Ellie Kai Clothes + 8 Super Important Things

April 18, 2017

Last night as I was laying in bed writing this post, I showed Adam the picture I was putting on my Instagram and asked him if he thought it was cute. His response, "...super cute." I asked why he paused and he said, "You usually don't wear any color, so it's nice to see you in bright yellow." Welp, there ya have it people, even my husband recognizes how much I love black, and how much I need to branch out.

And, per my new years resolution, I was trying to wear more color this year, but apparently I'm failing. Resolutions start over every day right? I'll try again tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday! Today, I walked in the office and said Happy Wednesday to my co-worker and she looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Uh, Kristen, it's only Tuesday." Damn! Isn't that the worst feeling? I seriously thought it was Wednesday, which now means, my trip to Omaha and the weekend is one day further away than I thought this am.

When I was first approached by Ellie Kai, I was pumped! I love their stuff and I was so honored they wanted me to model their shirt! PS. Disclosure: I got this shirt for free, but my love for it is 100% authentic.

I love a good tank that doubles as a work shirt and a going out shirt. Today, I'm showing you some of my favorite ways to style this shirt. Please remember, 1) I am an attorney, so pencil skirts are my go-to and 2) black is my favorite color. When I wore this to work the other day, my boss said, "yellow uh?" This all black thing seems to be a problem.

This morning I was watching GMA, I love Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan, sorry to those who love Today, I just can't with Matt Lauer. Anyways, everything on the news was doom and gloom. Bombing here, forest fire there, flooding in CA, Facebook murderer on the loose. It's all terrible. And, don't let me fool you. I understand it is a part of life. Something we need to pray for, send positive vibes and jujus too, but sometimes it's exhausting.

I heard something on the radio the other day and the guy talking said, "Why is is so easy to degrade people, diminish accomplishments or be rude, when it's so much better to be good?" Whoa. Right? Like, why is it easier for me to complain that the barista messed up my americano, than to grab a manager and compliment the barista when it's super delicious? Why do I follow girls on Instagram that drive me nuts, when there are tons of others to follow that will inspire.

Maybe it's our self-degrading nature. Maybe it's sin. Maybe it's us. Today, I'm focusing on the super good and the super important things in life. I'm making it my goal to pick out the good, not bad. Remember, we are in control our of own happiness. Let's start acting like it. Let's check out all the good stuff going on in the world. Maybe, if just for a minute, we can forget the bad.

1. Ellie Kai has the coolest story. The company was started in 2011 in Hong Kong by designer Liz Hostetter. She started working with a tailor in HK to create her own designs. After friends saw her amazing clothes, cuts and colors she realized she needed to make a clothing line. And the name Ellie Kai? “Ellie” comes from an affectionate nickname Liz received while working with children in Fiji during her time with the Red Cross. And in many languages “Kai” signifies power, victory and water. When put together, Ellie Kai creates a beautiful, strong female role model to inspire and nurture us all. Rad right? Check Ellie Kai out here.

2. Today on the radio,  I heard the best story about a group of people who make and assemble bombs, a bomb squad. They did the coolest thing for Easter. They used their bomb-making powers to create Easter eggs with sounds coming from them so deaf children could have an Easter egg hunt. If that doesn't make your heart melt, I don't know what will. How amazing. 

3. American Doll made a doll for this little 10-year old girl with cancer and they gave the doll a prosthetic leg to match the little girl. They named the doll Hope. It was made to match her other doll, Faith, who has no hair to match the little girl who lost her own hair due to chemo. There are incredible people in this world people. 

4. Bloopers are the best. This weekend my dear friend Ryann took hours out of her Saturday to take pictures with me. Ryann is a mama to a 6 month old, wife, lover of Jesus and a great friend. I am so grateful for her and her picture taking skills. I'm lucky for Ryann and all my best girls.

5. The cutest little lady named Winnie, living in England was celebrating her 100th birthday with no family. However, thousands of strangers sent her birthday cards, 16,000 to be exact. A radio station sponsored a surprise birthday party for her, complete with gifts refreshments and cards. What a jem. PS What do we think about Winnie for a baby name? Too Wonder Years?

6. Three years ago today I passed the Iowa Bar Exam. Thanks to Facebook I get to remember some amazing memories. THAT is a great memory. I remember, it was three days before we moved to Colorado and I was in my in-laws home with my mother in law. I was using her ipad, watching GMA and I kept refreshing the page. When it clicked, I totally skipped my name and assumed I failed. Then I got the text from B that all three of us (my best friends and I) had passed. My mother-in-law poured the champs and that was the first of many glasses that day. Oh, what a day.

7. A North Caroline Sheriff's deputy was challenged by a young boy to a dance off. It was a running man dance off and is the cutest thing you'll see all day. You can watch the video here. In the same spectrum as cops, a little 7 year old boy with an incurable brain tumor got initiated at the Dallas Police Department as a detective. He was greeted at the station with the full royal treatment. He received a uniform and a badge. Be still my heart.

8. My brother-in-law is getting married this weekend. Is there anything happier than watch two people commit their lives to each other? I am so excited to be a party to their day. PS. Follow me on Instagram Stories to see all the behind the scenes and some of my favorite Omaha spots.

Dear friends, happy Tuedsay. I hope this post made you smile and made you remember all the good things. What are some of the good things in your life?

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  1. Love love love all of this! I'm totally with you on the color thing, when I buy something that isn't navy or striped my fiance goes "Whoa there, don't get too out of your comfort zone". Boys are great ;) You look amazing, thank you for the positive thoughts!

  2. Congratulations to your brother-in-law! My dad once told me that some people will degrade you because they want to shift the attention away from their own faults and issues.

  3. I love the name winnie! So cute! And also LOVE the color on you!

  4. i love that yellow top on you! so cute!

    xo, sharon


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