the impossible quiz

September 19, 2008

my roommate and i were talking about dating the other day. we were wondering why dating has turned into a big game. “does he like me - I’m not gonna call for 3 days - I’m not gonna text him back right away.” What would dating be like, if we just went with it? It we sucked up our fear of rejection and put our heart out there? Would it really be that bad?

I’m not hating, because I for sure play the dating game. Recently, I met this guy, who right away came out and said, “i don't do the dating game - if i like you i like you and i’m going to make the effort, if not, i wouldn’t be here.” It took me by surprise because that’s out of the norm. To show your feelings right away is new to most guys and girls because I feel like everyone is so afraid that their ego is going to be bruised or their pride will be broken. But maybe we have to be fearless and step out there and really grab what we’re looking for. Maybe if we jump, that person won’t be playing the game, and will catch us right when we need it.

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