is chivalry dead?

September 3, 2008

What ever happened to a real date? You know the kind - the guy calls you to arrange a formal date. He picks you up, dressed in more than a t-shirt, maybe splurges for flowers and takes you someplace nice. Not the normal Marmalade, but someplace you can tell took some thought. You order a great meal, maybe a bottle of wine and then (gasp!) he pays! Maybe you go someplace fun, and then he takes you home, gives you a goodnight kiss (or awesome make out) and you go in and he goes home.

It seems like being the nice chivalrous guy has died out. Its like, once you get to college - being a “nice guy” isn’t the cool thing anymore. In college, a first date means third base, and a goodbye kiss means sex. When did good manners and good conversation lose its meaning? When did the memories of a great first date lose its value?

I really miss first dates, and I miss the first date jitters that go into them.

Today it seems like everyones just hanging out…

…waiting for their first date and knight in shining armor to come.

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