My Spring & Summer Bucket List

April 5, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! This week is flying for me. I'm pretty sure it's because my parents were here this weekend and were here until Monday, so it kinda feels like the weekend extended to Monday. But now, it's Wednesday and we are officially half way through the week.

It is stunning in Denver today. Yesterday it was snowing, today it's sunny, pretty dang cold but sunny.  If you've never seen a sunny city the day after it snows, you are missing out. It glistens in the prettiest way. Sometimes it makes driving in the sunshine impossible, but dang.

If you're not familiar with Denver, the weather catch phrase is "If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes." That statement is ringing very true this April and we're only 5 days in.

Can we talk about New Balance by J.Crew? I've been obsessed with J. Crew since forever and then you throw amazing workout clothes in there, sold. The best part about these leggings, they are so stretchy, so comfy and the cutest. Ps. Don't miss, today is your LAST day to enter the Lush Cosmetics giveaway! Free stuff people.

Leggings: New Balance by J.Crew; Sweatshirt: J. Crew; Sneakers: Nike; Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The best part about the mix of snow and sun is now everything is blooming; my tulips are coming up and my allergies are driving me nuts. But, spring is coming and I'm so excited. The spring brings so much new good stuff. It feels like someone hit a big restart button. The dreary winter is over and it's time to celebrate and good. Let's talk about it.

These are some of my favorite spring things and what I'm looking forward to most:
  1. Spring cleaning! This might sound crazy, but I am ready to cleanse my house. That means going through closets, basements, storage rooms and the garage. If you know of any good donation places besides Goodwill, let me know! 
  2. My brother-in-law is getting married this spring, in two weeks actually! My best friends Callie and Kate are getting married this summer! Adam's best friend is getting married in August! It is a spring/summer of love people. 
  3. Those two best friends of mine are also having their Bachelorette parties! That means on weekend in Austin, one in Sonoma -  I see you bachelorettes.  
  4. I turn T H I R T Y in 64 days! More on all the big plans for 30.
  5. Rockies games. The Rockies are home this weekend and I'm so excited for beer, hot dogs and sunshine. 
  6. Beauty and the Beast. This was my favorite Disney movie ever when I was a kid. Adam is out of town in a few weekends and I plan on grabbing a bottle of wine and seeing it alllll by myself in one of those theaters with the comfy chairs, free popcorn and wine. Have you guys seen it? What did you think? Also, do you think I'm allowed to sing along? 
  7. Running. I've always wanted to become a runner but let's be real, I suck at it. Better weather means another time to try running. Tips? Send them please? 
  8. Happy hours with friends on the patio. Is there anything better than a cold cocktail in the sunshine. 
  9. Henry turns 8, Lola turns 1, Adam turns 31 and I turn 30. Big year all around. 
  10. Blog photo shoots. I had my first one a few weeks ago and I think the pictures are only gonna get better. At least I hope they are only going to get better. 
  11. Bachelor in Paradise. I don't care what you say, I'm pumped. And Raven is going to Paradise and I'm so excited to see her again. 
  12. Our 2 year wedding anniversary! I cannot wait to share our weekend getaway! 
  13. Estes Park. The best thing about Colorado is there are so many places to visit at all times. I've never been to Estes and this summer Adams fam is coming out to Estes for a getaway. I cannot wait to hike Rocky Mountain National Park and spend some time in a new place. 
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 Photoshoots are so awkward, but luckily for me, 
I had a great photog who made me do poses like this and laugh. 
Leggings: New Balance by J.Crew; Sweatshirt: J. Crew; Sneakers: Nike; Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Sitting on train tracks that run through downtown Denver. 
Sounds like the best spring day to me. 

Happy April, Happy Spring everyone! I hope you have the best month. 

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  1. I would love ANY of the bath bombs from Lush since I've never tried one! I love those J.Crew pants so much but am bummed they're sold out in pink!

  2. I LOVE Lush's Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie! It's one of my favorites.

  3. Loved reading your bucket list! More blog photoshoots are on mine as well.

  4. If I could pick I wld love to try theLush Mask of Magnaminty. U made it sound amazing


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