Episode 27: Love Powered Co

October 8, 2019

This episode hit me like a ton of bricks. In the middle of a very busy week, it was time to record. It was one of those mornings that felt like I never had enough time. I was 5 minutes behind on everything, didn't have time to eat, and honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was podcast.

But, oh how glad I am that I did. Anna and Lindy are so incredible. It was like God knew how much I needed them this week. They spoke light and truth in to my heart as we moved through our podcast. Encouraging, loving, and sharing their life with Whitney and I as we shared ours. They are such blessings and I'm so honored to know them, and their company.

If you don't know about Love Powered Co., they are the creators of the affirmation. Their goal is to speak affirmations, positivity and love into themselves, their kids, and others. They've created an entire business around it and I'm so glad they shared with us.

This week Kristen and Whitney sat down with Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood, the founders of Love Powered Co. On this episode we chat about the importance of affirmations, the research behind using affirmations, how to incorporate them into daily life, and all about creating a business with your best friend.

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