2018 Book Review #1

Friday, February 16, 2018

Every year I try to make goals instead of resolutions. Goals tend to be easier to modify, unlike resolutions which are simply broken.

This year I made a goal to read 24 books. I set out hoping for 2 books a month and so far so good! Usually I'm a sucker for "beach reads." I love anything Elin Hildebrand or Liane Mortiary, books you can read on a beach with a glass of white wine.

Lately though, I've been into these weird marriage thrillers. The perfect couple isn't what it seems, or the crazy husband. I'm addicted. They are a little more intense and a little less white wine. Regardless, they're so dang good.

I'm always posting the books I'm on Instagram and I've had a bunch of people reach out asking if they're good or if I would recommend them! Well friends, here are my reviews of 3 of my 24 books for the year. Plus one more I read right at the end of last year.

LIE TO ME BY J.T. ELLISON // This book reads sort of like Gone Girl, except so much better. There is a "perfectly married" couple, a narrator, a missing girl and a mystery. To be honest, this book took a second to get in to, but three chapters in and I was absolutely hooked. Theres a twist midway through and I never saw it coming. The characters in this book are likable but not too much, just enough that you are intrigued. But the story line causes you to hurt for them, and want the best for them. She's written a bunch of other books and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into them.

THE WIFE BETWEEN US BY GREER HENDRICKS AND SARAH PEKKANEN // My favorite book of 2018 so far. Another twist, two wives, two crazy stories and another "perfect" marriage. I told you theres a theme here! I read this book in two days, it was that good. Instead of instagramming, I was reading. I was super interested in the stories, how they read, how the writer let us get to know the characters. It was so well written, I could visualize everything.

THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR BY SHARI LAPENA // There was a lot of hype for this book. When I posted it, everyone said it was their favorite book ever! I hate to do this, but I have to disagree. While I thought this book was good, it was not great. It took me forever to get through and its a fairly short book. It's very predictable and I guessed it 50 pages in. I didn't actually like any of the characters and read their stories more out of pity than a desire to know more. However, she wrote another one, Stranger in the House and I'll totally read it because I'm a sucker.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS BY B.A PARIS // I bought this book at an airport so my pickings were slim. But in my defense, it was on the new york time best sellers list. Plus, I've had lots of recs for it. It was the first "perfect marriage" book I read. (I finished it very early 2018 so I'm not counting it as my 24). Do not read this book. It deals with a husbands desire to punish and semi-abuse his wife only to get to her sister with downs syndrome. The only reason I continued reading was to make sure everyone got out okay. Even the reviews on Amazon talk about how sick this book is. You will see it everywhere; Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. It's currently sitting on the top 20 list everywhere, beware.

Currently Reading: Little Fires Everywhere // Celeste Ng

Coming up on the list: 
  • A Stranger in the House // Shari Lapena
  • The woman in Cabin 10 // Ruth Ware
  • We should all be feminists // Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • The Tea Rose (and the series!) // Jennifer Donnelly
  • The Nightingale // Kristin Hannah
  • Woman in the Window // AJ Finn
Happy Friday friends and happy reading! 

I hope you LOVE these books just like I did! I'll try to keep reviewing as I make my way through them! 

PS. Send me all your recs!

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Things I'm Loving this month!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

How was your Valentines Day everyone? Ours was veryyyyy relaxed. Take out pizza, sweats, homemade cake. It was perfect for us, but nothing fancy.  I hope regardless of relationship status it was a day celebrating people you love, yourself or just eating all the chocolate. If you didn't get enough chocolate yesterday, I have the best recipe for you today.

In the spirit of all things love, I'm sharing the things I'm especially loving this month. From the best blow-dyer (hint, Adam!) to my favorite clothes, I've got it all covered for ya.

Let's talk all the good things.

PALEO CHOCOLATE CAKE // I made this cake yesterday for valentines day and it was amazing! Everything from the cake to the frosting is paleo and everything was so dang delicious. Plus, Adam looked at me like I was a queen baker when I told him I was making a three-layer cake. You can find the recipe here!

NEW DENIM // I'm obsessed with denim. I made a goal to throw out ten pairs of jeans last weekend and I threw out two. I can't get rid of denim. I keep telling myself it will come back in trend or I'll get skinny enough again to wear my 25's from highschool. I don't discriminate jeans. I love my Old Navy jeans, my J Brands, my old school Rock n Republics. Nordstrom just debuted their new trends for denim and I'm in love. These are my favorites.

BOOKS // If you've been following on Instagram, you know I've been reading towards my goal of 24 books in one year. Tomorrow on the blog, I'm recapping the first three plus a few extras for ya. So far, my favorite, The Wife Between Us. I'm pumped to tell you all about it!

TARGET CLOTHES // If you haven't been to Target lately, you are missing out on all their incredible clothes. From work clothes to tee shirts to jackets and dresses. I'm obsessed. I've made a rule with myself to only go once a month because otherwise I'd go every day and have no money. This jacket is my favorite and today Denver is finally feeling spring-y enough to wear it. 

SUPERGOOP SERUM // My gf recently turned me on to this and I cannot talk about it enough. It has sunscreen in it which I love and is the best moisturizer ever. This Denver winter is kicking my butt but this stuff is saving my life. The best part, it's super moisturizing but not sticky. I hate that feeling of goop (which is surprising i love this stuff so much) but it's incredible. Get yo'self some.
THE HARRY JOSH PRO TOOLS PRO DRYER 2000 // First off, if that isn't a big enough name for a blowdryer I don't know what is. But listen, it cuts drying time in HALF, it adjusts to your hair type, its made in France (bcuz thats important?), its lightweight and promises to last for 15 years! Hint, hint, I need this and so does my hair.
THAYERS ALCOHOL-FREE ROSE PETAL WITCH HAZEL // This stuff is my lifesaver. When I was pregnant last year I had this weird rash on my face and I tried everything. I tried stuff with chemicals in it, weird creams, nothing worked until my SIL told me about this. Now, I can't stop. The best part. I love that it helps with my breakups but doesn't dry my skin. The best stuff ever.

Happy Thursday friends! What are you loving? Tell me! I hope you found some new stuff to add to your life that you'll love too!

Tune in tomorrow for the ultimate book review. I promise you won't want to miss it.

The Bachelor; Season 22; Episode 5 & 6 - Ding dong she's gone

Friday, February 9, 2018

Oh hey friend, how are you? I've totally been MIA - but with good reason. Last week I spent the week in Arizona basking in sunshine, 80 degree temps and friends and family. This blog took a huge back seat. but don't worry, I'm back and so is the bachelor.

Catching up on two weeks is a lot, so we're just going to do this last weeks - plus, it's the better of the two. Last week, we said goodbye to Marikh, Maquel and Olivia. To be honest, I didn't think any of them would win, so it's kind of okay.

This week, we're in Paris! We finally got out of Florida to go somewhere awesome. And, we start the episode with Chris Harrison, where the heck has he been? I for one, wish we saw more of him.

It says a lot that Krystal knows she's going to be on the two-on-one. She knows she's hated.

Lauren's one-on-one: So, I think Lauren is darling, but she bores me and I think she's a little nutty. I've always said my dream date is having the "tour the city" date and Lauren is totally screwing it up. She's literally not speaking.

Arie's story about living with the girl who had a miscarriage and she left is so sad.

This living on the boat thing is kind of cool, but i wish I could see a tour of it to really see what it's like.

Group Date: This would be my nightmare. Dancing in a thong. I'm with Tia here. I know Arie said he didn't pick the girl based on her dancing, but Bekah was kind of perfect for that role.

Two-on-one: Oh goodness, here we go. Kendall and Krystal.

The more I see Kendall, the more I like her. Here's hoping Krystal finalllly goes home. They start off getting lost in mazes (my nightmare) and of course Krystal wins.

"The color and texture and depth of our relationship." -- Krystal. Who talks like this?! Arie clearly isn't buying this, right? And now, she talks crap about Kendall.

I think Kendall's answer re marriage was awesome. She seems much more mature.

"Destiny is going to happen today." -Krystal.

Final one-on-one: WHO IS JACQUELINE. I swear she just got on the show. The car breaking down has to be joke right? Like, ABC would never let that happen. The waiter asked her a question in french and she responded, "Si." People who don't know what language SI is, it's spanish.

Here's my thing with Jacqueline, girl go get your PhD. But asking Arie to wait 6 years for you to do that is a lot to ask.

Chelsea, Jenna, Krystal
Marikh, Maquel and Olivia (last week!)

We are getting super close to the end, who is your final pick?

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The Bachelor: Season 22; Episode 4 - Wait, do you know how old I am?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Well just like we all knew, the episode started with the girls chatting about Bekah's age while she swims int he pool.

"So I'll be that voice of reason, that voice of reality." --Krystal 

I heard a lot of criticism about the first destination being Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe to be specific. But, I grew up going to Tahoe every single summer since I was like 8 years old and let me tell you, Tahoe is the absolute best place in the world. I would have been thrilled to be on this date. Sure, it's not an international trip, but damn, I'd take it. 

Sienne's One on One Date: I think she is a doll. She's intelligent, kind and seems fun to be around. I'm hoping Arie isn't taking her on a date to send her home. The more I get to see her, the more I love her. She got the rose! Whoop! Guys, I'm obsessed with Lanco, Greatest Love Story. It's the sweetest song. You can listen to it here --> But... Arie is not a great dancer, but I will give him props for trying.

Maquel talking to her mama about her grandpa passing away was heartbreaking. I just wanted to give her a hug. That was so sad to watch, my heart breaks for her.

Krystal is such a catty little bitch. Literally all she does is talk crap about people.

"I'll drink my pee for Arie." Some blonde girl said this.

This survival date is so weird. Drinking pee, eating bugs. And then you have Krystal who is way too cool for school. Sure, I'm not gonna drink my pee, but gf get on the fun train. Kendall and Arie literally snuck away to kiss. Typical.

Can we just talk about what a bombshell Carline is? She has a one piece on and is a stunner. As I'm writing this, I'm freezing and sitting in that hot tub looks amazing. I could really use one right about now. Guys, I'm trying to pick quotes from all the girls but Krystal is just one point tonight. 

"I'm not sure what I'm going to say to Arie, but whatever it is, it'll be perfect" -Krystal

So I did not think I was gong to like Chelsea. But surprisingly, I don't mind her at all. She's actually pretty cool and normal. Go Chelsea! Still, Caroline and Tia are still my favorites. They are so hilarious. When Krystal talks to Arie, she literally pouts. Is she the actual worst? There is so way Arie is buying the BS she's spilling. 

"I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm just so emotional." Krystal

"Tia is gonna speed bag her face." Caroline hahahah favorite quote of the night

Is it just me or does Krystal not blink? Like, I watch too much Lifetime drama movies about crazy girlfriends to not think she's a little crazy. 

Bekah's One-On-One Date: Arie and Bekah are in the hot tub and the girls are all talking about her age. His response to her age...

Here's what I will say about age/marriage/22/life: When I was 22, I didn't want to get married. I was single, just graduated college and my focus was hanging out with my best friends, going on dates, going out and enjoying being 22 with a great metabolism. I went to law school, met Adam and all of a sudden, I turned 26 and marriage was at the top of my mind. For me, those single years of going on is what got me to "marriage age." But, I also had tons of friends who got married at 22 or younger and are still happily married and loved being married young. 

I totally get where Arie is coming from, wanting to go to bed early, wanting to get up early, the older you get, the lazier you get. It's true. But, that doesn't mean Bekah isn't there and I don't think it's fair for all the other girls to tell Bekah how she should feel, is feeling or question her when she says one way or another. 

But to Bekah, think clearly about what you're doing. Try to step away from bachelor land and realize that Arie does want to get married at the end of this and yes, age is just a number, but 14 years is a big number. That's all.

"I'm not here for a 22 year old girlfriend, I'm here for a wife." - Arie

No cocktail parties are the best. Like I highly doubt that a ten second conversation right before he gives a rose is going to change his mind. Plus, it adds some fun drama to the mix.

Girls Bye: Caroline, Brittany T and Maquel (for now) We'll see if he lets her back in the clubhouse.

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10 Blogs You Should be Reading Now!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Happy Monday friends! How are you? Denver got the most beautiful snow ever yesterday, so we spent the day doing nothing. Breakfast burritos, naps, baking. It was the most perfect lazy Sunday. 

Today it's bitter cold, so cold, schools are on a delay! But to brighten your day, I'm sharing with you my favorite bloggers. This changes daily since I subscribe to so many amazing bloggers, but these are the ones I'm super pumped on. They're the ones I look for on Insta and in my inbox for new posts.

They are all bad-ass woman, kicking ass in the blog world. They're all smart, passionate, stunning, funny and I think you will love them all.

Lauren Kay Sims // Lauren is a Boulder blogger, dog mama, wife and super athlete. She just ran her first marathon! I love her sense of style and her hair. She's absolutely darling and her insta stories are the best. Her instagram is HERE!
Something Navy // Arielle is my favorite blogger. She's from NYC, has the cutest babe Ruby and is expecting her second. Her life is more than fabulous and she is so good at documenting all of it. Plus, she has an amazing line at Nordstrom. Her instagram is HERE
Positively Posie // Whitney is my real life BFF and blogs all things motherhood, lifestyle, fashion and fitness. She's a military wife living in San Diego with her adorable babe Blakely. She shares the best beauty, fashion, kids clothes and recipes. Her instagram is HERE
One Small Blonde // Brooke blogs about the best fashion, lifestyle and great food. She seriously has the best style and my favorite part? She's super relatable. Her Instagram makes me want to be her best friend. Her instagram is HERE
Lifestyles by Lauren // Lauren blogs about everything. Food, beauty, great clothes. Her blog is adorable and I love all the content she posts. She lives in NYC, so obviously I'm living vicariously through her.  Her instagram is HERE
My Kind of Sweet // Suzanne is a mama to the two cutest little babes and is so fashionable while doing it! The thing I love most about her blog is she is super relatable and her clothes are everyday.  Plus, her Insta stories are the best. She's always sharing stories about her family and her kids.  Her instagram is HERE
Life as a Larsen // Chandler is another amazing mom blogger who shares her marriage tips, family, and lifestyle tips. She's super honest, funny and has the cutest babe. Her instagram is HERE
Chasing Whimsy // Mackenna is my Colorado blogger babe. Besides being absolutely stunning, she showcases the cutest clothes in the best places around Denver and Colorado. Plus, her positive attitude will make you feel better any day. Her instagram is HERE
Dani Austin // She's newly-engaged, a huge Texas influencer and so cute and quirky. She's not afraid to show her nerdy side (she does retainer talks on insta stories) but she's an incredible blogger and encourager. She is full of faith and feels like a great friend even though we've never met. Plus, she has fabulous clothes. Her instagram is HERE
The Darling Detail // Jessi is a stunner with the best fashion. But, she's super honest about her faith, her struggles, her life as a 20-something-year old girl. Her instagram is HERE
Happy Monday! Who's watching The Bachelor tonight? I know, I am! Bekah's age is finalllly revealed!

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The Bachelor: Season 22; Episode 3 - GLOB + 20 Thoughts.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy Friday friends! Just me or was this seriously the longest week ever. I swear every day was Tuesday, which sucks, because Tuesday is the worst day! But, alas, here we are! It's officially the weekend! Praise. 

If you watched the Bachelor this week you know how NUTS these girls are! I swear, they get a little crazier each week. It's almost exhausting to keep up with them. But someone has to blog it right. 

I had some requests for Adam to watch this week and get his thoughts, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news. He didn't watch this week. I will do my best to get him to watch next week, swear. 

This week was absolutely all over the place, so now, just some thoughts. 20 thoughts during the bachelor. What are you bachelor thoughts, leave them in the comments. Let's chat.

ONE // This is the season of belling shirts, abs and Lululemon.

TWO // Who comes up with these stupid date ideas? GLOB? Girl wrestling? Are we joking?

THREE // Thee wrestling girls are mean and I honestly don't blame for the girls being upset.

FOUR // 
Seriously- Kenny from Rachel's season? This is when it's too much.

FIVE // Bibiana, have you learned anything in 22 seasons of this offing show. The girl who tattles goes home. Every. damn. time.

SIX // Krystal is too much. Steals Arie first. Interrupts the girls to chat her time. Her voice. I can't. She is obviously a little delisional and doesn't quite realize there are other girls in the house.

SEVEN // "We know we want to end up together and this is just a process we have to go through." Are you joking Krystal?

EIGHT // Whenever Arie is talking to a girl, I feel like he is half listening half waiting to kiss.

NINE // Lauren S. is never going to make it. She's too ditzy and laughs too much. I do appreciate that she's 31.

TEN // The only words in Lauren S' vocal - "so cute, so handsome, amazing, so amazing, so awesome."

ELEVEN // ARIE IS EATING THE FOOD. ATTENTION. No-one eats the food. THIS IS A RULE.  He must be SO bored. She's going home.

TWELVE // Another traumatic experience from Annaliese - first bumper cars, now dogs. Whats next gf.

THIRTEEN // Legit bachelor question, if they come together on a private jet, how does the loser go home?

FOURTEEN // All I can say about the dog show is that Lola was going nuts the entire time they were barking and growling. In the words of my friend Kate, "longest 20 minutes of an episode, ever."

FIFTEEN // Not gonna lie, I totally spaced that ENTIRE girl-dog group date. Whew, that was dull. Beside Annaliese trying to get a kiss, saw that girlfriend.

SIXTEEN // If you were the Bachelor/ette, what would your drink of choice be? Mine would be champs.


EIGHTEEN // Do you think as a contestant you get a say as to what goes in the fridge? Like, hey'd Id LOVE some Nada Moo Salted Carmel Ice Cream and So Delicious coconut milk vanilla creamer.

NINETEEN // Poor Annaliese asking for a kiss. Oh no.

TWENTY // Is it just me or are the previews more exciting than the episode?

Lauren S, Annaliese, Bibiana

Stay tuned - Monday, my 10 favorite blogs you MUST read.

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Fab Fit Fun!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Ours was so fun! After the flu ravaged our house last weekend, we needed to get out. Happy hour, dinner with our friends, home improvement projects and binge watching Homeland. It was great.

I'm so pumped to share with you all the details of the Fab Fit Fun box! I've heard so much about it and when I finally got it, I was not disappointed.

The coolest part about this box is you can personalize everything. When you sign up, you take a 10 minute survey on everything. Hair, beauty, clothes, food, home decor. Your box is totally personalized to you. The box ships four times a year, spring, summer, fall and winter! And the items in the box are not only personalized to you, but to the season.

The best part now, you can get 10% off your first box! Click here and enter promo code TENOFF.

Let's chat Fab Fit Fun.

These products are my favorite. I've been using Ahava for years. It's my favorite lotion, especially in the winter. I used the exfoliating treatment last night and am obsessed! It made my skin feel incredible. I know you're going to LOVE these products.

Nelson j Beverly Hills Moisture Healing MaskThis hair mask features an argan oil 7 formula, which detangles hair, controls frizz, prevents color fading, seals split ends, protects from chlorine and salt water, restores silkiness and shine, and enhances hair's natural body. Not only that, the 100 percent argan oil moisturizing treatment provides long-lasting and effective results for color-treated, dry, or damaged hair. -Made in the U.S.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment: This fan-favorite and award-winning product dramatically smooths skin with both physical and chemical exfoliation, improves overall skin texture, reduces the appearance of pores, and turns back the clock on some of those fine lines and wrinkles. 

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream With Dead Sea Water: Formulated with Dead Sea minerals, witch hazel, and allantoin, this mineral-rich hand cream protects and safeguards hands from environmental and household damage, instantly improving skin’s moisture level, smoothing rough, dry skin and restoring suppleness. 

How cute is this mug?! 

Homemade by Ayesha Curry Mug: This cozy oversized cup was designed with love by Ayesha Curry, New York Times best-selling author, TV host, restaurateur, chef, and mom. It’s perfect for all your favorite beverages, whether it’s hot cocoa and marshmallows, or something a little more grown-up (wink wink). Enjoy!

BB Dakota Poncho: The poncho features a reversible stripe pattern in three colorways: Black, Mulberry, and Charcoal. -Made from 65% acrylic and 35% polyester. -Female-Founded Company -

Pointe Studio Aloe Infused Cozy Sock: Whether you’re lounging or lunging, this sock is a must-have. Not only do aloe-infused socks provide unrivaled comfort, but the cozy material also keeps your feet warm and moisturized in the winter chill. Oh, and they last up to 25 to 30 washes! -Made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex -One size fits women’s 5-11 -Made in China

FabFitFun Fitness Ball: Work out with fitness superstar Jillian Michaels on FabFitFunTV! Jillian has created exclusive videos to show you how to get fit using your pink FFFTV workout ball. 

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette: Your new go-to palette is here! With eight matte and shimmer shadows along with one highlighter, these silky smooth powders will glide on for a smudge-free finish. Apply dry for a more natural finish or apply wet for a more long-lasting dramatic look. Oh, and the magnetic wells allow you to replace or swap out the colors for a customized palette! 

8 OTHER REASONS Nine Lives Choker: The Nine Lives Choker features a micro ball chain and comes pre-layered for easy multi-layered styling. It also has a lobster clasp closure and measures approximately 18" in length including the extender. -Made from base metal alloy -Rose Gold choker has 14K + Copper Plating + E coat to avoid or change skin color. 

If you have any questions, check my insta stories! More details! Have you guys tried Fab Fit Fun more? Tell me about your experience! 

Happy Monday friends, lets make the a great week! 

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The Bachelor Recap Season 22, Episode 2 - Bumper Cars & Tears

Friday, January 12, 2018

So we've met the ladies, picked the villains, found our favorites and judged Arie. The second episode is always where things get a little nuts. We're still learning the girls names, we have our first one-on-one and the "falling in love" toasts are in full swing.

Part of me wishes this post was blogged in real life because making this a drinking game would be amazing. Drink whenever they say "falling in love" "date card" "Arie" "talk about his eyes" "jealous" "pillow lips"

First One-On-One: Becca K. Don't you wonder how Arie picks the first one-on-one? I honestly don't remember much of her from the first episode so I'm curious as to how he picked her. Sidenote: the road their driving down is the road I used to live on in college and it makes me soooo jealous (drink!). I just want to be there. RACHEL ZOE - WHAT. I want her to dress me! And Christian Louboutins? Okay, well this would be a great date to be on. No way she gets to keep the Neil lane diamonds. This is the ultimate bachelor swag bag.

Is it just me or is the silver dress not the dress I would have picked for the date? She got the rose.

Second One-on-One: Krystal. Krystals voice irritates the **** out of me. They're going to Scottsdale. I instantly get jealous when people go to scottsdale because I'm so protective of it! Kryal goes all he way to Scottsdale and he takes her to his highschool? And then baby pictures? I'm bored. Wouldn't it be so awesome to never have to carry a purse? Lauren B met Ben's family early on the Bachelor and she won - just saying. Arie's mom is a babe! Literally watching Krystal talk drives me crazzyyy. I think she's gonna go far, but I'm over her. PS this is the song they danced too - he has a beautiful voice. The highlight of this super boring date.


Group Date: Maquel, Marikh, Tia, Valerie, Annaliese, Lauren G, Kendall, Bekah, Jenny, Janna, Caroline, Brittany, Bibiana, Chelsea. Bekah is literally wearing no clothes. This part should be like a lululemon ad or something. Everyones just in sports bras and leggings/shorts. I'm sticking to my thoughts that Tia is still one of my favorites.

Cue the tears Annaliese. She literally hummed the circus song, talked about being a kid in bumper cars and wont stop crying. She literally was the most scared but she was also the most badass. I think this would be so fun! I want to do this - anyone know where we can?

I take back my earlier thoughts, Chelsea is the worst. And, I officially hate watching Arie kiss.

Not that it's funny, but I love guessing which girls are going to unravel the quickest. I didn't expect Bibiana to be that girl, but she is quickly losing it. She's already almost crying. She's fighting with the other girls. She has a horrible attitude. And she yells at the producers, like "hey girl you signed up for this shit."

Okay, I get it, age is just a number, but Bekah is 22 and Arie is 36. 14 years. 14 years. 22. 36.

Seinne gets the rose! Hooray! I love her.

The Rose Ceremony. Did Bekah really just say she always needs a fur on her? Cue the eye roll. Lauren B is so cute. I really like her. Oh my gosh, Krystal interrupting Bibiana. Shits about to go down. Bibi just gave it to Krystal. Whew. You can watch it here. You gotta love that they put Krystal and Bibiana next to each other.

Spoiler Alert: The girls who go home are --  Jenny, Valerie, Lauren

Wow Jenny, not even saying goodbye. Further proof she is only 25. "I'm not sad about you, I'm sad about the girls."

Next week looks extra good. So many tears, so many fights.

Happy Friday friends! Monday - all the details on FabFitFun! It's a post you don't want to miss!

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My Happy List.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Is it just me or is January the worst. Its the longest, coldest and most boring month of the year to me. It's full of diets and resolutions, Christmas is over, the decor down and now it's just cold and all the leaves are off the trees. There are no more holidays until like Easter and that's only a day. If this was a Christmas post, I'd end that with a bah humbug!

We currently have nothing on the schedule (except a quick trip to AZ! whoo!) and while I'm excited we are free, I need some fun stuff to look forward too! Send ideas!

This doesn't seem like much, but let's make a happy list. Simple, tiny, easy things to do daily to make your day a little brighter. I'm talking to myself here.

January doesn't have to be all cold weather and resolutions. Let's get happy.

2 // DRINK A LARGE LATTE. Maybe add Carmel. 
3 // TURN OFF ALL YOUR ELECTRONICS. Even the TV and your cell phone.
4 // LAY IN BED. Talk to your spouse, read a book, sleep.
5 // EAT A BREAKFAST BURRITO. Add salsa. Add guac. Add cholula. Eat three. 
6 // THIS IS US. Binge watch it and thank me. Cry and thank me. Tell other people to watch it.
7 // PRAY. 
8 // COOK DINNER. Make dinner with your loved one, your friend, your family. Eat it together. 
9 // READ A REALLY GOOD BOOK. Get lost in a different world with different characters.
10 // LAUGH.
11 // GO FOR A WALK/WORKOUT/MOVE. This is huge for me and my sanity. Fresh air people!
13 // LIGHT THE CANDLES, TAKE A BATH, DRINK WINE. There is nothing better than a relaxing bath.
14 // FACETIME FRIENDS. Since I don't live in the same state, this is my saving grace.

Happy Thursday friends! We're almost to the weekend! I am so pumped for this weekend. Last weekend, the flu and extreme colds kept us down. I cannot wait to get out of the house and enjoy the weekend! We're so close!

Stay tuned, tomorrow -- all things bachelor, including a girl who cried about bumper cars. Cue the eye roll.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions!

Monday, January 8, 2018

We're officially one week in to the new year! So far, 2018 has been the year of the colds. Adam and I spent new years in Breckenridge with his family and everyone got sick. Between colds, flus and altitude sickness, we were all ready to burn the house down when we left.

Adam and I took those colds back to Denver and Adam's unfortunately turned into the flu. At this point, everything has been disinfected, the cleaning ladies came yesterday, the sheets have been washed and things are shaping up.

Over the last few months, between Insta and this blog, I've been asked some of the same questions multiple times! I figured instead of answering them one-by-one, I'd just do one fun blog post. If you have more questions, make sure to leave them in the comments!

Let's get to know each other!

I get this one all the time. "I'm starting paleo, send me your favorite recipe." "My mom is coming in town, send me a great recipe." "What do you love cooking for Adam?" Adam is sweet and says he loves all my recipes bu these three are his favorite:

Paleo Mushroom Ravioli
Paleo Lasagna
Paleo Banana Bread

If you're looking for more awesome recipes, check the paleo tab. There are tons of delicious (and easy) recipes!

Lastly, great for a group? Beef Enchiladas. Make them with chicken. Add more cheese. Make three pans. Do wha you gotta do.

This is a trick question. The easy answer? Yes. I get my nails done with hard gel. Think of shellac, but harder, I only have to get them done every four weeks instead of 2. The polish doesn't chip and I'm obsessed. My nail girl is incredible. The steps: file off the previous color and top layer of gel. Fresh layer of gel. Light. Polish. Light. Gel. Light. It takes a little longer than a regular manicure, but it also lasts 4 times as long. If you're in Denver, you can contact my nail girl Nicole by Insta or Facebook!

Let me start by saying, my big sis in college taught me how to curl my hair every day for over 2 weeks and I still had a hard time. If you've never curled hair before, it's a challenge. But you can do it! To start I use a Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron, size 1 1/2. I separate my hair into two parts, top and bottom. The tip - keep the curling iron straight up and down. Take a small piece of hair. I don't use big chunks, but thats preference. My hair curls better in smaller chunks. Curl the hair, leaving 1 inch out at the bottom, hold for 5-10 seconds, let go. Remember, keep the curling iron up and down, don't turn it sideways. When done, run fingers through hair to combine curls. I don't spray, but if you know your hair needs it, a light mist should do the trick!

As many of you know, I used to be a practicing attorney. I graduated law school in 2013 and have been doing some version of practicing law since then. Late last year, I was offered a position to work for a startup. I was approached with the question, "Do you want to keep practicing law or do you want to try something new?" I had been struggling with whether or not I waned to keep practicing but I'm a creature of habit and switching jobs was terrifying to me. Adam and I sat down and really talked it out. We talked about our future goals, both personally, financially and with out family. We talked about how this would change my life for the good and bad. And at the end of the day, his whole goal, he wants me to be happy and do what I want. After we found out we lost the baby, life kind of changed for me. Priorities shifted and my ego that was telling me I had to stay a lawyer quickly dissipated. I knew I wanted a change. This new position allows me to work from home, have a little bit more flexibility and overall is a great change. I am the Director of Content and Sales for the startup. I'll let you guys in on more details once we launch, which is soon!

Patience, a love for dogs, wine, a kennel and a partner to help you with the animals. I've had Henry since I graduated college. I am very used to life with a small dog who listens to pretty much everything I say. He's tiny, can travel with us and is so dang good. Enter Lola. My 30 pound wonder. She's so hyper, loves to exercise, is super emotional and is the sweetest dog.

My tips: 1) Introduce the dogs in a neutral place. 2) Have a partner who loves dogs and will help with the training, walking, feeding and loving on. 3) Have a strong kennel or gate to close them off so you can separate them when necessary (and separate them from you). 4) Stick to your training. Its very easy to let them sleep on the bed or get on the couch, but if you don't want that to happen, you gotta start early, even when they are cute little pups. 5) Reward 6) If you have big pups, exercise them. Built up energy is when they start acting out. 7) Love on them hard. Dogs are the greatest gift ever.

Happy Tuesday friends!! Get excited, Friday's bachelor blog is gonna be amazing. Did you guys watch last nights episode? Crazy town. And, we're just getting started.

Ps. If you have more questions, leave them in the comments! 

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