Guest Post: 5 Must Haves For a New Mom

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday Friends! We made it! Is it just me, or is the week post a vacation the hardest ever? Wednesday seemed like Monday, I thought Tuesday was Thursday and all week I was super thrown off. But, it's Friday, its the weekend and I plan on enjoying every little moment. Plus, Denver thinks it's funny to snow today and tomorrow. So I'll be cozied up by the fire this week should you come looking. If you do come, bring wine. 

Anyways, it's Friday and I have such a treat in store for you. It is the week of guest posts people but this guest post is my favorite. My best friend, Whitney is a bad-ass mama, wife, nurse and friend. Whitney and I have been friends for over 15+ years. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and I was in hers. We were roommates in college for a year, traveled the world together and we've drank a lot of wine and coffee together.

Whitney lives in San Diego with her husband, Kale and her 1 year old baby girl, Blakley. Whitney just started her new blog is Positively Posie and you can find it and all the good stuff here. She blogs about her beauty regimen, fitness routines, outfits and all her mom finds.

When Whitney told me she was going to start blogging, I asked her to guest blog over here. I am not a mom (to humans) so the whole mom-blogging world is something I know very little about. Unless of course you want to know what bones are good for dogs teeth, but thats for another time. Whitney mentioned that she would do some mom oriented and I was thrilled. Mom Must Haves... genius. 

Today, she is sharing her favorite things. So, without further ado, I introduce you to my best friend Whitney and all her favorite things. 

Today I wanted to share my 5 Must Haves as a New MomThe inspiration behind Positively Posie is an outlet for my creativity where I hope to inspire many to find a new style, a new beauty trend all while sharing some new mama wisdom. As a mom of a busy one year old (Miss B), I’ve found some things that I’m absolutely IN LOVE with and I’m all about sharing the mama seal of approval! Hopefully some of these items can make your life a little easier (or will make for a great shower gift)!

1. Daydreamer: This wonderful chair was built for busy moms, giving flexibility to move around the house and get things done. My daughter, Miss B sat in the daydreamer while I cooked, cleaned and did the laundry. It’s incredibly easy to move around the house and much more convenient than similar products like a bassinet. 

2. Baby Shusher: I never realized how much work “sssshhhing” is until I had Miss B, spoiler alert…’s exhausting! That’s when I was introduced to the Baby Shusher. It has become my go-to baby shower gifts that I buy for my friends--even if they haven’t registered for it. It literally ssshes for you and it’s small enough to toss in your purse for when you are out and about or place it by the car seat to help make getting around town easier. It is truly a must have item for all new moms.

3. Placenta Encapsulation: Now this one may sound a little crazy to some new or expecting mom’s but it really worked for me. This is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby by dehydrating, powdering, and placing it into capsules for the mother to use as she sees fit. There are many benefits to taking placenta pills. Check out more information here 

I decided to try placenta encapsulation to help my hormones levels gradually regulate instead of quickly dropping post baby. I believe that it did allow my body's hormones to adjust at a better rate and I felt very balanced post-baby. I can truly say I never experienced any depression or big mood swings while taking my placenta pills. I highly encourage you to do some research on placenta encapsulation it's worth it!! 

 4. BeachwaverAs a new mom there was nothing better than getting to take a shower and do my hair. I’m one of those people that when my hair is clean and curled I feel like I can conquer the world. It is fast, super easy to use, and best of all those waves last a couple days. All you need is a touch up here and there before your next shower. 

5. The 3 F's: These were a must have for me after having Miss BFamily, Friends and FaceTime. As a first time mom and a perfectionist, I knew that it was going to be really hard for me to ask for help and take "me" time. I encourage all new moms to do what I did and ask your family and friends to help keep you accountable when it comes to taking time for yourself. It might just be a phone call with your best friend or a longer shower than normal. Take a few minute to be alone and breath.

Anyways – that is all for now mamas!! Check out more of my Mama Must Haves and other great tips on blog at or on my Instagram at PositivelyPosie

Click up to find more of Whitney and her posts!

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have the best weekend, let's make it good. 

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  1. This is a perfect post for my fiend who's soon to be a mom. I'll share it with her. Thank you for the great post!
    Abeer from

  2. That Day Dreamer chair is very cool.... I've never seen it before! It would have been so useful when my littles were babies!

  3. My kids are now 10 and 13 and the must haves have definitely changed even in one decade ;) What fun products!

  4. Whole heartedly agree on #3!!! I believe that it helped me stay physically and emotionally stable during al the exhaustion of an all. night. feeder.

  5. Great post! I love all these things. I never did encapsulation because of the costs but I will probably look more seriously when I have another one! I will need all the help I can get for my sanity and hormones! We never had a baby shusher but white noise was definitely a life saver!

  6. The products listed here sound like absolute fun. My son is 8 now going on 9, hopefully for the second I'll be referring right down here


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