listen to this episode here! 

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