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Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! How was your Mother's Day? I feel so lucky to have awesome moms in my life, from my own amazing mom, to my mother-in-law, to my sister-in-laws and all my amazing mama friends. Needless to say, this baby girl has some great mamas around here once she's here.

On the topic of awesome mamas, I'm super excited about todays post. My gf from college Brooke just started her own kids shop! It's SOO dang cute guys. In college Brooke was always the best dressed and the sweetest human so it comes as no surprise that she's a badass mama, wife, friend and store owner. She's a superstar.

Her store is called Becker & Brooklyn (I've included all social media links below!) and it has stuff for baby and toddler boys, baby and toddler girls and accessories. She was a bun and sent me the cutest little outfit and teething toy for baby girl.

Mama friends, do yourself and your kids a favor and head to her shop. After all, it was Mother's Day yesterday and you deserve to spoil yourself and your kids for a few more days! Ps. She has a giveaway going on over on her Instagram to win a poncho. Don't worry, I've already entered, it's your chance now!

With this shop, baby girl is going to be the best dressed babe. A very very cool perk to this store, every month Brooke is going to make a donation from a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit that benefits kids. What did I say - she's an all-star.

Read on to learn a little more about Becker & Brooklyn directly from Brooke!
After I was blessed with children, I discovered one important truth in the search for affordable yet quality clothing options for my little loved ones – the struggle is real, y’all. Behind this frustration was born Becker & Brooklyn – your one-stop shop to enhance your kids’ style while remaining true to your budget. 
What makes us experts on kids clothing? Aside from our belief that every child is born with a unique style, we’ve spanned the world exploring local traditional, brick-and-mortar boutiques to discover what you – the parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and even sibling – are looking to buy for that special child in your life. 
We’re committed to bringing you unique, high-quality brands from all over the world into our online boutique ... to fit all stages of childhood. Whether your kids are still crawling and drooling ... or walking and talking with attitude (you know who they are), we have the clothes they need to look good doing it and to show off their personality in every piece of material.  
At Becker and Brooklyn, we’re also committed to giving back to our community. Each month, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a hand-selected, non-profit organization dedicated to serving children. There’s nothing better than making a purchase, knowing that you helped to make a difference in our world.  
Thanks again for visiting B&B. We hope you enjoy shopping with us.  
We offer $5 flat rate shipping for orders under $35 and free shipping for orders over $35. 

Brands we carry:
Sapling Child
Wild + Bear
Pocho + Parker
Snapper Rock
Mott 50
Oli & Carol

Find Becker & Brooklyn here: Shop // Instagram // Facebook 

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Mother's Day with Ingrid & Isabel

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Happy Thursday friends! Hey, thanks for all the sweet messages on my post yesterday! You guys are so sweet and encouraging, I adore you all. Adam and I didn't get to celebrate yet since he's traveling for work, but Saturday we're planning a day in Boulder. So if you have recommendations, send them my way!

The other night, Adam and I were chatting and he mentioned how this is my last Mother's Day without a baby on the outside. I swear there are times during this pregnancy where I realllyyy realize I'm actually pregnant. I know that sounds weird since I am pregnant, but you know what I mean. Him saying that was one of those times. This time next year I'll be holding my daughter on Mother's Day. Crazy!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and there's no time like the present to celebrate moms everywhere. Ingrid & Isabel has quickly become one of my favorite clothing stores for maternity and even non-maternity. It's hard to find cute stuff, thats comfortable and that isn't just leggings. But, on the topic of leggings, their leggings are the best! Anyways, I've been looking for cute dresses that I can dress up (sneakers) or down (sandals) <-- lets be real long gone are the days of heels.

Ingrid & Isabel is rocking this month especially because they're offering 15% off all first purchases using the promo code MothersMay. Do yourself and all the moms in your life a favor and spoil them with some Ingrid & Isabel this Mothers Day. Or heck, check it out for yourself. they have the cutest stuff.
To all the mamas out there, thank you for all you do. God knows you're strong, powerful, badass, hardworking, dedicated and doing everything you can to keep those little babies (even if they're 30) safe. I'm glad there is a whole day dedicated to you. Ps. Teach me your tricks because I'm already nervous and still have a whole 4 1/2 months to prep! 
 This is my "I can't believe I'm pregnant face."

Sweet little babe. 

Shop this dress here!

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15 Things I want my husband to know on our anniversary

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Today, Adam and I are celebrating 3 years of wedded bliss. While that time doesn't seem long enough to encompass life and the things we've been through, it also feels like time is flying. Three years ago we were just fresh-faced little buns ready to start their life together. We had no damn clue what we were getting ourselves in to, but we knew whatever it was, we were going to do it together.

I love wedding/anniversary recaps. They are all so special to me and I love recapping the love we shared three years ago and the love we're living in now. If you're interested, year one and year two are here.

This year feels extra special. Over the last last year we've grown in our love in a totally different way than I thought possible. With the anticipation of a new baby in this year, it makes everything feel different, in the best way.

This year it's all about things I want Adam to know.
Even though you joke about knowing nothing about babies (like giving them water to drink), I know you’re going to be the best dad because you’re literally the best person I've ever known and you love bigger than anyone.   
I love you even though you turn the toilet paper roll around and make it come out underneath. And even though you're not the best at loading a dishwasher. I appreciate you for helping me. 
When our daughter is 15 and we fight, because we're mom and daughter, promise you'll have her back while reassuring her that I really am a cool mom.
I promise to put our marriage above it all. Before our baby, before our dogs, friends, family because it's you and me babe. We made this enormous vow before God and if we’re strong, all those other things in our life will be even stronger. 
I hope our daughter gets your insane work ethic, kind spirit, gentle sarcasm, enormous capacity for love and full head of hair (even if its blonde!).     
I cry at everything. Thanks for handing me tissues or laughing at me because I'm laughing at the dumbest Apple commercial. 
I love that you love country, so to borrow some words from our boy Jason, 'You're my sunshine in the darkest days. My better half, my saving grace. You make me who I wanna be. You make it easy.'
Watching you paint our daughters room pink, all day on a Saturday, when playoff hockey was on, made you even sexier. And, watching you build her crib was the cherry on top. 
We've had some scary moments in this thing called parenthood and we're not even to the scariest part. From the miscarriage, to 8 weeks of bedrest, thank you for being the rock. I know this has been so hard on you too, but thank you for letting me fall into you time and time again. 
We're always going to have dogs. I know they make our life crazy, but I love that you love our dogs so much.  
Being your wife is one of my greatest honors, but thank you for not letting it be the only thing that defines me. Thank you for encouraging me to chase my dreams, work harder than ever and find my passion. You've been the best source of encouragement, even when it's scary and unknown.  
Thank you for not judging my love of weird TV shows like American Idol, obsession with Carrie Underwood, needing to talk to my best friend for hours on end or my Snoogle. Instead you embrace my weird and I love you for it. 
You are damn good looking. 
I love our basic life. Let me explain. I love that we cook dinner together every night and go to bed together every night. I love that we would rather do things together than apart. I love that we love doing mundane things together. I love that we have our routine that works for us. I love that we have found our basic life, but it doesn't mean we have basic love, because our love is one for the books my love. 
The quiet moments we share are some of my favorite moments. Laying in bed right before we both fall asleep or when we're reading on the couch, or both singing in the car. These are the moments I know I found my heart. 
Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary my love. I can't possibly describe how much I love you so I'll tell you. You're the best human and husband and you see this world, including me in a way that no one else does. There's no-one in the world like you. I'm the luckiest all because you asked me to be yours. 

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The Details: 
PhotographyStephanie Fay Photography
Planner and Coordinator (and basically my life coach)Ashley Gain Weddings
VideographySerendipity Cinematography
VenueEl Chorro
FlowersThe Flower Studio
Band Shining Star Band
Makeup : Glam Lounge
Linens La Tavola Linens
Cake Ruze Cake House
Dress Mariee Bridal 
Paper Alexandra Bruch / F
leurish Letters

22 Weeks + The Things I want to Remember

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

22 weeks pregnant. At the same time, it feels like this pregnancy is flying, but when I think to September, it still feels like years away. I'm learning to embrace the day-to-day, live in this season of life and learn from it what I need too. There will be a point where I'm not pregnant, I have this little baby girl and in a fully new season. 
When my friend Chelsea was pregnant she wrote weekly about the things she wanted to remember. I LOVE this idea. Because honestly, telling you how much weight I've gained weekly isn't something I always want to remember. 

How far along: 22 weeks! 
Size: Baby Girl is as big as a coconut! At 21 weeks she measured a little over 15 ounces, so chances are she's about a pound this week! She's also measuring about 10.9 inches!  
How I’m feeling: Very pregnant. I finally have a bump, my back hurts by 5pm but honestly, I'm loving every bit of it. 
Cravings: All the candy. 
Nursery: Her room is pink and she officially has a crib! I melt every time I see it. Workouts: 30 minute walks! I finally got cleared of bed rest and now I can go on walks. I still have to take things slow, but my walks feel great.  
Movement: I think I felt her? Maybe it was gas, maybe it was baby.  
Things to remember: Building her crib was incredible. It was honestly very easy to assemble, but man, it was so surreal. It may be just a crib, but its literally the place our baby girl will sleep every night. 
I go into her room every day and immediately feel overwhelmed by her. It's where I go to pray for her, pray for us (parenting is scary!) and pray for us as a little family. The crib might not have a mattress yet but it was a huge step in getting ready for this girl.   
My 21 week appointment went so great. I was told my hematoma is gone! Bless. I was told I can resume activity, including 30 minute walks! It was nice to hear that we have been cleared and can hopefully have a "normal" pregnancy moving forward. 

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Camana Bay: Grand Cayman’s Best-Kept Secret

Friday, May 4, 2018

On a tranquil harbour and within walking distance to Seven Mile Beach, this new urbanism community is a must-see corner of Grand Cayman. Camana Bay is the perfect destination for everyone from honeymooners to families on vacation offering visitors everything from luxury brands in interesting boutiques and some of Grand Cayman’s best restaurants to a variety of wellness activities and a weekly farmers and artisans market. 

Special Events Featured Year Round 

One of the best reasons to visit Camana Bay is that, no matter when you’re visiting Grand Cayman, you’ll be able to find something fun going on. In just one year, there are up to 600 events at Camana Bay. Camana Bay hosts special events for almost every holiday, plus weekly family-focused events like story time, sing-alongs and creative activities for kids. Camana Bay even celebrates Slow Food Day every year, showcasing the best of local culinary talent and farm and sea to table fare from the island.

A Stunning Masterpiece of Mural Art in Grand Cayman

Kids love climbing the stairs of the 75-foot Observation Tower featuring sweeping views of Grand Cayman. The inside of the tower is adorned with a striking mosaic depicting an underwater scene complete with fish and coral unique to Grand Cayman. Not only is the mural beautiful, it’s made of three million tiles made of Venetian glass! 

After climbing the many steps to the top, the kids can cool off in one of the interactive water fountains and splash pads in the Town Centre, or go for tasty treat at Gelato & Co.

Going to Grand Cayman On Your Honeymoon? Enjoy a Romantic Evening 

While Camana Bay offers fun for the whole family, honeymooners will find romance around every corner with a range of quality restaurants featuring cuisine for every taste. Camana Bay is home to over a dozen restaurants and coffee shops where you can enjoy a fine dinner, a casual lunch or happy hour. Grab a coffee and pastry after a morning spin class at Ryde, plan a date night and catch a movie at Camana Bay Cinema, the only movie theatre on Grand Cayman, or cuddle up on a hammock on the sandy island and enjoy the cool breezes off the North Sound. 

Find International Brands and Everything Grand Cayman

Take a relaxing stroll through Camana Bay’s abundant green spaces then drop into Camana Bay’s shops where you can browse locally made Caymanian products such as pepper jelly, beauty products made from coconut oil, Caymanite jewelry and more. You’ll also find popular international brands like Pandora, Apple, Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden and BCBG Max Azria. Whether you need something to read on the beach or want to pick out a gift for a friend to take home with you, Camana Bay’s shops offer such a wide variety of items that you’ll be able to make it your primary shopping destination on Grand Cayman.

Farmers & Artisans Market Featuring Local Crafts and Foods

Don’t miss the Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market every Wednesday from noon to 7:00 pm. Enjoy exploring the different booths, checking out crafts, soaps, jewelry and more made by local artisans, and experiencing the sights, smells and flavors of fresh island fruits and vegetables.

Visit Camana Bay Like a Local

Even if you are visiting Grand Cayman for the first time, a trip to Camana Bay will make you feel instantly at home on the island. Here are the top five things to do to experience Camana Bay like a local:
  1. Shop for fruit and local products at the Wednesday farmers market
  2. Stroll from Seven Mile Beach to Camana Bay via the Rise, a beautifully landscaped walkway leading to the Town Centre
  3. Experience Sunday brunch at one of Camana Bay’s signature restaurants 
  4. Grab a smoothie at Jessie’s Juice Bar after a workout at CrossFit or Ryde
  5. End your day with a cup of gelato at Gelato & Co. With another store location in Rome, Gelato & Co. offers an authentic and delicious Italian experience with every bite!

Make Camana Bay an Unforgettable Stop on Your Cayman Journey

Now that you’ve read about all the reasons to visit Camana Bay, be sure to check out and plan your trip!

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What I wish I knew when I started blogging

Monday, April 30, 2018

Happy Monday! I recently had a girl reach out on Instagram and ask how I started my blog. While I was flattered, I was a little shocked because I don't really blog about blogging. There are a ton of people who do and make a killing, but its not really my vibe. We DM'ed back and forth a little bit and I thought, hey, how about a quick post to help you start.

Back story. I technically started blogging in college (2008!), meaning all my emo-blog posts are still on the archives here. But I really started blogging in August, 2014. That's when The Everyday Grace came to be. I've been blogging while doing the full time job thing since and it's hard but its the best.

These are some of the things I wish I knew when I started blogging.

You will meet the best group of blog support. Sometimes my best blog support comes from people I've never actually met. Take my friend Chelsea. I have never met her in person, but she constantly comments on my blog, my instagram, likes my pictures, picks me up when its a bad day and celebrates the good. I literally love this girl. Ps. go follow her. Sometimes your real life friends don't get how to support you as a blogger or don't want too and thats okay. Find your blog tribe, love them hard.

Social Media is a full time job.  As much as I hate being glued to my phone, social media is what brings me the most business. Yes, I love writing and I love this blog, but my instagram numbers usually mean more to advertisers. People like numbers on a photo rather than comments on a post. Engaging with other bloggers, sharing your own content and managing it in between is a lot of damn work. I need an assistant/

Quality over quantity. Shoot, I still post stuff where I second guess myself. Write stuff you love. Even if you think you NEED to post, your readers will understand a day off for great content instead of reading crap.

Learn HTML or at least the basics. If you want to make this work, learn the basics. Watch the YouTube videos, take the classes. Don't rest on templates to carry you through. And don't ask for advice if you aren't willing to pay for it. I didn't take 50 hours of HTML classes online over the last 4 years to give you the cliff-notes.

Numbers matter. But they don't. But they do. Are you loving what you're doing? Then great! Yes, numbers matter to advertisers and brands. But so does passion, quality and engagement. Keep working, keep creating and the numbers will come, swear.

You will burn out. Maybe not all the way. Maybe not for a long time. But its okay to take a break. Its only to only put out a post twice a week and call it a success. Burn out is real, it happens to the best of us. Learn from it, take a break and pick back up.

You will compare yourself to others, it's natural, but don't let it control you. It will only hurt you. It's super easy to see someones growth and instantly feel jealous. But you don't know how hard that blogger is working, what they're doing behind the scenes or how they're growing. Supporting others doesn't lessen your own value.

Join Facebook groups in your niche. This is not only a great place to learn tips, but it's a great place to share your blogs and meet amazing woman. There are tons and tons of facebook groups dedicated to all kinds of blogs.

Find your passion. I'm not saying niche per se, but your passion. Mom blogging isn't for us all, neither is fashion. But if you love it, your readers will see it, the advertisers will see it and you will see it in the success of your blog. I don't believe in the whole niche thing, but if you write what you love, it will be the perfect niche for you.

Blogging takes a shit ton of time. I think people look at blogs and think, Oh I could do that. I'm sure you could, but are you aware that most posts take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to draft. And that pictures are a day long event. An Instagram pic and caption is 10 minutes per, at least. I love blogging, but it totally takes its time.

When did you start your blog? What advice would you give newbies out there?

Ps. If you want some more tips, these are my 10 blogging commandments. See a theme here?

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The 7 Best Things About Pregnancy + Pink Blush Maternity

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Before I was pregnant I didn't really know much about being pregnant. I've watched close friends and family go through pregnancy and too be honest, these woman are badasses because they made it seem pretty dang easy. While being pregnant is not all oreo cookies and baby clothes, it's not that terrible either.

Yes, the first few months are hard and taxing and learning new things about your body is interesting, but, there are some pregnancy perks. I was a little skeptical to these pregnancy at first because I don't love asking other people for help with things I can normally do on my own. See #3. But then when my doc put me on modified best rest, I sat back and starting reeling in some of the pregnancy benefits.

ONE // When you're hungry, you can say you're eating for two. Or if its something you're craving, you blame the craving on the baby. My favorite phrase, "It's for the baby." I tell Adam this every weekend when I want a chiptole chicken burrito bowl.

TWO // You get to go shopppping! This is my favorite perk. Sure, I love my leggings and oversized shirts, but every now and then a girl needs to get dressed up. PinkBlush has some of the cutest maternity clothes and dresses. Perfect timing for spring! I love that their maternity dresses could easily transition to post-pregnancy life too!

 Still figuring out how to pose with a baby bump. 
This dress is my favorite and I cannot wait to wear it even after baby.

THREE // You can't pick things up. At first I thought this would be annoying but now I don't have to take out the garbage, carry laundry up the stairs or move boxes. Adam, I apologize for this pregnancy perk because it requires you do a lot more. But thanks for being my superhero hubs. You're the real MVP.

FOUR // You have to stay away from certain things, like windex, 409, and bleach. Bring on the cleaning ladies, or men. This is a perk I hope to hold on to way after pregnancy ends. Because then, I don't want to have the baby around that stuff either.

 Shop this dress here!

FIVE // When people find out you're pregnant, they're usually nicer. I say usually because sometimes they're meaner. But, most people hold the doors, let you cut in line, carry things for you. Ladies, take advantage. Last night when my gf and I were at Union Station, tons of people held the door, let me go in front of them, order first. It was pretty dang sweet.

SIX // You get to decorate a new room in your house. Adam and I have lived in our house for over 2 years and our token baby room has been empty! We now have an excuse to paint it pink, buy new furniture and finally have a finished room!

SEVEN // You get three months vacay at the end. Hahaha I can just hear Rachel from Friends saying, "My idea of a vacation does not involve something sucking on my nipples until they are raw." But still, three months with your baby. 

This dress is perfect for spring and summer! 
Plus, its comfy and hides the big bump!
Laughing my way through this shoot because it's still so surreal.

Happy Thursday friends! What were the perks you loved during your pregnancy?

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The Everyday Baby: 20 week Bumpdate!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Officially 20 weeks with my sweet little babe and I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. Now, to be clear, the first trimester did not go quick. It dragged and dragged and dragged. But here we are at 20 weeks and I feel like time is flying. 

I am excited to say that I'm finally halfway through this pregnancy! I cannot believe I will see her in less time than I've been pregnant with her.  I haven't done much to prepare, but I feel like the nesting bug is going to kick in quickly. Last weekend, I did a big purge to goodwill, books to the library, organizing our closets and bathrooms. I'm getting ready for her!

We are so excited for this little babe and this growing life inside.

How far along: 20 weeks!
Name: We’ve had a name picked out for awhile now, but we are waiting to share until she’s born.  And yes, mom, that means you have to wait too!🙂
Size: Baby Girl is as big as a banana! About 6.50 inches and 10.1. However, at 16 weeks, we learned that baby girl is in the 90% percentile for weight and height so she might be a tad bigger! 
How I’m feeling: So. Much. Better. The first 14 weeks were so dang tough. I was sick, so tired and uncomfortable. I finally feel awake, hungry and ready to take on this pregnancy thing. However, last week was the first week I started feeling pregnant. Big boobs, big stomach, hard time sleeping, backaches and feeling very pregnant. 
Sickness: None! Bless.
Cravings: Super cold juicy fruit. All the fruit, grapes, pineapple, mangos, cuties, apples. Anything that is juicy, I want it all. Oh, and chipotle chicken burrito bowls. 
Aversions: None! Sometimes fish, but most of the time I'm good. 
Weight gain: 11 pounds. But it feels like 100. 

Physical changes: My bump is getting bigger! I swear every day I wake up and its a bit bigger. My boobs are amazon like and my skin is not glowing. 
Nursery: We painted her room pink last weekend and are furniture shopping this weekend! If you missed it, tune into my insta-stories for a little tour. 

Workouts: None yet. I'm still on bedrest but I'm hoping at my appointment next week they clear me for minor exercise! All I want to do is go for a walk with my dogs and husband. 

Movement: None yet. They told me because of where my placenta is I may not feel her until 22-24 weeks. I'm so excited to finally feel my little babe kick! 

Wedding rings on or off? On! Whoop!

Best moment this week: The back massage Adam gave me. 

Looking forward to: Our 21 week anatomy scan next week! 

Pregnancy purchases so far:
These Target jeans are my FAV. Plus, they were on clearance for $10. 
Ingrid and Isabel Pregnancy Leggings. I am loving things that go OVER my bump. 
This Target Medela nursing bra. I can't with underwire anymore. 
Baby Wise and Bringing up Bebe. Here's hoping they help with sleep training and cool babes.
This pregnancy journal. I love blogging, but I love writing things down too. 

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Mother's Day Giveaway!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend?

This weekend it snowed on Saturday (broken record, I know) but the best part was Adam painted Baby Girl's room pink! Ah. I'm dying. It's so surreal to have the room painted, we are this much closer to welcoming her! Today, it's supposed to be 75 degrees and I'm living my best life. Let's celebrate spring with the best Mother's Day Giveaway.

Today, I'm partnering with my friends over at Mom Bomb to give you the prettiest box of organic bath bombs. I wish I could put the smell on my blog. They are so amazing and are made with organic Argan oil and essential oils. 
The very best part? Each time you buy a box of our USA-made, organic bath bombs, our sister organization, will receive a $5 donation. This organization helps moms going through a tough time by providing them a choice of 4 services for which we will pay $500 toward one of the following services: Meal Delivery Service, Housekeeping Services, Laundry Services, or Child Care from a reputable, verified company. How incredible is that? Not only are these bombs the BEST, but they have such a wonderful cause. 

Moms are incredible and work so hard and absolutely deserve to be spoiled. I love what this company stands for and I LOVE what they're doing to help moms everywhere. It's crazy to think that this time next year, I'll be a mom! Ah, it's surreal to even write those words. 

Now, how do you win? You can enter through the options below AND you can head to my Instagram or Mom Bombs Instagram and get additional entries through there! It's time to spoil the mom, friend, aunt, or yourself this mothers day. You have one week to enter! And don't forget, Mother's Day is May 13th! 

 The prettiest packaging 

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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5 Things I'm Thankful for Today.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Happpyyy Friday! Today is a great day. Sure, it's supposed to snow, but my boss gave me the day off, I'm finally running all those errands I put off all week and it's Friday! 

You read that right, it's supposed to snow tonight, so what does a girl do when it's damn cold out? Prep the baby room! Finally! I'm so excited. Tomorrow we're venturing to buy the paint, look for cribs and start this process. I'm so excited to finally get started.

This was a long pregnancy week. I shared some of those truths in yesterdays post. So today I feel extremely thankful for thankful Friday. It doesn't have to be big things. It can be a delicious latte, a good nights sleep or a sweet text. I think it's important in the midst of the crazy, to find those little things I'm thankful for. It puts things in perspective for me.

Happy weekend friends. What are you thankful for today?

ONE //  My mom tribe. I didn't realize I had one of these, but I do. Every time I ask questions, post polls or need advice on Instagram, I get the best outpouring of love, support (some judgment, keeps me honest) and advice. I didn't know I had a mom tribe before, but I'm so dang glad I do. 

TWO // My Fab Fit Fun Spring Box. Next week I'm sharing all the goods. Trust me, there are some amazing goods. It's a box you don't want to miss, plus a promo code to get your own! 

THREE // Van's Gluten Free Waffles. Do yourself a favor, head to Whole Foods or Amazon and buy these waffles. Slap on some almond butter and thank me later. These are the perfect sweet tooth breakfast satisfier.
FOUR // If you saw my post from Monday, you saw my obsession with Carrie Underwood. Well, if you know how YouTube works, you watch one video and then before you know it, you're in a rabbit hole of old videos. Today, I'm thankful for old Carrie Underwood videos, this one to be specific.

FIVE // Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint Essential Oils. In the spirit of keeping things more natural, I'm loving these three essential oils. Great for headaches, relaxation and they just smell damn good. 

Happy Friday friends! Anything fun planned for your weekend? Mine involves painting and starting to decorate the baby room! Make sure to follow Insta stories for all the behind the scenes! 

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