Evereve Fall Trends: Sneakers

September 22, 2020

It's TUESDAY which means it's time for SNEAKERS. Guys, I'm pretty sure sneakers is my favorite (fall) trend of all time. Here's the deal with sneakers, they go with everything. From jeans, to skirts, to dresses, to leggings. You name it, I can make sneakers work. Plus, you add chasing a 2 year old and a 2 month old around and sneakers not only become fashion, they become a necessity. 

I'm obsessed with the fact that hightops are back in style! Hooray 1987! And I love that sneakers are now considered fashion and not just sensible shoe wear. 

Evereve has always killed the game when it comes to sneakers. They specialize in P448s, but they also carry New Balance, J Slides, Dolce Vita, Sorrel, and Gola. What does this mean? That there are tons of price ranges of the cutest sneakers. 

When I was at Evereve on Saturday, I had the sweetest older lady (about 75!) ask me what sneaker she should get. She said she doesn't have any pairs and just wants one that will go with everything. I recommended a white low top Goya sneaker.  She ended up with these Goya Nova Sneakers because they are majority white with the cutest leopard flair on the back. AKA - she can wear these with anything. 

So that's my suggestion - if you're looking at these and thinking, holy cow, so many choices, I just want one to go with everything -- I would suggest the P448 glitter sneaker, the Goya Nova, or as you guys know, the white New Balance Alley sneaker (aka my most favorite sneaker ever). 

Then once you realize you love sneakers more than anything, you can go for the spicy P448 calf hair high tops :P 

SHOE DETAILS: P448 Black Spots Sneaker

SHOE DETAILS: P448 Glitter Sneaker (Black)

SHOE DETAILSP448 Calf Hair High Top Sneaker

SHOE DETAILS:  P448 Glitter Sneaker

Here ya can see an outfit with the P448 Glitter Sneaker (white). I'm wearing Varley - which is a new brand to Evereve! It focuses on combining style, quality, and performance. The thing I love most about this brand it is super comfy + so dang chic. It's the type of athleisure wear you can wear at the gym, and then out to drinks with a gf. It's 100% versatile. I'm obsessed.

  • Varley Luna Legging: Medium - true to size. The leggings are like butter. They fit like a glove, they feel nice, look nice, and honestly might be my new favorite legging. They sit high on my waist (which is great for this post-partum mama), but they aren't as tight at Spanx (thank heavens). They come in a variety of cute patterns, and man alive people, are just so good. 
  • Varley Bayliss Sweatshirt: Medium - true to size. The thing I love most about this sweatshirt, besides that it's as soft, if not softer than the leggings, is it's length. It' comes down, just enough to cover my butt and whoo ha. The light pink is a stunning color and it's so cozy. Remember what I said? It's a perfect versatile brand that allows you to wear athleisure wear without looking like a slob. Do what you gotta do to get yourself a piece from this new brand.
  • P448 Glitter Sneaker: 9. I'm going to say this one more time, this sneaker trend isn't going anyyyywhere people. Buy sneakers you like, that are comfy and ones you can wear with everything. If I'm not being straight forward enough, get yourself some P448s, they are worth the investment. 

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