the wake up.

September 28, 2008

It’s been a month since school started and more than a month since my blog started :)

I think this blog has literally been the coolest release of energy/emotions/thoughts/ideas i’ve ever come across. it has allowed me too let everything out and, in turn, i think it saved me.

it’s gotten me through sad times, when i just need something to talk to and its allowed me to rejoice in the happy (go one tree hill) - well now, i’m here to celebrate the good times :)

at this moment, i’m the happiest i’ve been in a while. i feel like all is calm in my life. my best friends are fantastic. my roommates are amazing, my backbone my everything. my sorority is rad - as are my new girls, the guy i’m dating is absolutely amazing (and hot :)), and my family is the best (go tommy and your promooo)

everythings coming together. everythings piecing itself back into place and for once i’m at peace. I cannot wait for the next couple months to see what happens and what unravels.

I decided that I’m gonna write a book. I’m not sure about what - or when, but it’s gonna be awesome - that's all I know.

I’m going home this weekend - start the countdown…4 days.

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