October Evereve Looks & Try on Session

October 25, 2019

Happy October Evereve try on day people! HUGE NEWS -- Everything at Evereve is 10% off! GO SHOP!

I asked you guys what you wanted to see more of when I did my Evereve try on and you said you wanted more detail on fit, feel and material. I'm going to do my very best to give you just that. I did a little in my stories, but more details below!

You also asked for outfits you can wear to Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving or holiday wear. I ranged from casual to semi-fancy. No dresses in this try on. Next time!

For sizing references. I am 5'9, 145 pounds. I typically wear a 27/28 jeans, small top, size 9 shoes.

You can watch the entire try on (with extra outfits) here!

This is my very favorite outfit. I loved the simplicity of the jeans and top, but making it a little dressier with the boots and jacket.

Tank: This top is just a simple lace cami. It fits true to size. I'm wearing a small with no bra. It comes in a million colors, my advice, buy every color. It's perfect for layering.
Jeans: These jeans fit a bit big. I'm wearing a 27 and they have some great stretch. They are cropped and run a teeny bit short on me.
Belt: Everyone needs a leopard belt. I'm wearing the s/m size and it's a bit big. I'm probably going to hole punch another hole in it.
Boots: LOVE these. They are a 9. Even with a pointed toe, they are very comfortable. The chunky heel is amazing. They hit a little higher than ankle bone.
Jacket: My favorite jacket, bought this one. It's a small and fits cropped in length but big in size. As you can see, it fits my arms great and hits high waist. It doesn't fit small in the body, true to size.
Earrings: No sizing here, but they are light weight which is amazing! Bought these :)

OUTFIT TWO // PS. Please note the lady in the background. She was so sweet and kept commenting on my outfits :) I wasn't sold on this outfit until I tried it on. I am usually not a purple person, but I LOVE this suede jacket. The addition of the over-the-knee suede boots really fancied it up. Plus everything is comfy.

Top: This top is a high-neck tank top. I'm wearing a small. It's a loose fitting tank. Perfect for layering. It fits a little bigger around the arm pits and boob area. I would say purchase true to size.
Jacket: This is a small. It's suede and it fits small/true to size. If you're on the edge, I would size up. It's tight around the shoulders and shorter on the he arms. I wish you could see it in person, because its gorgeous.
Jeans: Same ones as above.
Boots: I'm wearing a nine. These are over the knee, slouchy, chunky heeled boots. I wish I bought these. They fit amazing and are SO comfortable. They are Dr. Scholls which explain why they are so comfortable.  Plus they are very slimming.

OUTFIT THREE // All I have to say, is buy the spanx. This is the perfect Thanksgiving outfit for when you're at home, want to look cute, but want to be comfortable. The jacket is warm, cute and fitted and the Spanx hold ya in. Told ya is was perfect.

Jacket: This jacket is a small and is fitted. It's a tad short on my arms, but I don't mind that. It's fitted in the body and shoulders. V true to size.
Top: The top is a loose white long sleeve top. I'm wearing a small and it fits big and oversized. Its a tunic, so that is absolutely the size but you could size down, but I love the loose fit. Plus its ribbed which is my favorite.
Spanx: I'm wearing a small and boy oh boy they are tight. I understand that is how Spanx fit, but sheesh. I would probably size up. They also run short, but are perfect for sneakers/boots.
Sneakers: These J Slides are a 9, and fit absolutely true to size. Plus they are cozy because they are fur lined. Buy the sneakers.

OUTFIT FOUR // We're getting comfy and festive peeps! Nothing screams Thanksgiving like plaid! I normally wouldn't have put this outfit together, but I'm obsessed. It's so comfy but put together that it feels perfect for a holiday where you scarf food all day.

Sweater: This Dream sweater/thermal is great because it's not super thick but great ribbed texture. It's super soft and I love the crewneck.
Flannel: This flannel is the softest. It's not your typical thick flannel material. It is actually very thin which makes it perfect for layering. The color is hard to tell here but its orange for sure.
Spanx: Same as above!
Sneakers: Same as above!

OUTFIT FIVE // I hate to say this, but this is one of those outfits I thought would be cuter but I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. The pants just didn't fit like I dreamed they would.

Top: This is your basic Splendid stripped tee. If you don't own one of these, you should. They are kind of like a tissue tee, fit perfect and are perfect for layering. I'm wearing a XS but could probably size up so it's not so fitted. I love the three-tone aspect of this tee.
Pants: I had been dreaming of pants like this but don't love them. They are paper bag pants which mean they have a lose top with a belt. I've seen a bunch of them and love how they look on others, but not me. I'm wearing a size 27. They are veryyy stretchy, but they are very short on me. I love the idea of these pants but the execution just isn't quite there.
Boots: These Kork Ease boots are so comfy. Ive said it before, if you don't own chunky heeled black boots, you need some. True to size.

OUTFIT SIX // BOOTS. I literally had they put this outfit together because I love these boots so much. Did you know Sorrel builds their boots with holes in the heels so they fit your foot perfectly and lessen the weight of the boots. They are perfectly designed. I'm obsessed.

Sweater: This cream sweater has the cutest details on the sleeves. It's a v-neck, ribbed and perfect to layer under things. Very light weight. Very cozy. You could wear it with 100 different things. I'm wearing a small and its a bit oversized, but meant to be.
Cardigan: This cardigan is a small and fits large. As you can see in the picture, the sleeves are extra long, but I kind of like it big. I would buy true to size.
Scarf: Cutest leopard and SOFTEST scarf.
Jeans: LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT GOOD AMERICAN JEANS. Why I didn't start wearing these years ago I'll never know. I'm pretty sure they fit everyone perfectly. They fit your waist perfect, they are the best length and they are SO soft. I'm wearing a 27. They fit snug, but I would still buy true to size. They don't stretch much.
Boots: I'm wearing a nine and am buying them next time. They're perfect. A little about Sorels. They drill holes in the heels so they are light weight and fit your feet better. They are amazing and will last you for years.

OUTFIT SEVEN // If you watched my Insta-story, you heard this is my favorite outfit. Ya know those outfits that just feel like you. This is that outfit. It's that good. It's a comfy sweater, cozier jacket, my favorite jeans and my favorite boots. I love everything about it.

Sweater: I'm not typically an orange person, but I LOVE this color. It's warm, bright and cozy. I'm wearing a small, and it fits perfect. Buy true to size.
Jacket: I take back everything I've said about jackets, this is the best one. It's like hugging a teddy bear. I like that it's a teeny bit cropped and it fits perfect. I'm wearing a small.
Jeans: Same as above!
Boots: Buy the boots. Wearing a nine. They are very comfortable. Read more above about Sorels.

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What's your favorite outfit? 

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