15 Things I'm Thankful for Today.

October 4, 2019

On my podcast, This Girl Life we do a segment called Yay and Nay with Whit and K. We talk about one thing we're loving and one thing we're not loving. We were chatting about how it's always easier to find a Nay than a Yay!

Why is it that it's always easier to talk about the bad things versus talking about the good.

I'm changing that today by sharing the 15 things I'm thankful for today. No complaining, just pure joys. If you're looking for some more joys, I've linked my other thankful posts here!

ONE //  The fact that it's Friday. Fridays have changed a lot for me because honestly, it means two uninterrupted days with my family. God knew what He was doing when He gave us the weekend and a day of rest. I'm gonna be honest, I really need it this weekend.

TWO // Speaking of, my family. I'm so obsessed with my little family. Not a minute goes by that I'm not eternally thankful for my sweet family.

THREE //  The chaos. My house is full of toys, full of noise, full of chaos and I love every dang minute.

FOUR // My cold glass of wine that's waiting for me tonight.

FIVE // TGL - This Girl Life has been such an amazing place of growth, passion, and encouragement.

SIX // My amazing Everyday Grace readers/listeners/instagram story watchers. You have made my little space, yours. You've loved it, nurtured it, given suggestions and helped me grow. You've encouraged me, challenged me, and loved me through.

SEVEN // Hot coffee, iced coffee, lukewarm coffee, melted ice coffee, day old coffee, coffee flavored everything coffee. I'm a mom, it's my lifeline.

EIGHT // This is silly, but if you know, you know, I love TV. I'm so glad all my fall shows are back. I can't wait to sit on my couch and watch Greys, all the Chicago shows, This is Us, and more.

NINE //  Facetime. Every morning Quinnie and I Facetime my mom and it's my favorite, Quinn just lights up. Getting to be close to family without being physically close is amazing.

TEN // The quietness that comes with a slow Sunday morning. There is something so wonderful about waking up Quinnie at 7 and our slow morning before we go to church.

ELEVEN // This sweater that I can't seem to stop wearing. And basically everything Evereve has to offer.

TWELVE // Fall! It's so dang nice out. I need to find myself at a pumpkin patch with a hot latte pronto. And, I need to plan a mountain trip. I'm getting jealous of everyones fall pictures, I need to see those beautiful aspens myself!

THIRTEEN // Everything Lauren Daigle. I can't stop listening to every song she sings. Her voice is pure magic. She was just at Red Rocks and I'm so bummed I missed her!

FOURTEEN // My mom bible study. It's amazing to me how important community with other moms is. To be able to sit and ask for prayers, and help, support, and love. Being a mom is amazing, but can be so darn tough, having friends in the same space is such a blessing.

FIFTEEN // Adam. He gets a specific shoutout today because he's just the best and deserves to be praised for being a great dad and husband.

Happy Friday friends! What are you thankful for today?

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