from my lovely roommates.

September 5, 2008

they wrote to this me while I was at school - I told you they were rad.
We have a roommate, her name is Kristen
Sit yo ass down and take a listen
She has blonde hair
A big ass derriere
And the 3 of us eat chili at the Malibu fair
Right now we’re watching free credit
Thinking about you makes us want to read a psalm
But we won’t cause that’s (hella) lame
So walk that swagger and spit that game
The buzzer went off our pizza is ready
We are fattys and with the fellas go steady
That's a lie boys suck big hairy balls
And if we were all to fight it would be an all out brawl
But that would never happen cuz we are lesbian lovers
And we do naughty things beneath the covers
This rhyme is up we got to eat
You know how we love our sausage and our meat
Be jealous.

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