Evereve Fall Trends: Sets

September 23, 2020

It's Wednesday which means it's time for SETS. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that sets are HUGE right now. I posted a huge collection on Sunday, and now here we are with more!

The reason I love a good set is because you feel put together while also being beyond comfortable. In this weird work from home period of time, finding a good set is imperative. Evereve knocks it out of the park AGAIN with these sets.

Let's talk about Sundry. Guys, these Sundry sets are incredible. They are the softest material everrrrr. Like I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not. They are perfectly tailored, a little longer (hello tall girls!), and they come in the cutest patterns.

Hey, PS - catch up on the other fall trends this week, cropped jackets & sneakers. Tune in tomorrow for another trend!  

This set came home with me. I love the cut rough neck of the sweatshirt and I loved the bright pink. Plus, it's cozy. We're entering fall and I wanted a warmer set. Also, did you notice I'm rocking my sneaks with this set? See, I told you sets and sneakers go with everything! 


I feel sad that I didn't take this one home. It's such a great fit and such a cute pattern. Plus it's softer than butter. I mayyyyy be going back for this one. 


This leather jacket has been feeling all the feels. It's hard to find a good leather jacket that isn't $1000 or looks like plastic. This Marrakech leather bomber is the perfect addition to any closet. It fits perfectly, true to size, I'm wearing a medium and has the cutest detail to separate it from all those other boring leather jackets out there. Dress it down, over a cute Sundry set (more on this, this week too!), or throw it on over a dress. This jacket is so versatile, I think this trend will stick around for a long time. 

  • Marrakech Carrie Moto Jacket: Medium, fits true to size. If you want it at all oversized (not meant to be worn this way as made, size up!). 
  • Sundry Camo Hoodie Sweatshirt and Sundry Camo Pocket Jogger: Medium. The thing I love about this set is it feels very put together while being so comfortable. It's basically dressier jammies. And hey tall girls! Finally a jogger that fits long and not mid-calf! 
  • P448 Black Spots Sneaker:  9, true to size. Guys, the sneaker trend isn't going anywhere (more on these later this week too!). It's time to give in and buy a pair you LOVE. The thing I love about P448s is how comfortable they are. Plus, they change them all the time, so you won't see everyone wearing the same shoe. These black spots version are so cute! 

Watch the full try on! Shop all the looks here: 


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