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April 6, 2017

Oh Thursday, I am so glad you are here. I am mentally preparing for Friday already. Denver is going to be ah-mazing this weekend, full of 70+ degree temps and baseball. Yeah, you heard me, the Rockies are in town and I plan on eating at least 2 hot-dogs.

This week has been a whirlwind. A good one, but a long one. Tomorrow in my newsletter, you'll hear all about how I'm embracing the happy and choosing it daily. I am deciding to be happy. My week was crazy but it means I have a job that is busy and a life that is full. That is my spin on happy. Wanna hear more, make sure you sign up for the newsletter, going out tomorrow!

Any ways, how the heck are ya guys? It feels like it's been forever. I'm currently planning a reader survey and would LOVE to hear your questions. Leave them below.

Before we get to my favorite shop and some cute outfits, it's imperative that I announce the winner of the Lush Cosmetics giveaway! Patty H you are the winner! Congrats! Stay tuned for the next giveaway! If you are a newsletter subscriber you get the early chance to enter!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite outfits from one of my favorite shops. Tobi is an online shop born in Silicon Valley, but designed in LA. Summer is quickly approaching and thank god I have Tobi to get me through the hot summer months in some of my favorite outfits.

First, the clothing all fits great. Second, it's affordable. Third and most important, its so cute.

This first romper is perfect for summer. It's called the Jackie Layered Romper.

To give you a size reference, I am 5'8. It's a little short on me, but would be absolutely perfect for summer, the beach and lots of sunshine. It is super comfy, almost cozy. I could wear it all day. The best part, you can wear a real bra. Hallelujah!

Photog Tips 101: Stand against a fence, look sideways, smile. 
Romper: Tobi; Shoes: Madewell 

My mama is my photog and I am so grateful for her for taking 
so many awkward pictures of me. Like this one. 
And, I'm sure, Adam is grateful that he didn't have to take these.  
Romper: Tobi; Shoes: Madewell 

Like I said, this romper is perfect for the beach. And this bag is perfect for this romper.
Romper: Tobi; Shoes: Madewell; Jacket: J.Crew; Bag: Forest Bound

I have always loved a good romper. But the thing is, I'm 5'8. I have long legs and the shortest torso ever. Most of the time, rompers are so short on me, I look like I'm wearing a nightgown, or at least something that should be kept in the bedroom. 

That is not the case with these. Yes, they are short(er) but the way they lay on my body, makes it feel longer. This next romper I love. Granted I could use a major tan, but I loved the color. It's going to be a perfect summer outfit. This romper is called the Erna Lace Romper. I love the lace and I love the high neckline, especially with how short it is. 

If you haven't noticed, Henry James III *learn more about him here, is my most favorite accessory. His little frown makes every picture cute. Plus his coloring totally matches. I'm not sure he loves pictures as much as I do though. 

 Look at that little stud muffin. He should have been a dog model. 
Hey Purina, are you listening? 
Romper: Tobi; Shoes: Seven

"Hey mom, take a picture of me from the boobs down." 
Pretty awkward phrase, but she totally nailed it.  
Romper: Tobi; Shoes: Seven; Bag: Louis Vuitton

Henry is 100% over this photo shoot.   
Romper: Tobi; Shoes: Seven; Bag: Louis Vuitton

I'm always pretty late to the fashion trend party. But, I am loving this "cold shoulder" trend. Granted this is my first purchase of the cold shoulder trend, but I have a feeling it wont be my last. 

Now, I gotta get working on that tan. This dress is the Juna Cold Shoulder Shift Dress. This one was a perfect length on me. It didn't feel short at all. It was flowy and oh so comfortable. I already know where I'm wearing it next, stay tuned! 

You guys gotta get to Whole Foods - they have the prettiest flowers right now.
Dress: Tobi; Shoes: Seven

I'm pretty sure Louis Vuitton is the prettiest accessory. 
Dress: Tobi; Shoes: Seven; Clutch: Louis Vuitton

  Attention: I bought this PINK fur (faux) jacket on Amazon from China. I LOVE it. 
I think this will be a flair piece of mine for a long time. 
Dress: Tobi; Jacket: Permans; Bag; Louis Vuitton 

   This jacket is also from Amazon and from China. Just wait until you see the last picture. 
I paired this jacket with the black cold shoulder dress. 
Dress: Tobi; Jacket: Tengfu

Yep, that's Popeye. I'm in love. Where's Olive? 
Dress: Tobi; Jacket: Tengfu

Happy Thursday Friends! We are so close to the weekend. Don't forget to shop Tobi, you won't regret it. And, if you want some encouragement for the week, make sure to sign up for the Everyday Grace newsletter, a brand new one comes out tomorrow!

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  1. OMG that denim jacket!! I love any denim with patches on it lately. And that peace bag is super cute too!


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